What are read receipts on LinkedIn? How to know if someone has read your message?

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The best online networking and business relationship-building tool is LinkedIn. You can connect with and communicate with lots of other people in your professional network, which makes it simple to grow your influence and locate the best clients. New features have been introduced as the platform’s popularity has increased, bringing it closer to other social networking platforms. “Read receipts” was one 2017 addition. We examine what they are and the applications for them.

What are LinkedIn Read Receipts? How read receipts work?

You can be unsure as to whether a message you send via LinkedIn has been opened and read by the intended recipient. When attempting to connect with your audience, it’s critical to understand whether your message has hit a chord. When you are able to see whether the message you sent while prospecting on LinkedIn, you can improve your messaging as well.

Indicators of whether the other person to a conversation has actually opened your message include read receipts. The bottom right corner of your message thread contains the small, hardly perceptible icon. On a desktop computer, you can use your mouse to hover over an icon to see who has read it and when. When the correspondent begins typing out a message in response, another feature called a typing indication lets you know.

These two characteristics are helpful resources for fostering new relationships and lead generation. They let you assess the progress of the conversation and decide whether or not to reply to your initial message.

How Does LinkedIn Read Receipts Work?

If you turn on read receipts on LinkedIn, you will be able to track messages without wasting any special effort.  But, in order to turn read receipts on, the read receipts feature to work both the parties have to keep their read receipts turned on. And when both the parties have kept their read receipts on then the sender will be able to check if their message has been read or kept unread by the receiver.

You’ll be able to see a small icon in the bottom right of your message section showing that the message has been viewed by turning on this feature on LinkedIn. You’ll also get a timestamp on the desktop site (but not the mobile version) about the read confirmation that your message was received and read.

What are the ways that you can improve your message on LinkedIn?

Here are a few tips to spruce up your LinkedIn messages and make them more engaging, even for those initial introductions. They are :

  • Keep it short: Don’t boast about how great your product/services/ experience is. Be sure to be brief, cordial, and pertinent.
  • Don’t sell: It’s futile to make such attempts to directly make a sales pitch and are unlikely to respond to such attempts. So, it’s best to save your sales pitch for after making your pitch.
  • Remain professional: People use the network LinkedIn to establish business connections. Keep your language and manner professional, and make sure your messages reflect that.

You can engage with you in a meaningful way by putting these suggestions into practice. A business coach can help you create an efficient marketing plan for your company if you need some direction on where to begin.

Turing Read Receipts On/Off

Read receipts aren’t for everyone. They can additionally pressure you to reply, and might mean people avoid your messages altogether. And there are features that can be turned off. Here’s how to do it :

On desktop

When you  navigate to the setting page, which can be accessed from the top-right corner of the page. From here, navigate your way to the “communication” tab on the top.


The process is the same as on your mobile app it’s on the desktop. The first thing is the  profile icon, located on the top-left of the screen. From here, click on ‘settings,’ which will open the setting screen.

How can you turn on the LinkedIn message Read Recipients and typing indicator?

Are you interested in learning whether your LinkedIn connection has seen your messages?
So that you can view the message of your read receivers, we will then make it simple for you to locate the read recipients.
Let’s see how you can do that:

  1. Click on the “Settings and Privacy” from your LinkedIn account.
    manage profile
    There Go to the “Data Privacy” section.
    Click on the “Read recipients and typing indicators”.
    messaging experience
    Turn on the “Delivery indicators”.
    settings data privacy

Now that you know about how to enable the read receipts, it’s important to know that adjusting your read recipients based on your conversation and time effort.

As there can be chances that you can see your recipients messages and not reply to them. This might give them wrong signals. So it’s best to see that your read and recipient is turned off in cases where you cannot reply to the recipients.

Another option to this is that you choose LinkedFusion, as you can set an automated follow-up entirely so that you don’t even have to send them on your own manually. With the help of the automation you can also adjust the time based on your requirement.

How can you improve your prospecting message on LinkedIn?

Despite your choice to turn on your read recipients or switch it, you have the chance. Now let’s see some of the tips to identify how you can write captivating messages.

