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Do not let LinkedIn restrict your important profiles! Safely run LinkedIn automation to achieve your business and revenue goals. Let your Virtual Assistants do the hard-work for you and enjoy the results on your LinkedIn profile.



Invite prospects to connect and build better relationships, get new warm leads daily.



71% of sales reps end up spending too much time on data entry. Use our Native Integrations and keep your B2B data up to date

Follow Ups

Follow Ups

Timely Follow-ups are the key difference between losing or winning any sales deal. Don’t let your warm leads get cold and let LinkedFusion take care of your

LinkedFusion's Core Features

LinkedFusion is a Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool used to generate leads. With LinkedFusion, you can create outreach campaigns as per your market niche requirements. Target different time zones, dedicated IP and measure metrics from multiple campaigns to gain insights of LinkedIn prospects. LinkedFusion also integrates with Zapier, Google Sheet, HubSpot, Salesforce and most CRMs.

Dedicated Exclusive local IP

Dedicated Exclusive local IP

Get Dedicated local IP address for your LinkedIn Account. LinkedFusion supports 190+ countries. No one in the world would use the same IP.


Cloud Based Automation Tool

Cloud Based Automation Tool

LinkedFusion is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool. Access it from any device via cloud connection from anywhere. You don’t need to be online to have your campaign running. LinkedFusion ensures you never miss an opportunity.


Unlimited Concurrent Sequences Supporting all Timezones

Unlimited Concurrent Sequences Supporting all Timezones

Prospects don’t live in the same time zone – send messages when they will engage. LinkedFusion can create and run unlimited parallel sequences supporting all time zones.


Smart Inbox with Customized Scheduled Follow-ups

Smart Inbox with Customized Scheduled Follow-ups

No need to jump back and forth between LinkedFusion and LinkedIn, respond to conversations right from the tool. It provides a smart inbox feature where you can send later for LinkedIn prospects.


Constant CRM Integrations

Constant CRM Integrations

From prospect to customer, track your lead generation campaigns from start to finish. It don’t just store your lead metadata but synchronize conversations as well. With Constant CRM integrations you can manage your all leads at one place.


Custom Target Audience

Custom Target Audience

Don’t rely only on LinkedIn Searches, with LinkedFusion you can use Google Sheets and CSV to do more. Use LinkedFusion to find, identify, and expand your network. Connect with your ideal audience & drive sales easily and effectively with the LinkedIn automation tool that drive results.


How LinkedFusion drive results for LinkedIn Automation?

1. Decide Your Target Audience

Create your buyer Persona and target them using various filters provided by LinkedIn.

Narrow down the audience by filtering with Job Title, Current Company, location, and more to find the right prospects for your business.

You can even get a list of prospects using third party services like ZoomInfo and feed that to Linked Fusion.

target audience
LinkedIn post generator

2. AI Content Generator to Publish Engaging Post on LinkedIn

Get access to one of a kind LinkedIn automation tool that lets you generate engaging posts on LinkedIn with the help of AI.

Search trending internet topics and let the AI post generator do the job for you. Generating post ideas has never been so easy!

3. Use the Power of LinkedIn and Email Prospecting

Run drip campaigns by including LinkedIn and email marketing from the same tool.

Got the right prospect on LinkedIn? Connect your email inbox, add email step in your outreach sequence, and let the magic take place.

Use smart triggers and add email step in your smart sequence to optimize your conversions.

LinkedIn email prospecting
LinkedIn post generator

4. Run Unlimited Campaigns With The Safest Automation Tool for LinkedIn

LinkedFusion is the Safest LinkedIn automation tool that helps you to grow your business.

Create various campaigns and sequences as per your business needs and requirements, and put them on auto mode with safety on the platform.

You can schedule your Sequences to run between specified intervals and specific days only. You get 100% control over your profile.

5. Schedule Follow-up Messages

Schedule Follow-ups once anyone accepts your Invite to connect. Start a conversation on auto pilot.

Being a cloud-based platform, we automatically send messages to your targeted audience without keeping your system active at all times.

We are taking follow-ups to next level by giving our Users an option to manually schedule a message like Send Later for LinkedIn Never miss a follow-up and potential deal.

LinkedIn email prospecting
LinkedFusion outreach campaign

6. Actionable Campaign Insights

With detailed reports and analytics, users can measure their performance of each sequence to constantly improve their results.

Team Admins can help team members by accessing their Reports and Accounts directly.

Inbuilt Mini CRM will let you take notes and add Tags for the future references.

7. Integrate with most CRMs

71% of sales reps spend too much time on data entry.

Don’t let your team waste productive hours doing data entry, use LinkedFusion as your LinkedIn automation tool to do it automatically.

