The Ultimate Guide to LinkedIn Videos


Are you someone wanting to explore LinkedIn video marketing to generate leads for your sales pipeline?

LinkedIn has a huge pool of audiences to find the prospects, who are in need of the product and services that you offer. There are 141 million people that login every single day on the platform. With the rising popularity of videos being used to reach out to your audiences on LinkedIn it is essential that you keep up with the trend. LinkedIn video gives you the opportunity to get more engagement with your audiences.

In this blog, we will explore ways in which you can generate leads with LinkedIn video marketing and grow organically. Additionally, we have also provided you with some linkedin video marketing tips to boost your engagement.

Why Should You Integrate Video in Your Marketing Strategy?

A significant portion of the LinkedIn content is experienced in video. Their ability to draw viewers’ attention in feeds has been demonstrated, and that audience is 20 times more likely to share videos than any other post.

Engaging senior influencers and C-suite decision-makers is also a key tactic, and LinkedIn is quickly emerging as one of their most reliable sources of video content. Sharing videos in the LinkedIn feeds directly from your phone is simple thanks to LinkedIn’s video sharing tool.

On desktops, laptops, or tablets, you can edit videos and upload them. To have the video stories, interviews, and other information you publish on YouTube play automatically in your browser, you can share URLs to such videos on LinkedIn.

What Are the Types of Videos That You Can Post on Linkedin?

We’ll examine the many video formats available on LinkedIn, how they relate to your networking strategy, and the best practices for publishing each one. The kinds of videos we’ll discuss are as follows :

  1. LinkedIn Native Videos
  2. LinkedIn Video Ads
  3. LinkedIn Embedded Videos
  4. LinkedIn Company Page Videos
  1. Native Videos on LinkedIn :

    Videos that you post on your LinkedIn timeline are known as LinkedIn Native Videos. Videos may be produced professionally or may simply be taken with a phone and put online. By selecting the video from your files after clicking the video icon in your feed, you can upload a LinkedIn Native Video. Native Videos often receive more impressions and engagements since LinkedIn’s algorithms give them priority. LinkedIn shares videos with other users, even those outside of your network, more frequently the more users interact with your Native Video. A wonderful option for showing your knowledge, brand, or goods is a LinkedIn Native Video. You may enhance brand awareness, increase your exposure, and expand your business by producing an engaging Native Video.

  2. LinkedIn Video Ads, Second :

    The sponsored advertising campaigns known as LinkedIn Video Ads show up in the LinkedIn feed. Since they frequently receive more impressions and engagements, they are typically corporate videos intended to raise brand exposure and lead generation.

  3. Videos Embedded on LinkedIn :

    The majority of businesses publish videos to video sharing sites like Vimeo or YouTube and then link to those videos on LinkedIn. A video can be embedded on a pulse post or in an update. Videos embedded on LinkedIn appear in the newsfeed exactly as they do on the original posting platform. Usually, the player’s original caption is towards the bottom.

  4. Videos on the LinkedIn Company Page :

    LinkedIn Company Page Videos are, as the name implies, videos that businesses upload on their business pages. 2018 saw the introduction of company page videos, which have been incredibly successful in generating leads and raising brand recognition. LinkedIn claims that compared to other types of content, Company Page Videos are five times more likely to start a discussion among users. One piece of advice is to make sure the videos aren’t merely a sales pitch and instead offer value to your fans.

How Can You Grow Organically with Your Video Marketing?

There are two different video default options that can be used on LinkedIn these are :

  1. You can shoot the video through LinkedIn Camera on your smartphone.
  2. You can upload a ready made video clip.

One thing to keep in mind is that LinkedIn is more friendly to the content that you post as compared to the channel that you have on the platform. To ensure a long life of the video that you have created, ensure that your content is engaging. The more people engage with your content the longer is the lifetime of your video. LinkedIn pulls the content of the small and medium- size businesses that will help them to gain organic traction on the social media platform. To keep your account relevant it’s best that you engage on the platform as LinkedIn registers all your user behavior.

How to Go About Video Marketing on LinkedIn?

When you want to generate leads on the platform first you should know the stages that are included in the customer journey. Following are the step that are included in the customer journey:

Stage 1 :
Awareness stage – In this stage spark people’s curiosity about the product and your company.

Stage 2 :
Consideration stage – Now that the customer knows about the product/ solution that you offer to them. Make sure that they think that the solutions that you offer are the best in the industry.

Stage 3 :
Conversion stage – In the last stage you need them you take the appropriate action like purchasing your product or considering your offers so that you can convert them into a permanent client.

Now that you know all the stages of connection with the prospect, let’s see how you can integrate them into your video marketing.

  • Post Videos Related to Events :

    You can use clips to invite people to your workshop or conference. It has two advantages. Customers who are interested in your business will probably discover about and attend your event.

  • Showcase the Features of Your Product :

    You can demonstrate your brand’s flagship or newest product while introducing your company to the LinkedIn network. Describe its mechanism of operation and the issues it is intended to address.
    When potential customers first learn about your business, it’s time to improve their perceptions of your brand.

  • Create Tutorials or Hack Videos :

    The finest platform for exchanging skills is LinkedIn. Promote the expertise of your staff by creating informative videos.
    Make an effort to be in the moment when recording your videos. The company’s professionals can talk about recent developments in the sector and provide tips on new market regulations. You can also invite well-known people to the conversation.
    Never be afraid to advertise your product with videos that show how it resolves a customer’s issue. Potential leads are in an instructional state of mind at this stage. They are ravenous for any
    and all information about your business. A lead generation strategy has a better likelihood of success if users are kept happy.
    Linking in the caption to the detailed guidelines or check lists on your website or landing pages is also beneficial. To share is to care!

