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Do you love sharing your thoughts on the internet and engaging the audience? Get an opportunity to generate passive income by telling your audience how LinkedFusion can help them grow their LinkedIn outreach.

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Spread a word about LinkedFusion
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Are you a blogger, a YouTuber, having a website or have amazing social media influence? Or do you have your own Facebook, Discord or LinkedIn community to grow? Well, join our Affiliate Program and earn recurring commissions with minimal efforts?

As soon as your audience purchases any of the LinkedFusion paid subscriptions, you will automatically receive your commissions for your affiliate account. The more you promote us, the more you get!

What makes LinkedFusion Referral so awesome?

LinkedFusion Referral

Why is the LinkedFusion affiliate program so popular?

Simple Process to Adopt

Easy to adopt

Spread the word about LinkedFusion in your network and attract leads. Track sign ups with coupon codes.

No limits for Transactions

No limits

There is no cap on how many users you bring to LinkedFusion. The more leads you get, the more commissions you earn.

Get our support

Get our support

Access our user knowledge base and help your customers make their final purchase decisions and solve their queries.

Profitable for us

Profitable for us

Grow your passive income while we provide you a platform that scales with your outreach.

How can you participate?

Affiliate Sign up

Sign up

Signup and register for an affiliate program on LinkedFusion.

Share coupon codes

Share coupon codes

Refer to your audience the discount coupon code for our platform.

Affiliate Grow MRR

Grow MRR

Receive 30% from each referral for first month order, get 10% fees for next 11 months.


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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Sales and commissions will be tracked via affiliate coupon codes. So, it becomes transparent and easy for you to track your earnings with LinkedFusion.

All you need to provide is your contact and payout information to LinkedFusion. You will receive your custom code from LinkedFusion accounts team to begin.

You can promote LinkedFusion by leaving coupon codes or affiliate links on your blogs, videos, emails, social media promotions and more to earn affiliate commissions with this affiliate program.

Abuse or shady behaviors will get your account permanently banned on LinkedFusion affiliate platform.

You can get affiliate commissions on LinkedFusion professional plans. The offer does not apply on Grow and Ultimate pricing plans.