We have native integration with Pipedrive, HubSpot and Salesforce. (more coming soon)

You can use Zapier to integrate with Greenhouse,, Insightly, and many more CRMs easily.

LinkedIn CRM Integration
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Create your lead generation
campaign with LinkedFusion
in some seconds!


LinkedFusion Supports Native Integrations

Stop copy – pasting between LinkedIn & your CRM. With LinkedFusion, sales are 4x faster and saves at least 50 hours of boring tasks per month.
Native Integrations save additional costs to third party Integration Tools.

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LinkedIn Training

We understand that LinkedIn is not easy. We have extensive learning material so you can learn how to use LinkedIn effectively. We got you covered even if you are a beginner or an experts. We help you to learn advanced Growth Hacks for LinkedIn and how to implement them easily.


Done with you Marketing

At Linked Fusion we do not only provide the best and safest solution for your automated LinkedIn outreach. But, we also help you implement omni-channel approach.


Designed for Teams

With our Blacklist feature (individual and companies) your team will reach out to unique prospects always which increases your teams' productivity. Share Templates easily with your team mates. Team Admin can help team members by accessing their reports and accounts directly.


Exceptional Support

We believe in making users the hero of our story. So we provide sales and technical support without any Extra Charges .
Reach out to us anytime.

cloud based automation software

Cloud-Based software

multiple campaigns

Schedule Multiple Campaigns

campaign analysis

Campaign Manager

LinkedFusion – A Modern Sales Engagement Platform is designed to improve prospects engagements, expand lead generation and drive better revenue.

Make sales funnel easy & simplified.

Most Frequent Questions

LinkedIn automation tools such as LinkedFusion improves the performance of your LinkedIn prospecting by boosting your reach on the platform to the right audience. LinkedIn automation can help you save your time, boost productivity, and generate more leads.

LinkedIn automation is the process of using automated activities with your profile to send connection requests, messaging prospects, managing follow-up messages, and more.

LinkedIn Automation Tool automates your LinkedIn outreach so you can focus on your business. It helps you connect with potential customers, grow your network, and increase sales.

LinkedIn Automation Tool uses the power of LinkedIn to connect you with potential customers and grow your business. It automatically sends messages to potential leads, follow up with them, and keep track of your sales pipeline.

LinkedIn automation tool can help you do prospecting, send automated requests, run drip messaging sequences, publish content, and sync leads to your favorite CRM tool. With LinkedFusion, users can also schedule AI generated content posts from the platform without any hiccup.

LinkedIn automation tools will help you to manage:

  • Prospecting on LinkedIn platform
  • Running drip messaging sequence
  • Sending new requests without getting banned
  • Scheduling and publishing posts

LinkedIn Automation Tool helps you connect with potential customers, grow your network, and increase sales. It’s a free lead generation tool that makes

LinkedIn Automation Tools has many features, including :

– Message automation

– Pipeline management

– Lead generation

– Contact management

– Reporting and analytics

LinkedIn Automation Tool is a paid lead generation tool. It has a free trial and costs $65.95/ /month after that.

Yes, LinkedIn Automation Tool is safe to use. It’s a small business scheduling app that helps you generate LinkedIn leads and upscale B2B sales. It’s a free lead generation tool that makes it easy to connect with potential customers and grow your business.

You can contact LinkedIn Automation Tool support by email at [email protected] or by phone at +1 231-538-7466.

LinkedIn tools aid you in using the platform more effectively and efficiently. LinkedIn automation tools can help you run outreach campaigns, send requests, send messages, and prospecting. Social media scheduling tools like HubSpot can help you to automate your publishing on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is an amazing tool for professionals. If you use LinkedIn automation tools well within the limits and are not spamming the users on the platform or scraping data, there are only a few chances your account would get banned from the platform.

Cloud-based automation platforms are safer as they integrate with your LinkedIn account. LinkedFusion offers dedicated IP addresses for your LinkedIn account, so your location will not flicker around. Cloud-based LinkedIn automation tools also offer more flexibility as their browser-based tools need to stay active when you are working, with the cloud-based tool, you can simply make your platform work for you 24 hours.

By using LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedFusion, you can send automated requests to your prospects. By building more connections on the platform, you can generate more leads and reach out to the right people who are your sales qualified leads.

LinkedFusion provides LinkedIn automation. That means, any person who wants to do prospecting, sell their products or services, and are looking to hire the right talent can use LinkedFusion.

Agencies are helping their clients scale their accounts by using LinkedFusion. You can also check their positive feedback on the internet.

LinkedFusion offers the safest LinkedIn automation for prospecting. Thus, if you are someone who is looking forward to scale their business and grow revenue can use LinkedFusion for the best results.