LinkedIn Automation For Teams

Advanced-Thinking Teams Choose LinkedFusion

Join the group and boost sales and revenue with easy-to-use software to reach the right prospects at the right time with the right way of automation.

Admin Features

Let the LinkedFusion’s advanced features do simple yet effective task for your team.

Team Management

LinkedFusion enables team admins to add as many seats as required, allow permissions and roles, monitor and track team activity, and remove users.

Team Activity Logs

LinkedFusion automatically tracks and logs sales exercises making it more comfortable for sales managers to make decisions and improve team output.

Roles and Permissions

LinkedFusion lets admins add as many group members as required and assign roles and permissions to control access levels.

Predictive Throttling

LinkedFusion applies predictive analysis to monitor and keep accounts protected by randomizing and adjusting daily engagement limits and intervals.

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Team API Key

LinkedFusion’s Team API Key provides integrations to connect your sales stack with your whole team via shared API key.

ac base selling

Account-Based Selling

LinkedFusion Coordinate team-selling activities and help the handling of prospects and leads.

LinkedFusion is the fastest way to increase revenue

  • Eliminate daily manual cumbersome repetitive activities
  • Find and engage right prospects the right way
  • Orchestrate smarter sales workflow
  • Line up sales and marketing efforts
  • Your sales stack all in one point
  • Make every team member a real winner

LinkedFusion allows sales development reps to reach their prospecting targets by eliminating daily manual, repetitive activities so they can concentrate on engaging prospects the right way and set up more pipeline effortlessly.


“LinkedFusion always helps us to make new and enhanced social selling strategies to sales growth filling our pipeline with great conversations, more opportunities, and quicker revenue growth.”