Proven Growth Hacking Lead Generation Techniques for LinkedIn

proven growth hacks to generate leads from LinkedIn

Searching for a long on how to generate LinkedIn leads to boost Growth Hack for your start-up? None of the strategies have worked for Linkedin lead generation. Here, I sharing a complete step-by-step guide on LinkedIn growth hacking.

This is the most effective, easy, and proven growth hack to generate leads from LinkedIn, especially for start-ups. I am sharing this LinkedIn lead generation strategy after it has worked for me.

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These lead generation hacks are based on our own previous experiences in lead generation. Here, I’m going to show some combinations of software, which when combined with LinkedFusion can generate many hot leads from LinkedIn effortlessly and no ad spend is needed, as it works fully on autopilot mode.

List of tools that we’ll be using:

  • LinkedFusion
  • PhantomBuster
  • Google Sheet

The best part is it has all the tools included with necessary illustrative steps that help you understand the LinkedIn lead generation strategy. You can expect to boost the lead generation process for LinkedIn outreach more than you currently have by saving a great amount of time.

Growth hack for LinkedIn lead generation

Are you generating leads from LinkedIn and are you happy with that?

Great, you can stay with your current working Linkedin lead generation strategy.

If not, don’t worry. I have a Linkedin growth hacking strategy for your start-up too. We will be discussing how to reach your target group more effectively using the automation method.

If LinkedIn is your favorite platform to get prospects and leads from, then you have some points to go through. Find the useful figures below :

Why do business professionals use LinkedIn as a lead generation platform?

  • Lead conversion rates of LinkedIn are 3 times higher than other big ad platforms, including Google Ads.
  • 79% of B2B marketers consider LinkedIn for the best leads generation source.
  • 50% of B2B purchasers utilize LinkedIn when deciding to purchase.
  • LinkedIn has nearly 700 million active users.

Why is it a useful method for lead generation?

It should be sufficient information on LinkedIn in terms of lead generation. However, a major concern is that it takes lots of time when doing it manually. Luckily, I have a solution for that and will show you soon a method of using it via automation software.

The positive aspect of LinkedIn automation tool is that it outperforms ads. It is also cheaper alongside it and has a great conversion rate.

But how?

People are less likely to trust ads (They are familiar with the ads and hence don’t click on ads.)

They want actual information with practical examples rather than ads. This is the reason that LinkedIn automation has proven a powerful marketing tool.

Very few people know about it. LinkedIn users receiving invitations and massages feel real conversation even though the communications are done automated (Especially when personalized templates are used).

How to build this auto-pilot for better lead generation?

  1. Look for a Facebook group where you can find leads best suited for your use-case.
  2. Scrape the names of Facebook profiles from the Facebook Groups.
  3. Find LinkedIn Profiles URL from the Scraped Profile Information.
  4. Add the found LinkedIn Profile URL to the LinkedFusion Outreach Sequence.

Why you need to look for the audience in Facebook Groups

Every Growth Hacker wants to target people in specific groups on Facebook. Why? The people in a group are much more interested in a particular topic than Facebook’s ‘targeting on interests’ shows you in its Ad Manager. For example, You probably liked Under Armor, but would you join UA’s Facebook group? That’s what I mean.

Look for your target audience in Facebook groups

It is easy to find a Facebook group where you have your target audience. Go to the Facebook search bar and enter the relevant keywords. After that, select the ‘Group’ Filter and it will filter out the results. Find the Facebook Group that is relevant to your business, and save/ copy the search URL for that group. We’ll need that URL in the later steps.

Facebook search for LinkedIn growth hackers

Use Phantombuster to Scrape Facebook groups and look for their LinkedIn profiles

Phantombuster is a great tool for Growth Hackers. The API’s that they have made saves a lot of time while scraping your prospects info from Facebook.

In this workflow, we are going to use 2 Phantom APIs:

1. Facebook Group Extractor, to scrape the profile info from Facebook Profiles.

Facebook group lead extracting tool

2. LinkedIn Profile URL Finder, to find the LinkedIn profile URL using the Facebook data.

LinkedIn profile URL finder

2.1 Setting Up Facebook Group Extractor

Facebook group extractor for lead generation
  1. You can find this Phantom using this URL:
  2. Connect Phantom with your Facebook account, click on ‘Connect to Facebook’ button to get your Facebook Cookies.
  3. Now, add the Facebook Group URL that you saved/copied in the earlier steps.
  4. Add the number of profiles that you want to scrape in one Launch.
  5. And finally ‘Save’ the Phantom, and do a Launch.
  6. After the Launch, make sure to get the Chain Phantom Link, you can Save/ Copy this link. We’ll use this in the next steps.
Facebook lead generation growth hack