  1. Add relevant questions

    Many cold messages that get a high reply rate include only one “ask”. There are chances that you’re bombarding them with the messages for the leads. Keep things simple. The question that can use as ask

    • What is your opinion on the following topic?
    • Let’s have a quick call for a product demo?
    • If you are interested in the following topic, let’s have a quick call?

    But don’t forget the specific ones as much as possible. both with your request and your sales presentation.

    Because it’s easy to bombard your lead on LinkedIn with long messages that they won’t read. The worst part is that they won’t know what to do next if there isn’t a CTA or “ask” at the end of your messaging.

  2. Be consistent with the follow-up

    It is estimated that 44% of sales reps give up after one follow-up?

    Getting the target audience and your prospects to read your email or getting them to take your call does not guarantee that you will be successful in closing the deal. Whether you reach out to them via cold email or LinkedIn messages it’s all the same. And it’s also a possibility that their mind or they might not come around your messages.

    Let’s see the example:

    • Hey {first_name}, did you have a chance to go over this?
    • I guess you are busy but let’s catch up when you are free.
    • When you have an opportunity, let me know!

    These were a few illustrations of how you can follow up consistently. In addition to the follow-up messages you can also share some interesting blog posts, case studies or a successful customer journey. Sharing your customer experiences in the blog post helps you connect with your customer on a deeper level.

    You can also scale up your LinkedIn outreach campaigns with the LinkedFusion.

    Automating your LinkedIn outreach helps to run a personalized outreach campaign. LinkedFusion has many features that help you to communicate with your client.

  3. Send personalized automated replies

    Many sales reps miss out on the clients when they put on replying to them. But LinkedFusion has the solution for this so that you can reach zero inbox. Imagine that all your LinkedIn tasks are completed. Optimizing your LinkedIn outreach will double your lead generation process.

    With this kind of situation come up to a zero inbox LinkedIn account and if in case you are not able to reply then you can ask for some time until you get back to them. Some of the example are :

    • Inform your client that some urgent issue needs your attention and therefore you will contact them as soon as possible.
    • You can also ask them to excuse you for the reply this time and you can follow up with them in a few weeks.

    Being polite while you are asking them to excuse yourself for the late reply is always one of the best solutions.

  4. State your point in a short and simple manner

    The clients are generally busy and would skip your message if they did not get a clear idea about what you wanted to say in your initial line. Being to direct would make you sound too salesy. Try to strike a balance between being direct at the same time making your message compelling.

    To speed up your email drafting process you can use email template. Using email templates will save time and you can reach out to people at scale.

  5. Consider using a LinkedIn automation to scale your outreach

    Scaling your outreach initiatives will also help you to make actual money. You’ll begin to see some of the best outcomes when you step up your outreach efforts. This is because your pool just grows as you reach out to more people. You can operate your outreach on autopilot with the use of automation. You can facilitate outreach with tools like LinkedFusion. Additionally, you can develop predetermined flows and outreach

Conclusion :

LinkedIn stands out as the go-to social platform for harnessing its full potential. It’s a hub where users not only expand their professional networks but also explore new horizons for career growth. As users reach out to connect and broaden their reach, their inboxes often become a hub of incoming messages.

Within this bustling networking environment, LinkedIn empowers its users to take control. Through profile settings, individuals can discreetly navigate their interactions by toggling off read receipts. This feature is particularly handy for maintaining a streamlined sales process, allowing users to confirm message delivery without revealing their read status.

For those seeking a more seamless outreach strategy, tools like LinkedFusion come into play. LinkedFusion is a sales automation tool designed to supercharge your LinkedIn outreach. By optimizing your approach, LinkedFusion maximizes the efficiency of your connections and interactions, making your LinkedIn experience not only productive but also rewarding.

So, as you venture through LinkedIn’s dynamic landscape, remember that the power to enhance your connections and communication lies at your fingertips. Whether you’re fine-tuning your read receipts or harnessing the capabilities of tools like LinkedFusion, the possibilities for meaningful engagement are boundless.