7 Ways to Personalize Your Email Outreach | With Examples

Email personalization techniques

Personalized emails are not dead!

Prospects nowadays are overwhelmed with personalized messages from various channels. As an agent, you need to figure out how to stand out from a crowd. Despite this, it is an important communication medium for companies and has withstood till now, despite the rise of social media and other forms of mass communication.

What is Email Outreach?

Email Outreach is an activity of generating and sending email marketing campaigns to the targeted individuals to persuade them to take positive action. There is no secret that we live in the customization era where customers expect more than just a service. 

What is the Science behind Personalization

 If you’re wondering why businesses use personalized outreach techniques to target and attract customers, there’s a good explanation for that below:

Yes, there is evidence behind this strategy that shows how personalization makes customers more responsive to what businesses have to offer. The fact that each person receives something unique to them gives them a sense of control.

And this instills in the minds of the prospects a sense of consumer empowerment, which prompts them to make a buying decision!

Without any doubt, I can say that personalized emails are one of the most effective ways to get prospects to respond to your email.

Ways to personalize your email outreach:

1. Using the prospect’s name to personalize emails

The most fundamental type of personalization is addressing a prospect by their name. When you send out cold emails at scale, it is a basic technique but an effective method.

2. Complimentary personalized email

Complimenting your prospects is a guaranteed method to establish a positive relationship. Receiving a compliment causes the same reaction in our brain as receiving money. When your prospect receives your email, which is full of compliments, they will take a liking to you and be more interested in what you have to offer.


Following are examples for complimentary emails:


Winning a Prize: If your target has lately received any distinction in their field, include it in the email.


Blogs, seminars, and other forms of communication: Has your potential client written an article or delivered a lecture that you found useful? Please let them know how much you appreciated it.

3. Personalize your message to the interests of your prospects

Nothing makes people happier than what they enjoy and hold dear to their hearts.

What better technique to make your emails more personal than to highlight such details?

But how do you know what the prospect is interested in?

You can learn about your prospect’s hobbies by looking at their social media profiles. Look for frequent mentions, comments, and postings that can help you figure out what they like — it could be anything from a favorite sports team to a favorite movie character to a favorite destination.

When you mention something your prospect enjoys, it accomplishes two things: this makes them smile, and demonstrates that you have made an effort to know about them.

4. Personalization based on technology

Writing tailored emails based on a prospect’s website can be taken to the next level by looking into the software they’re using currently.

Many programs, such as Datanyze, Builtwith, and others, provide a list of all the tools and software utilized on the prospect’s website.

This offers you a good idea of what the prospects’ present needs and priorities are. You might even find out whether they’re currently using any tools that are similar to yours.

5. Personalize emails using a relevant visual representation

A meaningful graphic representation, such as an image or a short video, is an excellent way to personalize emails. Visual representations rarely go overlooked and immediately pique the recipients’ interest.

6. Highlight mutual interest to make it more personal

The separation between you and your prospect is one of the reasons why cold emails go ignored, and mutual connections can assist in filling that gap. Mentioning a mutual link is an excellent method to establish an instant connection with your prospects and gain their trust.

7. Spend maximum time on the follow-up email

Spend at least ten minutes on the follow-up email so that you get a better understanding of your prospect. Too many people spend far too much time personalizing their initial emails. This, however, does not make sense. An answer to this is all you need from a first email. You just want a response, regardless of how bad it is.

Once you’ve done that, you can concentrate on writing an excellent email, which is a highly tailored follow-up email that begins to build a relationship.

Here are few examples of personalized email:

  • Personalization is based on the buying habits of customers

The behavior of your consumer is one of the most useful sources of data you can collect for personalization. Make your email marketing campaigns more informed by the actions they’ve performed on your website or on social media platforms.

  • Mobile devices should be optimized

It is easy to view email on your mobile. All the information in the email is visible to mobile users.  The number of images is kept to a minimum and loading is simple. Also, the photos aren’t necessary for comprehending the message, which is fantastic because many email users disable images in their settings for security reasons.

OLX marketing campaign sample
  • Birthdays are celebrated with unique offers.

What could be more personal than sending a birthday greeting to someone? 

There’s something about remembering someone’s birthday and getting them a thoughtful gift that shows you care and value them. 

A promotional email might not have the same weight as a birthday present from a buddy. It does, however, help you stand out from the crowd and establish a more personal bond.

Birthday email template sample
  • Give discounts depending on categories.

Customers of e-commerce businesses frequently shop in a certain category. 

In some circumstances, sending a discount voucher to a customer may be enough to grab their attention. 

However, use the information you already have to provide discounts that are specifically tailored to their interests based on what they’ve bought or interacted with you in the past.

pepperfry marketing sample


Personalized email is like delivering a hand-crafted note hidden in a glass bottle in the sea of emails that are sent every day. When your prospect receives the mail, they will immediately recognize that it is addressed to them, therefore, this increases your chance of receiving a response. Email personalization is crucial, but the methods are evolving.

 You may make your personalized emails more successful than ever before by correctly diagnosing your clients’ concerns and assisting them in finding a solution. While it’s easy to graze the surface of personalization, these smart and technology-driven personalization tactics make this simple for brands and businesses to personalize more intelligently and ensure that the personalized outreach they’re doing is optimal. 

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