Selling on LinkedIn: Your LinkedIn Sales Strategy


LinkedIn is one of the most effective social media platforms for selling, if not the most effective. Majority of the professionals use LinkedIn to build their networks and grow.

While social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat are useful for learning more about your prospects’ interests and personalities, warming them up before reaching out, and expanding your subject matter expertise, LinkedIn is typically the only platform that leads to new business.

Make Your LinkedIn Profile More Effective:

So, before you even think about making a sale or adding your prospects as LinkedIn connections, you need to enhance your LinkedIn profile. What’s up with that?

Consider the case where you receive a LinkedIn connection from someone you don’t know.

Right? The first thing you’d do is go to their profile and try to figure out who they are and why they added you.

And if their LinkedIn tagline entices you to click on their profile and you discover that their summary tackles all of your specific pain areas and concerns head-on, and their work experience dispels any doubts you had, well, the product is selling itself at that point!

What an incredible experience that would be.

Someone clicks on your profile, and you’ve done such a good job of presenting your brand that they’re eager to schedule a call right away.

Image for the background

The majority of folks use a stock image for this. That’s dull, in my opinion, and you can do better. You also don’t need to be a professional graphic designer. All you have to do is put your logo, value, and solution on the show (ideally all three).

That is exactly what the preceding example does. People will seek the aforementioned LinkedIn growth tip simply by adding you if you have that header image. Yes, this can result in sales (it has).

The optimum LinkedIn background banner size is 1584*396 pixels in resolution; when evaluating your image, ensure nothing is chopped off.

Photo of your profile

Keep it basic and elegant. Also, your profile photo will be used by others to determine whether or not they can trust you. As a result, choose a profile photo that best portrays your field. Make sure it’s of good quality, well-lit, and, most importantly, professional.


It’s subtle, but it’s crucial. If you want to make an impact and persuade people to click on your LinkedIn profile, this is arguably one of the most critical components.

You should describe the outcome of your services if you want a greater conversion rate and more people to accept your requests. You’ll want to transform your services into a specific result here.

How to Sell on LinkedIn:

Distribute useful information

First and foremost, you should be delivering relevant, quality information to your ideal customer. You can provide original material that you and your firm have generated, relevant insights from thought leaders in your ideal customer’s field, or a combination of the two. Your goal should be to provide material addressing the primary challenge or issue your prospects are trying to solve.

When your ideal customers or prospects read the information that is relevant to their situation, they are more likely to connect, and it helps to establish trust and rapport with you and your organization, preparing your contacts for the sale.

Join LinkedIn groups that are relevant to your target market

Joining LinkedIn groups allows you to broaden your potential reach and LinkedIn network by allowing members of the group to connect with you and view your profile even if you don’t have any shared connections.

You may utilize the search tool within groups to filter members by job title, geographic area, and industry, making it easier to discover the right customers.

Joining clubs that are just relevant to your sector is a bad idea. Find groups where your ideal customers hang out and become active, involved members of those communities.

LinkedFusion has a feature where you can send automated connection requests to the people who are in a LinkedIn group as well. All you need to do is, get the URL and the tool will run LinkedIn outreach by itself.

Customize your connection requests

It’s crucial to include a personalized message when sending connection requests to prospects or people you don’t know. Sending a personalized request gives you the opportunity to provide context for why this person should add you to their network, and it can help you stand out in a sea of generic requests.

Make sure you click the “Include a Note” option when requested before sending your connection request to add a personalized note.

Make important conversations easier to have

Keep the discussion going once you’ve connected with a prospect on LinkedIn. While going in for the sale straight away may not be optimal, you’ll want to stay in touch so you don’t fall off their radar.

When you issued your connection request, you included a personalized message that can be used as a discussion starter.

You may also continue the conversation by responding to their posts and providing stuff that they might be interested in.

Take your discussions offline

Once you have started creating a rapport, do not hesitate while you have a conversation offline. Set up a phone call or a meeting when the prospect is ready to move with your sales pitch in which you offer solutions on your company’s behalf.

Also, do not forget to sync your prospect’s information with your CRM solution. For this, you can get a outreach software that integrates with your CRM tool.

Boost Your Sales Using LinkedIn Automation:

Finally, the greatest was saved for last.

Until recently, the majority of the LinkedIn lead generation and sales strategies we’ve discussed have been time-consuming.

You must navigate through the profiles of your prospects, uncover their information, personalize your communications, and more.

While they may appreciate the time and work you put into creating your connection request, this method isn’t particularly scalable.


You’ve made it!

I hope you found this information helpful.

All of the sales approaches and strategies we discussed have been tried and tested by us. And we’re always willing to share our knowledge on what has worked in the past.

If you’re ready to start generating sales and leads, you should be much more prepared to go out and engage with your sales leads.

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