LinkedFusion Features

To manage LinkedIn marketing, convert leads & increase sales at ease

LinkedFusion's Key Features

LinkedFusion is A Modern LinkedIn Automation Tool that helps you generate LinkedIn leads and upscale your B2B sales.

dedicated exclusive ip

Dedicated Exclusive IP

Uses a unique IP address that no one in the world can use.

cloud based tool

Cloud-Based tool

Improve your prospecting efficiency based on time zone.

teammate features

Teammate features

Teammates feature avoids sending connection requests to one your teammate is already reaching out.

customer support

Customer Support

We provide sales and technical support without any extra charges.

smart inbox

Smart Inbox

LinkedFusion’s inbox comes with the feature that can tag the conversion to filter the chats easily.

reporting email

Email Reporting

Email reporting when your prospects are trying to reach you back.

graphical analytics

Graphical Analytics

 LinkedFusion provides you to have a graphical analytics dashboard that allows you to track and manage your outreach approach

team templates

Team Templates

LinkedFusion gets a bundle of templates that are tried and tested which converts.

native crm integrations

Constant Native CRM Integrations

Don’t just store lead metadata,  sync conversations as well. This feature makes sure that everything is in one place

linkedfusion academy

LinkedIn Training LinkedFusion Academy

We help you to learn advanced Growth Hacks for LinkedIn and how to implement them easily.

linkedin account

Compatible with any LinkedIn account

With LinkedFusion you can use any of the LinkedIn version. Basic LinkedIn would be also enough to get qualified prospects.

personalized messages

Personalize messages

You can personalize messages by using name, company, and location tags.

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LinkedFusion's Features

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Establish relationships with LinkedIn automation software LinkedFusion, a modern sales engagement platform

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With LinkedFusion you also get…

Secure Prospecting

LinkedFusion offers the most secured prospecting platform with dedicated exclusive IP and safe limits.

Advanced Filtering

With LinkedFusion, you are not limited to LinkedIn search. You can use CSV file and webhooks to laser target your audience. 

Bulk Messaging

Take the most out of your current & future contacts with the help of bulk messaging for updates and new value.

LinkedFusion, a Cloud Based LinkedIn Automation Software

Generate more leads easily with LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is built to grow and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue. Make lead generation and sales funnel easy with LinkedFusion.