How to Add Promotion to LinkedIn and Notify Your Network?

adding Promotions on LinkedIn

When you get a promotion within same company, one way to add this exiting news. One such way is creating a LinkedIn post of promotion details as it’s a good place to show case your skills and experiences. A job promotion is thrilling for both the individual and the company. There are advantages to letting your network know about new jobs, promotions, or projects you’re working on.

Here are some reasons why you ought to add a promotion to your profile and the steps involved.

Why Should You Add a Job Promotion on LinkedIn Profile?

You should be proud of yourself for getting promoted, and you undoubtedly want to tell your professional network about it. There are two more reasons to add your promotion on LinkedIn in addition to the fact that it is a fantastic platform for it.

It first shows that you are engaged on the platform. It’s acceptable if you don’t enjoy liking or publishing on LinkedIn. However, when hiring managers look for applicants on LinkedIn, they prefer to talk to someone who is involved. They might question whether you made a profile and neglected it if it has zero activity and you have held the same position for years.

A recruiter is more likely to receive their message if they reach out to you since adding your promotion to your LinkedIn profile shows that you are paying attention to your profile even though you don’t use the “social” features of the network.

Second, by including your promotion, you’re getting ready for a potential job search. You won’t need to quickly update your profile if you use LinkedIn Easy apply to apply for a position. And yours is prepared in case you need to download your LinkedIn profile as your resume (it occurs).

What is The Right Time to Post a New Position or Share Your Promotion on LinkedIn?

It’s very natural that you would want to share your new jab and promotion. But, it’s crucial to understand whether doing so would enhance your portfolio.

The best time to post your job promotion on LinkedIn is when all the official documentation process has been completed at the organization you joined.

It’s considerate to wait until your colleagues within the company have been officially informed about your promotion before making the announcement.

You can add the promotion to your LinkedIn page once your coworkers are aware of it, but even then, hold off. Before including a description of your responsibilities and achievements, you might wish to get comfortable in the position for a while.

How Can You Add a Promotion in LinkedIn?

When someone moves at a higher position in the current company or gets a new job, both of these activities come under career advancement. Weather you join a new job or get a promotion both the activities have their merits and demerits. Therefore, it’s on you weather you want to notify people about it or not.

While deciding whether to do notify people or not it’s best to ask these two questions. Following are the questions that you should ask :

  • Will it create a positive impact and add value to your experience section?
  • How will your new promotion highlight your accomplishments and duties on your connections?

Now that you know when you should update your promotion or a new job. Let’s see how you can update it on LinkedIn.

  • Click on the “View Profile”.
linkedin promotion view profile
  • Go to the Experience section and click on the “+” icon then click on the “Add position”
linkedin promotion add position
  • You will see the option to Add experience where you can add your promotion or new job.
  • When you change the employment status it’s essential that you mention all the job details like start and finish date, location and company name. 
linkedin promotion add experience

It’s crucial to think carefully about when to announce your promotion to your network. Generally speaking, it’s essential to let them know if you get a substantial promotion, such as when you take on new tasks or become the department head. On the other hand, it’s preferable to hold off alerting them if there aren’t many changes to your position. Additionally, pay attention when turning on the notification feature to prevent annoying your connections with pointless updates.

Why Should Add Your Promotion with Your Network on LinkedIn Website?

Your employment chances and networking opportunities may be significantly impacted by updating your LinkedIn profile. Here are some advantages to consider.

1. Increased exposure in job searches

When you announce a promotion on LinkedIn or you’re a new job on LinkedIn it reflects very positively on your Linked profile. As your current position showcases exposure in pertinent job searches can be raised by updating your work history or adding a promotion, making it simpler for potential employers to find you.

2. Increased networking possibilities

You may grow your network and make connections with other professionals in your organization or industry by upgrading your profile. Your current job title can give you chances for cooperation, mentoring, and career growth may result from this. You may build a solid reputation inside your network by displaying your abilities and accomplishments. Therefore, you should announce your new job status.

3. It displays your abilities and accomplishments.

LinkedIn is a great way to post about your promotion or share your new job title as it is one of the biggest social media platforms for professionals. Updating your work history can result in promotions and acknowledgment for your effort, commitment, and subject-matter competence. This recognition might make you stand out from your peers and show prospective employers how valuable you are.

4. Aids in maintaining contact with your network of professionals.

When create a post on LinkedIn to announce your promotion on LinkedIn or new job position try and add images to make your post more appealing. Adding promotion on LinkedIn to update your profile to share the news with your network shows your career progression.

Additionally, maintaining an up-to-date LinkedIn profile can be beneficial for staying connected with your professional network and staying informed about industry trends. It helps you remain current in your current role and positions you for potential career opportunities in the future.


When you add a new role or create post mentioning the change in your current job on your LinkedIn account, it is best to follow the tip we have discussed above.

Whether you want to add a new position or share the news of change in the job position posting it on LinkedIn will positively impact your experiences section. Keeping you experience section updated helps your connections know you better. While updating your new title or job role is existing do not forget to check the details of your previous position as it equally adds value to your profile.