2.2 Connecting Facebook Group Extractor with LinkedIn Profile URL Finder

LinkedIn profile URL finder
  1. You can find this Phantom using this URL:
  2. Paste the Chain Phantom Link from the above step, and add it as Spreadsheet URL in this Phantom.
  3. Put the column name from which to get first and last names as ‘name’.
  4. Now save the Phantom, and do a Launch.
  5. Again after the Launch, make sure to get the Chain Phantom Link, you can either Save/Copy this link. We’ll be needing this link in the next step.
LinkedIn lead generation growth hack

3. Save those LinkedIn profiles to a Google Sheet

In this step, we’ll populate the Google Sheet with LinkedIn Profile URLs that we found in previous steps.

LinkedIn Automation growth hack
  1. Create a Google Sheet, and name it as per your choice.
  2. In the first cell of your Worksheet enter the following formula =IMPORTDATA (“Add the Chain Phantom Link From the Previous Step Here”).
  3. Once you apply the formula, all the LinkedIn profiles that were extracted using PhantomBuster will be populated in this Worksheet.

4. Connect Google Sheet with LinkedFusion, and add those LinkedIn profiles to an Outreach Sequence

In this step, we’re going to add all the LinkedIn profiles from the Google Sheet to LinkedFusion using Zapier. To build this Zap, we’ll need to use this 2 Zapier Apps:

  1. Google Sheet, this will bring LinkedIn Profiles from Google Sheet to Zapier whenever new profiles are added to the Sheet.
  2. Webhooks, this will push the data from Zapier to LinkedFusion.

4.1 Set up the Google Sheet to bring LinkedIn Profile to Zapier

  1. Create a new Zap, and select the Trigger App as Google Sheet.
  2. Choose the Trigger Event as ‘New or Updated Spreadsheet Row’.
Lead generation growth hack with Google Sheets

3. Sign In to your Google Sheet account and select the Spreadsheet, Worksheet, and Column on which you need to set the trigger.

growth hacking in LinkedIn lead generation

4. Now, test the trigger and get the sample data from your spreadsheet.

4.2 Create a Webhook Outreach Sequence in LinkedFusion

startup growth hacking strategy
  1. Create an Invitation Sequence in LinkedFusion, and under the Define Target Audience, check the Webhook.
  2. This will give you a Webhook URL. Save/ Copy this Webhook URL, we’ll use this in the next step.

4.3 Set up the Webhook to push the LinkedIn Profiles to LinkedFusion

  1. Select the Action App as Webhook. Webhook is a Premium App by Zapier, so make sure to have a Premium Zapier Account.
  2. Choose the Action Event as ‘POST’.
lead generation automation growth hack

3. Now, paste the Webhook URL from LinkedFusion Outreach Sequence to this Webhook, then select the payload type as ‘JSON’, and inside the Data make sure to enter the field just the same as the screenshot. Leave the rest of the field empty.

Lead Generation growth Hacking

4. Finally, do the test, and Turn On the Zap.

5. Why is LinkedFusion a safe and reliable LinkedIn Automation platform?

After going through the above super easy steps, anyone can be confident in trying out these LinkedIn hacks for lead generation (even if they are non-technical persons), Right?

You can apply the same lead generation strategy manually. But I am sure that you are not going to bother to spend your valuable time on tedious and repetitive tasks, especially when the same task can be done automatically.

That is the reason I have found a way of creating Chrome extensions like Dux-Soup and LinkedHelper. However, it kept me challenged on creating something really helpful.

There were several things to be considered. The Chrome Extension needs your PC to be always turned on. LinkedIn can ban those extensions and more.

Finally, I found an ultimate solution-LinkedFusion, a cloud-based platform for LinkedIn lead generation. It has lots of amazing features.

The major features are like;

(A) LinkedFuion is safest

It is the safest solution for LinkedIn lead generation because of the following reasons

  • Dedicated Exclusive IP per account
  • Browser Fingerprinting so that requests remains from the same device
  • Safe Limits

(B) LinkedFuion is Cloud-Based

You can schedule your campaigns to run at a specified time.

(C) LinkedFusion has easy and user-friendly UI

LinkedFusion offers an easy, simple, and user-friendly interface with a great range of features. You can set-up campaigns as per your requirement. Because, we want to increase lead generation for you by providing quick and maximum support on various topics such as how to generate more leads, etc.

Why is lead generation so successful with LinkedFusion?

1. Defining your target audience was made easy and you find them very smartly.

2. You found users from the right place (Common FB group).

3. You are selling them exactly what they need.