Social Selling on LinkedIn How to Use LinkedIn for Sales?

linkedin social selling

LinkedIn is often the only platform that helps sales reps get new business, even while Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat are useful resources for learning more about your prospect’s hobbies and personality, warming them up before you reach out, and developing your subject matter expertise. But they are no match for B2B selling.

You are already falling behind the competition if you aren’t using LinkedIn for online prospecting. It offers abundant opportunities for B2B marketing, mutually beneficial relationships, and competitive analysis. You simply won’t get the outcomes you want if you don’t use its outstanding array of networking options in your routine. Continue reading to boost your sales using LinkedIn.

Why You Should Be Using LinkedIn Profile for Sales?

LinkedIn provides you with a huge selection for identifying your target audiences thanks to its 690+ million users. And if you’re still on the fence about using LinkedIn for sales prospecting, consider that around 30 million businesses already use the site, which means hundreds of your potential customers do as well.

It provides the best chance for generating B2B leads.

Compared to Twitter and Facebook, LinkedIn has a visitor-to-lead conversation rate of which is three times greater. The majority of platform users are business-focused; hence LinkedIn has a more concentrated target market for B2B businesses.

It provides entry to leading decision-makers.

Contracting the incorrect individual is critical in sales. You can reach out to the appropriate people on LinkedIn who will have a say in company decisions. In actuality, 40 million members of LinkedIn are decision-makers and 61 million are senior-level influencers.

Through your authority, it encourages sales.

The fact that 94% of B2B marketers utilize LinkedIn as a medium for content exchange shouldn’t come as a surprise. It is relied upon by users to ask for expert assistance, get product suggestions, and get clarification on issues. Therefore, you can establish trusting relationships with your prospects by offering worthwhile content and responding to comments. Your chances of making sales will therefore increase as a result.

What Is Social Selling on LinkedIn?

Using a brand’s social media channels to communicate with potential leads and establish connections with prospects is known as social selling. Think of social selling as contemporary relationship-building to understand how effective it can be in helping firms attain their sales goals. You are already practicing the fundamentals of social selling if your brand has a Facebook Business Page, LinkedIn page, Twitter profile, or is active on any other network.

Social selling can be used by any type of business. Social networking can be a very helpful tool for building relationships with prospects whether you’re a large corporation or a small business, whether you sell jet skis or homemade granola.

How Can You Use Social Selling Index to Boost Your Sales?

The effectiveness of a brand’s social selling initiatives is gauged using the social selling index (SSI), a metric.

In 2014, LinkedIn first introduced the idea of SSI. The LinkedIn SSI calculates a score by combining four factors. Daily updates are made.

It determines if you are :

  • Creating a strong professional identity with a LinkedIn profile that is well-maintained.
  • Selecting the appropriate users for the platform.
  • Sharing stuff that inspires discussion and is relevant.
  • Establishing and fostering partnerships.

Log into your account and go to your LinkedIn Social Selling Index dashboard to see your LinkedIn SSI score. Consider your score as a place to start as you work to enhance your social selling performance.

You may connect honestly with an audience that is already interested in what you have to offer and share relevant information with them at the appropriate moment. Authenticity fosters trust, which can develop into customer loyalty.

How Can You Create Value Through Regular Content Creation?

It’s not only about selling in the realm of sales prospecting. Additionally, it’s about providing value to your LinkedIn contacts and prospects. Regularly creating material that appeals to the target audience is one approach to add value to your prospects and contacts on LinkedIn.

Developing Captivating Industry Trend Posts

Share postings about industry trends to stay informed. Be the savvy one who is aware of the developments in your industry. Your potential customers will regard you as an informed source and may even strike up a dialogue with you. Who knew that being in style could be so lucrative?

Engaging Audience Through Sharing Thoughtful Insights

How Can You Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile? 

If you think you’ve made your LinkedIn profile stand out, reconsider your assumptions. I beg you to take a quick second look at the matter. Many people think that keeping a professional demeanor on their LinkedIn profile will be quite beneficial. But that’s false! Whether the goal is to build your brand, attract clients, or land your dream job, an optimized LinkedIn profile will benefit you and deliver the result you want.

We’ve provided a list of many best practices that will help you enhance your foundational LinkedIn profile.

  • Update your profile regularly.
  • Request a referral.
  • Use personal profile picture.
  • Create a unique URL for you at
  • Follow those who work in your sector.
  • Share the blog posts and articles you’ve written.
  • Don’t use jargon in your profile.
  • For greater reach, including hashtags in your posts.
  • You should include some of your most popular posts.

If you want to know the section where your profile is lacking, then you can use free LinkedIn profile checker tool to get your profile checked.

How Does LinkedIn Sales Navigator Work?  

LinkedIn Sales Navigator works by leveraging the extensive user database if LinkedIn to provide you with relevant and accurate lead information. It combines advanced algorithms, data analysis, and user input to deliver precise and accurate results for your LinkedIn lead generation efforts.

LinkedIn sales navigator offers a feature called Lead Recommendations. Based on your search history, mutual connections, job titles and interactions, the platform suggests potential leads that match your target audience.

