What Is LinkedIn X-Ray Search and How to Use It For Better Results?

Ways to Use LinkedIn X-Ray Search

Are you a recruiter searching for the best talent for your company? Or maybe a sales representative of your company trying to find that perfect prospect to sell your products or services?

Well, then you should know about the LinkedIn X-Ray search, which can significantly advance your LinkedIn search. LinkedIn X-Ray Search is a way of searching on the web using advanced search operators, Boolean Operators, and parenthesis. These are the methods in which you can limit or broaden your search results using keywords and Boolean operations.

Curious about what these are? Then dive in to learn more about how you can get the most out of your LinkedIn X-Ray search queries.

What Is X-Ray Search?

As discussed earlier, X-Ray searches use advanced search operators, Boolean operators, and parenthesis. Using these elements in search can narrow your prospects. You can use the X-Ray search in Google search bar, LinkedIn search bar or a dedicated third-party X-Ray tool.

What Is a LinkedIn X-Ray Search?

With LinkedIn X-ray searches, you may focus on a smaller pool of prospects. Using X-ray search to find leads on LinkedIn is called LinkedIn X-ray search.

LinkedIn X-ray search makes use of a complex methodology to offer far more thorough and precise search results. In order for LinkedIn X-ray to function, a mix of keywords and boolean operators must be used.

Consequently, a keyword might be anything, from job titles to locations and employment histories. Boolean operators, on the other hand, are conjunctions that are used to combine, exclude, or include search results. Boolean operators include quotation OR, AND, and parenthesis(), as some examples.

Why Should You Use X-Ray Results on Google for Searching Profiles on LinkedIn?

If you are someone who is using LinkedIn for free, then you do not have visibility to certain kinds of people.

You won’t be able to see third-degree connections or people outside of your network if you use the free version of LinkedIn. This implies that LinkedIn will conceal a member’s name and last name if you conduct a search using a specific work title.

Fortunately, people inside or outside of your LinkedIn network will be associated with you if you run an X-ray using Google or other tools.

But with the X-ray search on Google, you can do that. You can see a visible difference in your search result after using LinkedIn search results.

This is possible as Google does not hide the identity of anyone; therefore, you can see their identity which is hidden by LinkedIn. An additional benefit is that you can also connect with them once you have viewed their profile.

You will not find all LinkedIn profiles on LinkedIn if they have hidden their names and surnames, but using an X-Ray search on Google, this can be achieved. Hence, using X-Ray search on Google will provide you with increased chances to find ideal candidates and leads compared to using LinkedIn search filters.

How to Use X-ray Search on LinkedIn?

Using these search operators for advanced search results is simple and effective. Following are the ways to use the LinkedIn X-Ray search :
  • 1) Start by conducting a thorough search

    You must begin with a thorough search if you want to harness the full potential of Google X-ray search and LinkedIn X-ray search. To uncover a diverse pool of possible candidates, entails utilizing numerous search engines and job boards. Using a list of probable candidates as a starting point, utilize X-Ray Search to focus your search.
  • 2) Use Advance Boolean Operators

    Special commands known as advanced search operators let you focus your search and get more precise results. Let’s understand this with popular LinkedIn x-ray search example below :
    • “site” operator: This allows you to search for candidates on a specific website. Example: site:linkedIn.com or site:twitter.com.site operator
    • “intitle” operator:You can use these to search for the keywords in the title of your LinkedIn search for keywords in the title of your LinkedIn profile or twitter bio. Example: intitle:marketing manager.intitle operator
    • “Inurl” operator:You can search for the keyword in the URL of the LinkedIn profile or Twitter handle. Example: inurl:linkedInInurl operator
    • “filetype” operators:You can search for the specific file types, such as resumes in PDF formula. Example: filetype:pdf.
  • 3) If you want to further refine your search

    When we use words or symbols that allow us to create more complex searches.When you can combine and exclude certain keywords are called Boolean Operators. AND, NOT, OR are Boolean operators that are used to further refine your search. Example:
    • If you want to search for a sales representative with experiences in Android D then your search can be like: “SEO Manager” AND Android D”.refine your search

Significance of Using X-Ray on LinkedIn

Using LinkedIn’s X-Ray search can increase your visibility. Additionally, it saves you time and gives you access to a list of prospects who are relevant to you. You can utilize the Boolean search operators with your search strings in the LinkedIn X-Ray search.

Recruiters can uncover top marketers by using the LinkedIn X-Ray search feature. It also does an advanced search with the names of particular companies and job titles. The concept of LinkedIn X-ray is based on the notion of gaining more information from your search results. You can use this search technique to make your search more sophisticated and precise. In other words, as compared to other stranded results, this type of search can produce better results. You must use Boolean search, quotation marks, site-specific search, and brackets when performing an X-ray search.

You can use LinkedIn X ray search to get these benefits :

  • 1) Large upscaling for searching profile.
  • 2) You can make your search queries more specific.
  • 3) Gives you accurate results that saves you a lot of time.
  • 4) You can get the access in and out search results
  • 5) You have the control over the variable.

The platform already provides a lot of filters that you can use to search for the people to recruit. But, LinkedIn does not allows you to view unlimited number of profiles for free there are restriction:

The following are the limitations:

  • Free LinkedIn account – 100 profiles.
  • If you have subscribed for the sales navigator and Recruiter Lite – approx 2500 search results.
  • Premium Businesses- 1000 profiles.
  • If you perform an X-ray search on google then you can view over 1,000 searches. In this way you can view 1,000 profiles with the use of X-ray search on LinkedIn.

Conclusion :

From the above blog you known about how to refine your research and optimize your search but recruiting people or prospecting does not end with finding the right people. To convert your prospect or recruitment you need LinkedIn automation tools that help you connect with your prospect effortlessly and make your LinkedIn account a lead generation machine.

To further boost your LinkedIn outreach optimize your LinkedIn Profile for free with the LinkedIn Profile Checker tool.