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Lead Generation for Companies

Client Demo Meetings

Automation to drive more meetings

Organize social outreach on LinkedIn to get hot leads that drive more meetings and new business for clients. LinkedFusion has everything your team needs to execute winning sales strategies.

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Visits profiles automatically

Automatically visit the target audience profile to expand product awareness at scale.

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Send invites automatically

Make meaningful connections and build a stronger relationship more smartly.

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Send Automatic follow-up messages

Spark warmer and highest quality conversions by taking automatic follow-up at the right time.

Manage client's Linkedin accounts remotely

LinkedFusion is designed with your business and client in mind.

Our built-in drag-and-drop workflow and client management user-interface make it easier for you to create, automate, and manage social selling campaign activities across all clients and profiles remotely.

Take your business beyond cold tactics and drive more sales opportunities through social selling on LinkedIn.

LinkedFusion team management features
LinkedFusion multiuser management

Manage multiple accounts at the same time smartly

When different employees are using LinkedIn for lead generation generally the target audience somehow overlaps. If you sending similar campaign messages to the same user from multiple accounts, it looks spammy.

It is also a waste of time as the same lead is being reached out by multiple team members.

LinkedFusion has inbuilt Team sync (Blacklist) features to avoid repetitive requests sent out to the same user.

Blacklisting the whole company is also possible with LinkedFusion and it ensures your account doesn’t reach out to anyone currently working in that company.

Boost your lead generation with LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is built to grow and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue. Make lead generation and sales funnel easy with LinkedFusion.