How Can You Send Private Messages on LinkedIn? Grow Your Network

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Know about the ways in which you can send private messages to lead on LinkedIn?

Do you have experience using LinkedIn’s private messaging system to communicate with leads?

Do you want to send a message to your 2nd or 3rd-level connection or someone you are not connected to on LinkedIn?

Don’t think that you are alone in this! Many people have this query about the options to send messages to leads and prospects they are not connected to.Your interest in learning how to deliver communications to potential leads and customers is shared by many people.

In this article, we’ll give a thorough review of the various LinkedIn message formats and explain how you can utilize each one to interact with leads and prospects. We’ll also look at the many LinkedIn message choices that can help you build ties with other companies. So, if you’re eager to discover how to communicate privately with potential leads on LinkedIn, you’re in the right place.

If you want to send message directly to your leads then you can do this by messaging them in on the following ways :

  • Send the messages from the messaging page.
  • Reach Out to them from the LinkedIn conversation window.
  • Message them directly from your connecting page.
  • Message them directly from LinkedIn members profile page.

Only the sender and recipient have access to LinkedIn’s private communications, which are private and secure. In addition to that, LinkedIn offers a direct messaging feature that lets you connect the LinkedIn members by sending messages to each other via personalized messages.

The messages that you will send to the recipient will be visible to the recipient according to their individual notification setting. The options mentioned above have limitations which we will discuss in the future in the blog.

How to Customize Your LinkedIn Message Automation?

To effectively expand your network on LinkedIn, it’s important to avoid sending generic, ambiguous private messages to just anyone. Instead, focus on connecting with individuals on LinkedIn whom you already know or share mutual connections with. In this regard, utilizing LinkedIn automation tools can be a valuable asset in expanding your connections. Let’s delve into how you can achieve this :

Segment Your Target Audience: Personalizing messages individually can be time-consuming, and sending generic messages won’t yield optimal results. The best approach is to segment the people you intend to reach out to. This allows you to send personalized messages efficiently.

Utilize Automation Tools : Integrate automation tools into your strategy to run campaigns that consistently reach out to your segmented audience with personalized messages. These LinkedIn automation tools are designed to tailor your message automation to suit your specific needs.

By following this approach, you can enhance your LinkedIn networking efforts and establish meaningful connections.

What Are 2nd and 3rd Degree Connection on LinkedIn?

The second-degree connections are the ones that are connected to your first-level connections. And your 3rd-degree connections are the people who are connected to your 2nd-level connections. You cannot send private messages to your 2nd and 3rd-degree connections without a premium subscription on LinkedIn. If you have opted for the premium subscription on LinkedIn, then you can send them private messages by sending InMails.

How Secure Are Linkedin Private Messages?

LinkedIn Private messages are also secure in addition to being private. To protect the messages that are sent by the users the method of SSL encryption is being used. You can also report the span message by clicking the “Report” button located on the top right corner of the message. After that LinkedIn will take the appropriate action regarding the message.

Since it offers a variety of networking and relationship-building options, LinkedIn is a great platform for networking with B2B clients. LinkedIn is a great resource for networking with other professionals, it follows.

What Are the Different Types of Linkedin Message Options?

There are various types of LinkedIn messages that can enable you to get better results and enable you to send private messages.These messages fall under the category of LinkedIn Private Messages because they are entirely private and secure in addition to being one of the different varieties of LinkedIn Messages.

  • 1) Direct Messages
  • 2) Open Profile Messages
  • 3) LinkedIn Inmail
  • 4) LinkedIn Group Messages
  • 5) Sponsored LinkedIn Messages
  • 1) Direct Messages

    The feature of direct messages enables you to reach out directly to your prospect. It features present B2B professionals a good opportunity to generate clients and reach out directly to them. Let’s now examine how you can take advantage of these features.

    The methods for immediately sending private messages to your leads and prospects are shown below.

    • Sending a connection request to your leads is the first step before sending them a private message. Because you may frequently include a personal message with the request, connection requests are a great
      way to connect with people you’ve met in person or who you want to connect with for professional reasons. This makes them your first level to connect to whom you can send private messages. These messages can be a terrific method to connect with individuals since, if they have accepted your connection request then either they are willing to connect or they know you personally.
    •  InMail

    Even if you are not connected to the particular member and you wish to message the LinkedIn member then you can send them a message via InMail. But there are limitations to this which we will explore when you dive separately and understand InMail. For now, you should know that if you are not connected to your prospect and leads via InMail you have the option to connect with them. 

    • Direct Message In a group

    Group messages are a terrific method to start a discussion about a particular subject, and they can also be helpful for networking. And if you can also message any group member even if they are not connected to you on LinkedIn.

    2) Open Profile Messages

    If someone is a premium member who has enabled open profile, then you can connect with them even if they’re outside of your network. Every member can view the profile of the premium member who has enabled the open profile.

    Follows are the steps by which you can send a message to the Open profile:

    Step 1 – Go to the profile of the premium member you want to message.

    Step 2 – Click on the “Message” button in the introduction section.

    Step 3 – Type the message and send it to your recipient.

    Following are some tips to write an effective LinkedIn message:

    • Keeping it professional is very significant, as this is a professional site therefore it should be reflected on your message.
    • Keep your message short and simple. Remember that no one wants to read a long and complex message. Your message should be relevant to the remember that you are drafting should be relevant to your prospects. Any one important aspect of your message is its subject line so that your person knows what’s the message in the email.
    • The last but important step is to proofread your message as nothing is as bad as a typo-ridden message!

