Top Remote Sales Tools for Your Team to Win Sales & Generate More Revenue

the ultimate list of remote sales tools

Are you trying to find the best remote sales tools for your team? Because there are so many apps available, selecting the best tools for your company’s needs can be difficult.

After all, you want tools that make it easier for your sales reps to make more sales and do their best work. Some prefer an all-in-one solution, while others prefer to build a highly customized sales stack by connecting various tools via APIs and integrations.

The Best Remote Sales Tools


Highlighted Feature : LinkedFusion is A Modern LinkedIn Automation Tool that helps you generate LinkedIn leads and upscale your B2B sales.

LinkedFusion is a Cloud-based LinkedIn Automation tool used to generate leads. With LinkedFusion, you can create outreach campaigns as per your market niche requirements. Target different time zones, dedicated IP and measure metrics from multiple campaigns to gain insights of LinkedIn prospects. LinkedFusion also integrates with Zapier, Google Sheet, HubSpot, Salesforce and most CRMs.


Highlighted Feature : Close’s built-in communication features allow your sales reps to spend less time on manual data entry and administration and more time closing deals.

Close CRM solution is a great tool if you are a growing team and trying to scale. Close is ideal for agile, performance-driven remote sales teams who believe in achieving more. Close keeps reps focused on revenue-generating activities by integrating calling, emailing, SMS, and video calls, as well as powerful sales automation features.

Close CRM also offers multiple native integrations with lead generation and sales engagement platforms. Thus, you can use it at its full potential without losing the pace of revenue generation.


Highlighted Feature : The benchmark for large, enterprise-level sales teams

Salesforce is a powerful CRM that handles almost everything related to sales, support, and marketing. This massive toolset includes tons of reporting features for remote teams, allowing sales managers to see exactly what their teams are doing and the results of their efforts, down to the most minute details.

The only drawback is that it will take months for teams that haven’t already been trained to use Salesforce to become fully accustomed to running this beast. Furthermore, if your remote sales team works from different countries, Salesforce may not be for you because their calling options are limited to the United States and Canada

But, once you set up your Salesforce, your team will be able to go remote or work from anywhere without any major disturbance.


Highlighted Feature : CRM that is straightforward and simple to use.

This straightforward CRM does exactly what it should: it allows you to manage leads in your pipeline, track communications, automate administrative tasks, and provide insights into your sales process.

Pipedrive, on the other hand, is best suited for small teams or solopreneurs because it lacks the more robust reporting and outreach features found in other CRMs. Pipedrive is difficult to scale as your remote team grows in size and deals.


Highlighted Feature : CRM spreadsheet with a visual dashboard for free.

Check out SalesTable, the free CRM template for Google Sheets, if you’re just getting started and want a CRM that won’t break the bank. You can log basic lead information and interactions here, as well as effectively collaborate with other members of the sales team.

This template also includes a dashboard that provides a visual representation of the deals in your sales pipeline.


Highlighted Feature : Automatically enriched customer data.

Clearbit provides real-time information about your network and prospects. This tool keeps you up to date on how your leads interact with your website, provides updates about their company or role, and provides easily accessible and enriched data.

This makes it easier for remote sales reps to stay on top of what’s going on in their network without the benefit of regularly rubbing their shoulders with these people.


Highlighted Feature : Affordable browser based extension for prospecting.

Are you looking for leads with an effective solution? Do you need useful, up-to-date contact information? Then you require a prospecting tool such as LeadConnect. It keeps remote sales teams productive by integrating directly with their CRM and automatically updating information without duplicating leads.

You can simply install LeadConnect’s browser based extension on your Chrome and run lead generation campaigns on LinkedIn.


Highlighted Feature : Industry-specific customer profile tools.

To prospect effectively and sell effectively, you must first understand your ideal customer. Profiler is a toolkit that assists you in defining key profiles within your existing customer base, including ICP templates based on your industry and sales style.


Highlighted Feature : Fill lead lists quickly with companies that are currently working with your competitors.

This prospecting tool allows you to look for specific technologies that are being used on websites all over the world. That means you can quickly populate lead lists by searching for websites that use the technology of your competitor.

These lists can also be filtered by technology spend, tech category usage, traffic ranking, usage duration, and more! Another way to search is by keywords, which means you can look for a specific type of business that uses certain types of technology (or even ones that don’t).


Highlighted Feature: Simple email search.

Hunter can assist you in searching for all emails in a company or a specific email address of a prospect. It also includes an email verifier tool for determining whether an email address is still valid.

You can also integrate Hunter API in your tools and fill your sales funnel.

Wrapping up

The goal is to find the tools that best suit your sales process and team’s requirements. Find outreach tools, for example, that work well with the channels where your team has the most success.

Select a communication tool that is appropriate for your team and organization, regardless of whether they prefer synchronous or asynchronous communication. Choose a CRM that is designed to empower remote teams, allowing you to call, send emails, SMS, and hold video meetings without breaking a sweat.