LinkedIn Native Integration with Pipedrive

A guide for easy Pipedrive integration with LinkedFusion

Step 1 : Sign into LinkedFusion portal

LinkedFusion Login Page

Step 2 : Go to Pipedrive settings under Integrations

You’ll find this on the left hand side of LinkedFusion Dashboard. LinkedFusion supports native integration with most CRMs.

Step 3 : Get Pipedrive API Key from your Pipedrive dashboard

You will find API key from Profile Personal Preferences > API. You will get your Personal API token. Copy that API key.

Pipedrive integration with LinkedFusion

Step 4 : Paste Pipedrive API Key into LinkedFusion portal

LinkedFusion and Pipedrive Integration

Step 5 : Select Options as per your CRM requirements.

1.  Create contact automatically on acceptance

This function will create a new contact automatically inside the pipedrive whenever a prospect accepts your invitation from your outreach.

 2. Owner

If you have teammates or sub users inside your Pipedrive you will see the list of them under the owner section. You can select who should be owner of that certain contact created inside your Pipedrive.

3. Default stage

There are deal stages inside the pipedrive so LinkedFusion gives you an option where you could add the prospect or contact that you created inside pipedrive directly inside a stage when they accept your invitation or a new contact has been created inside the CRM at the same time.


4. Visible To

This option allows you to set that contact is visible to. You get two choices owners and followers so it would be private to followers if you have selected owners and vice-versa. It can also be shared between the whole company.

LinkedFusion Pipedrive setup

Step 6 : Save and get your LinkedIn leads into Pipedrive CRM automatically.

How LinkedFusion Pipedrive Integrations work ?

Whenever a new contact or a lead accepts your invitation on LinkedIn, a new contact will be created inside your Pipedrive CRM automatically.

Also, whatever conversation you are having with your prospects will be synced up inside Pipedrive and LinkedFusion will also update the conversation inside your Pipedrive CRM.

So this way you could keep track of the new contacts who has accepted your invites straightly go inside the Pipedrive CRM.

You can even book a Support call with LinkedFusion Expert for more queries

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