Go beyond trends and offer insightful commentary. Pose inquiries that compel thought. Demonstrate to potential clients that you are aware of their issues and passions. Be the perceptive guru they can’t help but follow.

Consistency is crucial in this situation since it will keep you at the top of your connections’ minds and establish you as a subject-matter authority. But keep in mind that when creating and distributing material on LinkedIn, you should always be authentic and priorities quality over quantity.

Use apps like Buffer or Hootsuite to help speed this procedure. These platforms allow you to schedule posts in advance so that keeping up a continuous presence doesn’t have to consume your entire day.

How to Use LinkedIn for Sales Prospecting?

When you are searching for the prospects on LinkedIn sales professionals can find prospects in LinkedIn group, search results, and more. Below are the ways you can use LinkedIn for sales prospecting.

1) Examine the networks of rivals

Remember these two facts when using LinkedIn for business :

  • Your potential customers are already working with your rivals.
  • Businesses consistently “steal” prospects

It doesn’t imply that you should conduct yourself unethically by making cold calls and disparaging your competitors. Instead, you can look up the profiles of the salespeople who work for your rivals’ competitors and browse the prospects they are associated with. It’s now your turn to shine. Show what value you can give that your competitors lack to demonstrate your competitive edge.

2) Check out "People Who Also Viewed"

Find the People Also Viewed sidebar on the right by visiting the profile of your potential consumer. You will see other users who are comparable to your contact. By doing so, you may establish connections with a number of prospects who fit your buyer persona.

3) View the interactions made with your post.

You can always see who has interacted with your posts, regardless of the account you use. Find Post & Activity by selecting it from the dropdown menu under your profile. You’ll see a feed of all the posts you’ve shared, and interactions people have had with them. You can view recent followers by selecting the “Followers” option in the left sidebar.

4) Execute a Boolean search

In order to prospect on LinkedIn, you can utilize a Boolean search that combines keywords with the AND, NOT, and OR search operators. A quick guide on Boolean search logic is provided below :

In order to prospect on LinkedIn, you can utilize a Boolean search that combines keywords with the AND, NOT, and OR search operators. A quick guide on Boolean search logic is provided below :

Type the word NOT (in all capital letters) before a search term to eliminate it from your search results, for example, “manager NOT specialist.” This will help you focus your search.

OR search: By providing alternatives, this operator will expand the scope of your search results. Enter “marketing OR sales OR support” in the search box to view results that include one or more elements from a list.

Type the word AND (all capital letters) to show results that include every item in a list, for instance, “manager AND specialist AND recruiter.” You will nevertheless automatically receive results that contain all of the terms you have mentioned even if you don’t enter AND.

How to Build Relationship with Prospects on LinkedIn?

Establishing sincere connections is essential for LinkedIn sales prospecting success. It’s time to contact and engage with your potential leads once you’ve identified them.

The significance of customizing messages. When contacting prospects, a personalized message might be the difference between success and failure. They will be more likely to respond favorably since it demonstrates that you have taken the time to comprehend their requirements and interests.

Engage with your prospects frequently by linking to them, leaving comments on their postings, or offering pertinent stuff that they could find valuable. Being a valuable resource and adding value should be your primary goals rather than just selling your goods or services. Be a resourceful person and add value. Consider yourself the LinkedIn equivalent of Batman, ready to save the day by swooping in with insightful advice.

LinkedFusion is a lead creation and sales prospecting solution that was created expressly for this purpose. It keeps authenticity while automating some relationship-building processes, such delivering mass personalized messages. It is comparable to having a personal assistant who can enhance your prospects.

Best Practices for Cold Messaging Using LinkedIn

If used properly, cold messaging on LinkedIn may revolutionize your sales prospecting. The secret is to follow the best practices and make good use of LinkedIn’s capabilities.

Use LinkedIn's Search Alerts for these advantages

The initial step is to look into reliable outreach strategies. Search notifications on LinkedIn are a great resource for this, reminding you of new profiles that match your stored searches. This keeps you informed of potential leads that match the characteristics of your ideal client.

Tips for Using the InMail Feature

When sending InMail’s during the real cold messaging process, it’s crucial to keep your tone approachable and open. Here are a few advice :

  • Personalize Your Message : Always adapt your message to the profile details or recent activity of the receiver.
  • Avoid Salesy Language : Avoid using overly pushy language while talking to potential customers.
  • Genuine Interest : Before proposing anything, show genuine interest in the other person’s work or accomplishments to build rapport.

In addition to these methods, keep in mind that time is also very important. To determine when individuals are most likely to respond favorably, try testing with various times of day and days of the week.

Although LinkedIn offers fantastic tools like InMail for direct contact with prospects, be careful not to abuse them as it may result in account limits in accordance with LinkedIn’s fair usage policy.

Conclusion :

For sales prospecting, LinkedIn is a gold mine, and this blog post will teach you how to strike it rich. Utilize rival networks, use Google’s Boolean search to find prospects, and use personalized communications to establish connections. Deliver value by regularly producing new material and use LinkedIn Sales Navigator to locate your target clients. And everything you do, personalize your connection requests to prevent “pitch slapping”.