Master LinkedIn Search | Find your target audience

How to search better on LinkedIn

In the professional world, through LinkedIn, you can reach out to a specific target audience. Generally, influencers, decision-makers, and executives act as new opportunities. You can combine targeting criteria to organize your ideal personas, such as IT decision-makers, C-level executives, prospective students, small business owners, and more.

For B2B (Business to Business) marketers, make-or-break is an effective targeting strategy. Without aligning content and ads of the marketing strategy with the target audience, it becomes worthless and costly.

LinkedIn is profoundly facilitating the market to hit the highest number of target audiences and avoid transferring the right content to the wrong audience. Though the new playbook of LinkedIn is very helpful for marketers.

Through this article, we have described important aspects regarding mastering the LinkedIn search, and you can hit them.

Focus On Real Professional Data

The database of LinkedIn is differentiated due to members of LinkedIn receiving professional reasons to keep their profiles factual and updated. Therefore, to target the right audience, you need to focus on the demographics of the target audience, such as job title, company, industry, seniority, and many more.

LinkedIn Audience Network

This network supports you in reaching millions of professionals across the globe on the LinkedIn network of publishers.

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A Primer on Targeting & Reaching to Right Audiences on LinkedIn

The LinkedIn professional platform develops a community of more than 700 million professionals across the globe. So, why not use the tools and other strategies of LinkedIn to increase the circle of your audience?

Fundamentals of LinkedIn

Before you begin to leverage the target tools of LinkedIn for reaching out to the ideal audience, you need to know who will want to be part of your reach.

Review the profiles of some members who can become your target audience and hence, give special attention to their endorsed skills, current and past positions and other accomplishments.

LinkedIn has 61 million senior-level influencers and 65 million decision-makers on Linkedin According to calculations, 34% of young millennials (19-25) and 41% of older millennials (26-35) have the strength to make decisions.

Strategies And Tips to Target

After you understand your target audience and have a solid grasp of it, you can start working on the tools and techniques to target the audience.

  • Integrate one or more than one targeting parameters to improve the accuracy. For instance, you might want to target a specific job function and on seniority level as it helps in improving persuasion. Use search filters to refine the data.
  • You can use interest targeting and groups targeting fields that would help you in comprehending unique professional interests and preferences. The more you understand the needs and preferences of your prospects and customers, the more you can resonate and differentiate.
  • For this, you can use a general rule of initiating from broad to narrowing down the list according to the scope and objectives of the campaigns. You can take a minimum of 300 members for launching the LinkedIn campaign, and 50,000 for maximum efficiency.
  • You don’t need to initiate from scratch while building the target audience on LinkedIn. These points mentioned below will help you in understanding more about it:

Start your LinkedIn campaign with the existing list of contacts or accounts and upload all into the Campaign Manager to target all of these. Use another source (from data integration partners) for getting more databases regarding the customer or prospect.

You can use the retargeting feature on LinkedIn and establish a list of audiences who frequently visit your website and are involved with your Video Advertisements and Lead Gen Forms. It is very easy to convert the members into your target audience who are already interested in your brand and objectives.

  • After a specific audience, you can also use Lookalike audiences to expand your reach and improve the outcome of the campaign. Lookalike audiences will help in bringing out information from existing prospects and customers and support building the highest-quality prospects and increasing the list automatically based on key similarities.
  • Another important tool in the world of LinkedIn is Audience Expansion. Audience Expansion will help you in enhancing the reach of your LinkedIn campaign by showing your ads to audiences which have similar traits to your target audience. For instance, if your campaign targets members with the skill ‘Online Advertising.’ Audience Expansion would help you in increasing the list of the target audience who have listed ‘Interactive Marketing’ on their LinkedIn profile. It means you can find new customers with new traits and attract them to your marketing funnel. You can use the following parameters: Job Experience, Education, Filmographies, Interest, Matched Audiences, Demographics, etc.

Dos and Don'ts

Before executing all the strategies, adhere to to-dos and don’ts in your LinkedIn marketing campaign and optimize the campaign fully.

The Do’s

  • Keep your page professional : Your professional page must have all the useful information and have what you have to offer to prospects. Use a good quality image and update the page regularly.
  • Put proper attention to the audience : Always keep on track of the people talking regarding your brand, products, services, competition or industry.
  • Create variations regularly : Always trying to alter the content of your page based on format, engagement time, etc. Offer something different to your target audience.

The Don’ts

  • Don’t Focus on Selling : Always focus on sea pitches rather than selling the product. Use different types of appeals to grab the attention of the audience.
  • Don’t Forget to Join Industry-Specific Groups : After your profile and reputation of your page, you need to join important groups and become an active member of the group.

Bonus Tip: Use Automation Tool for LinkedIn Outreach

Once you search the right prospects on the LinkedIn search, you can copy the URL to your LinkedFusion account and run outreach sequences. With LinkedFusion, you can run messaging sequences as well as new connection sequences.

By maintaining all the safety limits, LinkedFusion will be able to reach out to the right prospects on LinkedIn as your personal assistant and help you save your time.


Hence, understanding your target audience according to your campaign preferences is LinkedIn has proposed many tools and tactics to learn more about them and bring an outcome with a higher success rate.

With a proper goal and automation tool, you will be able to master the LinkedIn search and get the most ROI possible.