Does LinkedIn Show You Who Viewed Your Profile?

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If you have an LinkedIn account you would be familiar with the feature of LinkedIn where you as a user can examine who has viewed your profile. This feature helps you know and connect with the people who might be interested in working with you and your business. Most of the effective users use tools like the LeadCRM that helps you connect with your client and generate leads. Let’s know more about the LinkedIn feature.

In regards to this, a common question from users is “Does LinkedIn notify a person every time I check out their profile?” Since individuals use LinkedIn for such a wide range of purposes, there are a few distinct explanations we’ve identified for people asking this question. Our research has revealed a few prevalent causes like: Not everyone on LinkedIn desires a connection with the profiles they view. Some users look for profiles for analytics and research, while others just want to discover who their rivals are on the network.

Depending on your individual LinkedIn settings, the response to this question will vary. When you view someone’s profile on LinkedIn, it notifies them. If you view someone’s profile, they might get an email or a notification on LinkedIn. However, LinkedIn also lets you decide who can see if you have seen your view of their profile. Therefore, you can still browse anonymously without LinkedIn revealing your information if you prefer some anonymity. By changing the profile viewing choices on the Settings & Privacy tab, you can accomplish this.

How Can You Make Your Profile Anonymous?

To have anonymity to your LinkedIn profile you can check some settings. Here are some simple step to follow :

  • Go to your profile icon on top right on the top bar, and click on “Setting & Privacy”
    linkedin profile setting options
  • Then click on the privacy setting, go to “how others see your profile and network information”

  • Tap on “Profile viewing options” and click on how you want to appear
  • You will have options like “Anonymous LinkedIn Member” or “someone on LinkedIn” or anything more specific select one of the options.

    linkedin profile anonymous setting options

After making the necessary changes, the people who view your profile will no longer be identified. After you examine someone’s profile, they will still be able to see that someone has visited it, but all they will see is that an anonymous person viewed it.

Please be aware that utilizing this technique to hide your name has drawbacks. When you become anonymous to other individuals, they also become anonymous to you, as LinkedIn cautions you on the Settings page. After you choose this anonymity option on LinkedIn, the names of users who see your profile won’t be visible to you. Even though it may sound unusual, there are specific occasions where anonymity on social media is necessary.

On the other hand, you cannot choose to be anonymous if you wish to know who has viewed your profile. The benefits of remaining visible are numerous. The “Who Viewed Your Profile” option, for instance, allows you to view the last 90 days’ worth of visitors to your profile. The name, headline, location, and industry of the viewer are all displayed via this function.

The viewer’s semi-private profile information, including their job title, employer, educational institution, and industry, will also be shown. Depending on that particular user’s privacy choices, LinkedIn’s information may change. Of course, if they’ve chosen to remain anonymous, you won’t be able to see their name.

To know the person who has viewed your profile, tab on the “Me” icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage and then click “View profile”. The list of the person who viewed your profile can also be viewed on the dashboard and you will also get the notification on the page. By clicking on the “Who’s Viewed Your profile” that is under  your profile photo on the left side of your LinkedIn homepage.

The privacy setting of the user gives you a lot of options to suit your individual needs. You can choose from both of the options of either being visible or being anonymous, LinkedIn offers its user to view people’s profiles according to their preference. Using these features for your benefit and according to your requirement is your choice.

Frequently Asked Question’s

Yes, it will notify the other person if you have seen their profile but your name will only be visible to the person if you have not activated your privacy mode and do not have a premium for the LinkedIn account.
Yes, they can see the person who has viewed their profile but if the person has hidden their profile then you cannot know the information of the profile.