    3) LinkedIn InMail

    If you are not connected to the LinkedIn member, then you can directly message via InMail messages. For this you have to upgrade your basic LinkedIn account to a premium account to use InMail. There is one expectation to this, if the member had an open profile premium feature enabled then you can message them for free. Your InMail message can have up to 200 characters in the subject line and 2000 characters in the body. When your recipient receives an InMail, it will appear at the top of their conversation window as opportunities. If you don’t have any InMail messages, then only the most recent conversations are shown.

    Follow step will help you send InMail message:

    Step 1- Go to the profile of the member you’d want to send InMail to.

    Step 2 – Click on the “More” button on their introduction section.

    Step 3 – Click on the “Message” then mention the [Name of the member] from the drop down.

    Step 4 – When you write the Subject field in the new message window.

    Step 5 – Type the message in the box and send the message.


    1. You cannot message a member if they have enabled to not receive InMail in the preference setting.
    2. You cannot purchase additional InMail message credits more than the monthly allotment.
    3. If you are a Premium InMail message and want to use your credits to send the InMail on Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Recruiter, then LinkedIn does not allow that.

    The effectiveness of the LinkedIn InMail templates you employ and how you handle LinkedIn messaging restrictions will determine if your LinkedIn InMail campaigns are a success. With the help of tools like LinkedFusion, you can quickly grow your network by sending invites and private messages to potential clients even if you are not connected to them on LinkedIn. The features and restrictions you have access to with your LinkedIn account depend on the kind you have. 

    4) LinkedIn Group Messages

    You can send a private message to communicate with a group member to establish group engagement on
    LinkedIn communities. Even if they are not connected to you on LinkedIn but if you are a member of the same group then you can send them a private message. They’ll get notified once you have sent them a notification request. And it will depend on them to accept your connection request or not. 

    5) Sponsored Messaging

    A sponsored messaging is an informational or promotional message that is displayed to the recipients as a part of a marketing or hiring campaign is called sponsored message. These are target messages that are based on the non-personal profile information such as the title of current position, primary industry, or region. 

    These messages are not delivered into the personal or professional email box. Your name and email address won’t be disclosed to the recipient of the marketing partner. LinkedIn controls the number of time sponsored messages can be sent on LinkedIn in a short period of time. The sponsored messages are auto archived after 60 days of receivingthem. 

    The kind of LinkedIn message you choose will depend on the circumstance and your needs. Consider the requirements and desires of the recipients as you choose the appropriate type of message to use.

    To further advance your outreach, you should integrate a LinkedIn automation tool to scale and improve your LinkedIn outreach. Optimizing your LinkedIn outreach with the help of a LinkedIn automation tool will help you scale up your LinkedIn Outreach. With the help of a LinkedIn automation tool, you can automate sending messages to your leads. Automating your outreach saves time and ensures consistency with our follow-ups.

4 Myths About LinkedIn Messages!

Here are some of the myths about sending messages on LinkedIn:
Myth #1 : Only communicate with recruiters when you’re looking for work.

Many people believe that maintaining contact with recruiters is crucial just if you are actively seeking employment opportunities. However, that is untrue. Even if you are someone who already has a job, recruiters are always on the outlook for the best talent in the job market.

Myth #2 : LinkedIn response should be formal and professional.

It is believed that your LinkedIn message should be formal and professional. Although your tone should be professional, your message should not be rigid. Make your message more interactive and engaging. It’s best that you try to strike a deal between professional and personal.

Myth #3 : Your message should be long and descriptive.

Many times, people believe that sending a lengthy message would result in their desired answer.

Myth #4 : Having a special message can do wonders.

It is not true that a big and newsworthy message will be a good conversation starter. A quick message on what you are up to or why do you want to connect with the prospect can do wonders!. For Instance, a good conversation starter can be the latest article that might interest your recipient. Although these things are not big news, they are good conversation starters. So, don’t be afraid to message your recipient with a simple message.

Conclusion :

LinkedIn is a fantastic venue for connecting with your prospects, and by making the most of your LinkedIn outreach, you can help your prospects land more business. Additionally, all of the messages on your LinkedIn account are protected with regard to security. However, you can get in touch with LinkedIn directly if you have any concerns about the message’s security. LinkedIn offers you various options for messaging facilities from which you can choose. But it’s important to choose the right LinkedIn automation tool that helps you optimize your LinkedIn outreach.

Frequently Asked Question

With the help of LinkedIn’s premium function known as InMail’s, you may message someone without being in their network and have it display in their mailbox. Only those who have accepted or invited you into their network can receive LinkedIn messages, therefore you must first accept or decline an invitation (with or without a note).

The Sales Navigator or any LinkedIn Premium package provides access to the InMail’s, which have a monthly sending cap.

You can send an unlimited number of messages every day on LinkedIn. We advise limiting outreach to 100 messages per week for free accounts and 150 messages per week for paid accounts if you want to keep your account secure.

Only users already connected to your network can get regular connection requests. You can message anyone on the platform using InMail.

Private message on LinkedIn isn’t accessible to everyone. You can send direct messages to your second- and third-degree connections if you have an InMail subscription. There are rules for using InMail: you cannot communicate people who have not opted in, but you are allowed to message premium account holders with open profiles. Additionally, you can contact your first-degree connections for free by sending them messages. When utilizing InMail, it’s crucial to respect recipients’ settings, use free messaging to open profiles, and get in touch with your first-degree relationships without any further fees. When utilized within these constraints, LinkedIn messaging is an effective tool for focused networking.