  • Encourage LinkedIn Users to Buy :

    In the closing stages of the sales funnel, you must turn prospects into paying customers. Try to convince them of the benefits of doing business with you, the advantages of purchasing right
    now, and the simplicity of signing up for a free trial or making a purchase on your website.

  • To Manage Rejections, Shoot the FAQ :

    Another successful method of lead generation on LinkedIn is to respond to frequently asked inquiries about your product or service. The list of inquiries that your prospects make most frequently may
    be available to your sales staff. Make a script out of it for your video using it.
    On LinkedIn, video posts receive three times more interaction than regular text posts.
    There is a good likelihood that individuals may continue to query you or begin debating your claims in the comments. Try to be convincing in your responses; you might be able to persuade them and convert them to qualified leads later on.

  • re Case Studies and Customer Feedback :

    Video case studies and testimonials have a strong emotional impact on viewers, making them incredibly convincing. Seeing and hearing someone increases our trust in them.
    As social proof for your target audience, use videos highlighting the good experiences of your consumers. Remember to include a prominent CTA in the caption.

What Sources Are There for Subjects for LinkedIn Videos?

  1. Use authentic video footage that is timeless and from other sites. Make videos (of no more than three minutes) from extended webinars, speeches, and significant corporate events to publish over the next few weeks on your LinkedIn page.
  2. Launch competitive intelligence. Follow your rivals to keep tabs on their LinkedIn activities for clever idea theft. Expand the search to include adjacent businesses and industries if your brand is unique and innovative. 
  3. Look up resources for questions and answers. Look through Quora and Reddit threads frequently to base your content strategy on frequently asked questions and trending topics before the enthusiasm fades.

How can you generate more leads using video marketing?

Now that you know ways in which you can generate leads. Let’s know some of the best practice that can significantly improve your video marketing :
  1. Think out of the box to provide value to your audiences.
  2. Save audiences time by taking effective shorts.
  3. You can easily try different video content styles and optimize your strategy around those videos that drive the most engagement. Being consistent with video content will also drive up your campaign. LinkedInFusion, a LinkedIn automation tool can help you with that. 
  4. The ability to upload videos straight from your phone invites you to be more flexible and creative about the role it plays in your content strategy. It also enables you to turn around video content quickly to help set the agenda around news and events. 
  5. The chances of engagement increases significantly when your video is designed to deliver a good viewing experience on a phone. If your video does not require a full landscape format, consider capturing it as vertical video instead – as it will save you more time as they would not have to twist their phone to watch the videos. 
  6. It’s important that you are consistent with either the horizontal or vertical and don’t change your mind half way. 
  7. Be professional with the videos. It’s important for a better viewing experience. For the stability of the videos use a tripod and to get a clear sound use microphones.  
  8. To make your video more engaging, invest some time in learning some simple video editing techniques as this will help you to control the pace and the length of your films. You can start by downloading a free trial of Camtasia and watch the tutorial on the same. 
  9. Ensure that your videos have subtitles as many people that watch the video on phone or on laptop prefer to keep the voice off.   
  10. Don’t shy away from being creative. There is a bigger possibility that you may engage on the platform after their working hours so making your content humorous and creative will increase the chances of your target audiences to engage with your content.  Edit this a bit considering this point. But remember to not overdo it. 
  11. Make your video with the appropriate time length. If your video is too small then it would not have any lasting impact on the audiences and if it is too long then they might scroll down. In both cases you will not get the intended result. 
  12.  Use the initial 6 sec of the blog to entice your audiences. Design hooks to capture people and give your audiences a gist of what to expect in your video. 
  13. Break your video into the shorter, focused chapters that can be shared in sequences on LinkedIn. Doing this you allow the LinkedIn algorithms to optimize your campaign around the best-performing content. 
  14.  Don’t just depend on the video to generate leads and interact with your audience. Although videos are an entertaining way to connect with your audience, it’s important that you use text to introduce, tease and frame the content that you’re sharing.

What should you avoid when you are doing video marketing on LinkedIn?

  1. Prefer to post your video directly to LinkedIn instead of using external links to some other video host
  2. Know the right tone of your LinkedIn post with respect to your target audiences
  3. Having a defined ratio with the as a neat linkedIn video look is visually appealing
  4. Don’t restrict yourself to just the audio, create curiosity by changing the scene. According to the LinkedIn marketing team it is estimated that if you change four or more scenes in the initial 3 seconds of the video then your CTR can be raced by 19%.

Video Format for LinkedIn

  • Video File Size : 75 KB (min) – 200 MB (max)
  • Video Duration : 3 seconds – 30 minutes
  • Video Captions: Optional
  • Video Sound Rate : Less than 64 KHz
  • Minimum width : 360 pixels
  • Maximum width : 1920 pixels
  • Minimum height : 360 pixels
  • Maximum height : 1920 pixels
  • Minimum aspect ratio : 9:16 (0.563)
  • Maximum aspect ratio : 16:9 (1.778)

Text Recommendations

  • Ad name (optional) : 255 characters
  • Headline : 70 characters. Maximum of 200 characters
  • Introductory text : 150 characters. Maximum of 600 characters

Call To Action Options

  • Apply
  • Download
  • View Quote
  • Learn More
  • Sign Up
  • Subscribe
  • Register
  • Join
  • Attend
  • Request Demo

URL Requirements

  • Landing page URL : Required
  • URL prefix : http:// or https://
  • URL characters : 2000 characters for destination field URL

Conclusion :

The following points that we have discussed in the above blog will help you generate valuable leads. Automation can help you be more consistent with your video marketing. Once the leads are generated LinkedFusion a LinkedIn automation tool will help you export their data to your CRM and run campaigns on the platform with efficiency. Run campaigns at scale without your account getting banned on LinkedIn.