Can You Tell If Someone Had Declined Your LinkedIn Request?

how to view declined LinkedIn Requests

LinkedIn is a social media platform for B2B professionals as they can connect with other clients. Helping the professionals expand their business network and generate valuable leads is one of the main functions of every prospect. When compared with the other social media platform a LinkedIn relationship begins with one user sending a connection request to the other user that they want to connect with.

Prior to making the connection you have sent a connection request to the person with whom you want to connect. Now the recipient to whom you have sent the request can either accept or decline your request. There are two possible reasons that your request is being denied or ignored. One can be that your recipient is not interested in connecting with you. And another is that they don’t know who you are.

How Can You Say That Someone Has Denied Your Linkedin Request?

Even if the connection request is not accepted by the recipient the sender does not get any notification. There are two scenarios: first is that the recipient clicked on the “Ignore button” and second is that he simply did nothing after viewing your connection request.

In the second scenario where they did nothing about the connection request it will simply be sitting in his LinkedIn’s inbox as a new message in the “Invitations” section.

They might also get notified by LinkedIn via email about the request. And if they have clicked on the “Ignore” button then your connection request has been deleted for ever.

Another possibility is that your recipients can mark you as “I don’t know this person”. Now this may give LinkedIn a signal that you are spamming people by sending random requests to people. Even after marking you as some they don’t know your recipient can still accept your LinkedIn request. But, in case too many people mark you as spam then LinkedIn will either suspend your account or restrict your account. Therefore, LinkedIn suggests its user to send connection requests to only those people who they know.

One way that you can avoid these kinds of problems is by sending LinkedIn invites to people that are known to your recipient before sending them a connection request.

How Can You Cancel Your Request?

In the previous discussion we have talked about the disadvantages of unaccepted connection requests into your pipeline. And if you want to avoid being suspended by LinkedIn then you should withdraw the request that is not accepted by the recipient. Here is how you can do that :

  • Click on the “Notification icon”

    view connection setting

  • You will land on the notification page where there is a tab on the “Manage” button.

    view current connection request

  • After that you will get two options (i.e) the number of connection requests you have received and under the heading Sent you have the connection request that was not accepted.

    manage linkedin automation

  • By clicking on the “Withdraw” you can cancel the request that you have sent.

    withdraw current connection request

Conclusion :

In the above blog we have discussed a single feature of LinkedIn and there are many more features and tips that will help you optimize your LinkedIn profile and help you generate more leads as well.