How to Promote your brand using Linkedin

promote brand linkedin

LinkedIn is one of the most popular social media platforms that is focused on jobs and employment. Its main use is to market one’s self or their business/brand to interested prospects. Over the years it has evolved to become better at providing its services.

Nowadays people can use LinkedIn to find jobs, hire people, and network with others in the trade. As of 2023, LinkedIn has around 875 million members and almost 75 million organizations. Due to such a large number of users, it is a great place to promote your own brand. 

In this article, we will take a look at some things you can do to promote your brand on LinkedIn.

1. Create a LinkedIn Page

A LinkedIn page is a public page that can be followed by any LinkedIn user regardless of whether they are connected with the creator of the page or not. This is in direct contrast with LinkedIn profiles which you cannot interact with unless you’re connected.

Linked Fusion Profile

You should optimize the appearance of the page with a good cover photo. This photo can contain your brand’s slogan or some message that your brand strives to follow. Since appearances are important for first impressions, you should not ignore them, and make your page look as good as possible.

A LinkedIn page is great for improving the exposure of your brand on LinkedIn. Since a page can be viewed by many people, it is a great place to share what’s new with your brand, what are some of your popular services and what kind of exciting things are you working on.

You can also advertise your products and services on your page. You can also use it for stuff like conducting surveys or listening to feedback which is always appreciated by customers.

2. Join Groups Related to Your Niche

LinkedIn has its fair share of groups just like most social media out there. You can use it to join groups that are interested in the sort of services/products that your brand provides.

In these groups, you can do some personal marketing. If you join a group, you can talk to all the people in it without having to connect with them. This allows you to interact with people and give them advice.

Join Groups Related to Your Niche

This personal interaction with your prospective customers and business partners is a great method of promoting your brand. This kind of interaction can also give you a lot of insight into their wants and needs.

You want to see the following things during these interactions :

  • what they are lamenting about
  • what kinds of things do they want from the current services
  • what they think could be improved with the current services
  • Things they think you should add to your brand

This kind of valuable data will help you immensely. You can utilize it to reach your prospective audience and fulfill their demands.

Of course, since they are on LinkedIn, they will sing your praises on LinkedIn as well. That way you will get some positive impressions and more people will come to your brand for solutions.

3. Optimize Your Pages, Profiles, and Content for Search

Of course, searching and promotion are always linked together. People search for things, and brands try to appear in their searches. And of course, where searching is involved, there will be keywords.

To expand the outreach of your content and profile, you must properly utilize keywords. The keywords must be related to your brand because using irrelevant keywords can have negative effects.

Optimize Social Media Profile

You should use the keywords in the following places.

For your profile :

  • The experience section
  • The skills sections
  • The summary section

For your content, you want to use keywords in the following places :

  • in your headlines 
  • slightly throughout your content.

Additionally, you want to utilize hashtags for your content as well. This requires researching hashtags and checking their volume i.e., how many people are watching these tags. You just want to add three to five tags, of varying volumes. This will bring in both “casually browsing” people as well as serious buyers.

Using these methods will ensure that your profile, pages, and content show up in the relevant searches on LinkedIn. These are some of the most useful methods of promoting your brand on LinkedIn.

4. Create and Post Quality Content

Of course, you knew it, we knew it, and everybody who has ever dipped their toes into digital marketing knew it; content marketing. We already discussed hashtags for your content, so you probably knew this was coming sooner or later.

You may well know, that you can publish content on LinkedIn for free. This published content is a great method of attracting people to your brand. If your article is really good, it will be indexed by Google. That means you will be able to attract attention from outside of LinkedIn and most of it will be organic traffic.

Post Quality Content

Of course, you will also be able to get traffic from LinkedIn as well. To ensure that your content does its job and gets people to engage with your brand, make sure that it is clear and comprehensible. This can be achieved by paraphrasing your draft and replacing any and all difficult words and phrases.

To be more productive, you can actually do it with a paraphrasing tool instead of yourself as that is less time-consuming, and efficient. That’s because paraphrasers can identify difficult words/phrases, and replace them with simpler synonyms appropriately.

5. Share Articles of Other People on Your Page

This is a really effortless method of promoting your brand on LinkedIn. You see, the thing is that LinkedIn’s search algorithm does not discount external links. If you are using links to articles from other websites, LinkedIn is happy to count them in your favor so long as it is relevant and useful.

Share Articles

So, use this opportunity to link really useful and informative articles of both yourself, and other people on your LinkedIn page, profile, and content. You can further supplement this method of promotion by tagging the author of the articles. There is no telling, but they could promote your own content on their network and you will get some promotion out of it.


Utilizing LinkedIn is a hefty task, and it can be quite cumbersome to deal with to scale your outreach continuously. However, after reading this article, you should have a good idea of where to start if you want to use it for brand promotion.

We discussed five tips some of which directly utilize LinkedIn, while some utilize factors external to it. If you apply these techniques correctly, you should have a lot of success on LinkedIn regarding brand promotion.