How to maximize the weekly LinkedIn Connection Requests

Get Rid of Connection Request Limits on LinkedIn

After LinkedIn introduced a limit on the number of connection requests you can send in a week, you may have received the message, “You’ve reached the weekly invitation limit.”

It’s natural to feel anxious if you have received this message. The thing is you are not alone.

If you want to know what changes you should make to your lead-generation strategy, you’ve come to the correct place.

Learn about the actions you must take to be successful on LinkedIn.

How Many Requests for Connections Can You Send Each Day on LinkedIn? And What About the Number for a Week?

The weekly limit for sending connection requests is 100, which can be raised to 200 if you follow certain techniques such as improving the Social Selling Index (SSI) Score.

weekly connection

Presently, there is just a weekly cap. There is no daily limit as such.

So, if we take into account the weekly cap of 100 connections, you can submit 14 requests on average every day (with the possibility of 15 on any two days of the week).

You should be alert of the total number of connection requests you send in the week.

Presently, there is just a weekly cap. There is no daily limit as such. So, if we take into account the weekly cap of 100 connections, you can submit 14 requests on average every day (with the possibility of 15 on any two days of the week). You should be alert of the total number of connection requests you send in the week.

What to Do If You Hit the LinkedIn Weekly Invitation Limit?

You will have to be careful if you have hit the LinkedIn weekly invitation limit as the LinkedIn security algorithm is designed to monitor your profile for several days.

If you are not mindful during this period, you could face a permanent ban or become stuck in the review process as a result of receiving too many suspensions.

Linkedin daily connection request limit

It is hard to recover from it when it occurs. As a result, if you have touched the LinkedIn weekly limit, here is what you should do :

For the next 5 days, don’t send any connection requests.

After that, for the next 3 days, you can begin sending some connection requests manually.

Once your manual processing goes well, you can again start running your automation tools such as LinkedFusion.

Never start without first doing so manually for some days.

If you do any mistake at this stage, your account could get restricted.

How Can I Send Over 100 LinkedIn Connection Requests Per Week?

If you can follow the following 6 strategies, you too can send more than 100 connection requests in a week :

Optimizing Your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn will be less likely to put a limit on your account when your connection requests have a high acceptance rate.

Another factor to know the connection requests quality is pending invite count, ie: the number of connection requests that are pending response.

You can improve your acceptance rate if your LinkedIn profile is properly optimized.

Here are a few tips :

  1. Putting up a clear and simple headline
  2. Designing original images and banners
  3. Providing details about your educational background and job experience
  4. Mentioning your value proposition in the “About” section in detail
  5. Giving links and posts in the “Featured” section
  6. Acquiring recommendations from clients and colleagues

Improving the Social Selling Index (SSI) Score

Your LinkedIn profile gets a Social Selling Index (SSI) Score, which determines if you can be considered a good user.

Reach the linkdin limit

You can send a higher number of connection requests if you have a higher SSI score.

Your activity on LinkedIn helps to determine this core on the following 4 criteria :

  1. Building relationships
  2. Finding the right people
  3. Engaging with insights
  4. Establishing a professional brand

Here is what you can do daily to increase your score:

  1. Publishing posts on LinkedIn
  2. Commenting on the LinkedIn posts of other people
  3. Messaging other people and receiving replies
  4. Sending connection requests which are accepted

Improving Your Copywriting Skills

When you are sending connection requests, the rate of replies you receive also matters. It helps to identify spammers.

If you keep improving your copywriting skills, it will help you to connect with your prospects better.

Also sending a standardized message on a mass scale is a big no.

Warming Up LinkedIn Accounts

It is a good practice to not start sending a large number of connection requests soon after creating new LinkedIn accounts.

Instead, you should begin by manually sending a small number of connection requests and slowly increasing that number over time.

It is only after some time, you can begin using automation tools like LinkedFusion or you risk getting your account restricted.

Using LinkedIn Sales Navigator

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the Sales Intelligence Software by LinkedIn that makes connecting with the correct people simpler and aids in relationship-based selling.

If you use it for sending connection requests, it can improve your SSI score and provides advanced search filters which are useful in creating more targeted lead lists.

As per the LinkedIn website, buying the Sales Navigator tool will help you to be able to send more connection requests.

If you have a good reply rate for your messages and a good acceptance rate for connection requests, it will help you to not come under the scanner.

Using LinkedFusion

Sending a large number of connection requests daily is required for lead generation but is also a repetitive and boring task.

Instead, just use LinkedFusion, a trusted Automation tool, and send up to 200 connection requests in a week.

But you shouldn’t start running it just after you have opened a new account before properly warming it up.

This will help prevent your account from facing unpleasant consequences.

In case it starts to approach the weekly limit, the tool starts to reduce its activity.

If you are going too fast, you will be sent an email warning about it and that will result in slowing down of activity.

How do I increase the LinkedIn Connection Requests I can send in a week?

get more connection requests

Now let’s have a look at how you can increase the weekly number of connection requests you can send.

Read on to know about 5 approaches :

Sending Open Inmails to Open Profiles

You can directly connect with open profiles, ie: premium account holders whom you can contact without needing to send them connection requests.

You can find the “Free Message” option on the bottom right side of their profiles.

Send them Open Inmails and your message will directly reach their inbox.

But you will not find any filter to search for Open Profiles, either on the basic search engine on LinkedIn or in the Sales Navigator tool.

So you need to first use an email-finding tool, export the data to a CSV file and filter the Open Profiles.

Once you have the list, you can manually start sending them Open Inmails or use an automation tool.

Searching for email addresses on LinkedIn

When your connection requests limit is over and you want to contact your prospects who don’t have Open Profiles, you can search for their email address on LinkedIn.

Using Sales Navigator and an email-finding tool, you can quickly find the data you are looking for.

Syncing LinkedIn with your email contacts

When you sync your email contacts with LinkedIn, the invitations you send through this way aren’t included in the weekly number of connection requests you can send.

Contacting Group Members and Event Attendees

When you are part of a group or have attended an event, you can directly contact the members without having to send them connection requests.

However, when you send any messages, they will not go to the inbox of your prospects but to the “Message Request” section.

Hence, you can expect to have less response rate from those who you contact in this way.

Using LinkedIn Messages Ads

When you send paid LinkedIn Message Ads to your prospects, you can add a specific Call to Action.

Though they will not be able to reply directly, they can perform the required activities.

You can generate high-quality leads by building super-targeted LinkedIn Messages Ads using LinkedIn Ads, Sales Navigator, and your email-finding tool.

Frequently Asked Question

You can have a maximum number of 30,000 connections. 

You will not be able to send more connection requests once you have touched this limit. 

Instead, your profile will have the “Follow” option.

You will be allowed to add any more first-degree connections once you have hit 30,000 connections.

However, there is no limit to how many followers you could have. 

Your followers can just see and comment on your LinkedIn posts. 

They will, however, be unable to communicate through messages.

After you have 30,000 connections on LinkedIn, you can create another account if you want to build more connections or if you wish to continue prospecting. 

Once any account has touched the maximum number of connections allowed on LinkedIn, they can become a LinkedIn influencer and activate creator mode