Improve LinkedIn Outreach With Virtual Assistants for Agencies and Sales Team!

Grow your agency output and book more meetings for your client with the help of LinkedIn outreach. Come out of LinkedIn jail and get better results.


Don’t Let Platform Restrictions Stop You From Generating Results on LinkedIn

Keep your important profiles out of LinkedIn jail by using the power of LinkedIn virtual assistants. Let your LinkedIn virtual assistants do the hard work for you and enjoy the fruits once you get warm hand over of your prospects.

Our technology will help you generate responses and track interest of your prospects. Once your prospect is ready to communicate with you, your smart virtual assistant will initiate a group chat and warmly hand over prospect to you.

1. Your Virtual Assistant will do prospecting on LinkedIn and build new connections.


2. Your virtual assistant will take follow ups and mark the interest of the prospect.


3. When your prospect is interested, your VA will warmly handover the deal to you!


Never miss the action on LinkedIn!

Save your LinkedIn outreach account from getting restricted when your prospects show interest! Let your virtual assistant do the action on the platform.

Never miss the action on LinkedIn!
Best LinkedIn Outreach Tool for Agencies!

Best LinkedIn Outreach Tool for Agencies!

Book more calls for your users by creating hyper-personalized campaigns with LinkedFusion. Don’t let the important deals slip out of your hands on LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Question

Yes, LinkedIn virtual assistants are safe to use for your LinkedIn outreach sequence.

Having LinkedIn premium will help you make your targeting precise on the platform.

Absolutely. LinkedIn is the safest LinkedIn automation tool as it uses dedicated IP address for your profile and provide maximum personalization for your outreach.