LinkedIn Skill Endorsement: What Is It and How Can You Do It?

LinkedIn endorsement how to

Do you know you can increase your visibility by letting other people endorse the skills that you have mentioned in your profile?

If you are someone who uses your personal LinkedIn page as a landing page for lead generation, then getting endorsements for your skills will increase your credibility.

A LinkedIn user can increase their chances of getting a job or lead from their LinkedIn profile by requesting a recommendation on LinkedIn. If you have endorsed someone’s skill, you can ask them to return the favor. You can get up to 50 skill recommendations on LinkedIn.

The number of endorsements on LinkedIn for certain skills reflects the proficiency of the skill you possess. Ask for endorsements on LinkedIn from your friends and colleagues.

According to LinkedIn, if you mention more than five skills, you have more chances to rank highly in the search results and have 17x more profile views.

Doing this lets you optimize the SEO of the profile. When someone views your profile, it’s hard to trust them. But if other people have already endorsed the skills, then it increases your credibility.

This post will discuss how to ask for and recommend someone. Let’s check out the content of this blog:

  • Ways to endorse another person on LinkedIn and how to get the same from the other person.
  • Some of the tactics to get endorsements on LinkedIn.
  • The difference between a LinkedIn endorsement and a recommendation.

Continue reading to boost your LinkedIn profile.

What Is LinkedIn Skill Endorsement?

A good technique to acknowledge any professional capabilities that you have observed your connections exhibit is to recommend their abilities. You might be prompted to comment on your recommendations and skill set. You can maintain solid relationships with the people in your network by endorsing your coworkers.

When a link recommends your talents, it strengthens your profile and raises the chance that you’ll be found for opportunities that fit your skill set.

Simply conceal the talent endorsement if one of your connections recommends your skill but you don’t want to acknowledge it. To stop further endorsements from your connections, you can choose not to receive any.

When Should You Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

One thing needs to be done before you start supporting individuals on LinkedIn and get endorsements in return :

  • Optimize the remainder of your LinkedIn profile first.
  • Even while your qualifications and recommendations are crucial, the remainder of your profile must be flawless.
  • This covers the other profile elements as well as your profile picture, backdrop cover, tagline, and summary.

How Can You Get Endorsement on LinkedIn?

You can recommend someone on LinkedIn by clicking the arrow next to the particular talent you wish to recommend them for in the ‘Skills & Endorsements’ section of their profile.

Are you unsure about when to give someone your support?

It’s also a simple!

If you’ve collaborated with someone and believe they possess the specific skills mentioned in their profile, it’s a beneficial practice to provide them with a reference. This holds particularly true if they are a friend or coworker. Having a private conversation with them offers you the opportunity to formally request their assistance. Implementing this practice within your team can help nurture relationships and garner valuable feedback.

On LinkedIn, endorsing someone does not guarantee that they will automatically endorsing you in return. When you endorse someone on LinkedIn there is no sure that they would do the same.

So, what can you do to get endorsed by the other person?

  • 1) Support other professionals

    Commence by endorsing your closest friends and coworkers, as was previously said. You are more likely to receive a favor in return from those you know the best. You should recommend these coworkers based on the abilities they have proven when collaborating with you. And if you’re unsure of which talents to recommend them for, start with their strongest attributes. Most likely, they’ve also ranked their most useful abilities highest.

  • 2) Produce and distribute content

    Consistently posting material is one of the finest strategies to promote your profile.

    Write articles, add your thoughts to ongoing discussions, get mentioned in stories, and more. If you want endorsements, you may even include a call to action (CTA) at the end of your piece asking readers to recommend you for your writing abilities if they liked it (as an example).

  • 3) Recruit the support of your contacts

    The most straightforward and reliable method of increasing endorsements is through this.

    You only need to ask.

    You want others to be aware of your qualifications and qualities. Therefore, if you are acquainted with them, think about contacting them and seeking advice. However, you shouldn’t just bombard your contacts with generic “please endorse me” letters since this will increase the likelihood that they won’t read your request for a recommendation of your abilities.

    In the event that you contact too many people who do not reply, LinkedIn may suspend your account. These are a few methods for promoting your abilities on LinkedIn. There are more ways in which you can grow your endowments and recommendations.

How to Endorse Someone on LinkedIn?

You can endorse the skills that are already listed on someone’s profile of your first-degree connection on LinkedIn. Here’s is how can endorse someone’s skill on LinkedIn :

  • Go to the profile of the 1st degree connection.
  • Scroll down to the Skill section of your connection there you see the option to “Endorse” the skill set.
Endorse Someone on LinkedIn

Difference Between LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations

Endorsements are basically people who visit your profile and add an endorsement after recognising you for a skill. Other than considering someone and wishing to help them, they hardly demand any effort. Nevertheless, they serve that person’s branding purposes very well.

Recommendations are entirely distinct because they have an own section. They also demand that your connection talk about you in more detail and casually over the course of a sentence or two. Because of this, someone who is a little more familiar with you typically writes your suggestions. A recommender could, for instance, be a previous supervisor, coworker, classmate, or professor.

In general, recommendations usually have greater weight when someone is reviewing your profile because they involve someone putting their reputation on the line. As opposed to just clicking on a talent endorsement, which might not even be visible by others unless they click through to see all the people who have endorsed that person. Additionally, since recommendations can’t be given in large quantities as easily, they have a higher degree of sincerity.

Can You Turn Off LinkedIn Endorsements?

Yes, you can turn off LinkedIn endorsement feature. Here’s how you can do it :

1) Go to the “Me” icon then click on the “View Profile.”

LinkedIn endorsements view profile

2) In your profile you will find the skills section and click on the

“Edit icon” 

LinkedIn endorsements skills
3) Click on the “Endorsement setting”.
LinkedIn endorsements settings

4) In the Endorsement section you will see the option of turn on/off the endorsement section.

LinkedIn endorsements on-off

Conclusion :

Skill and endorsement on LinkedIn help you to endorse your skills so that recruiter can see your skills and strengths and, give you opportunities related to the skill’s you possess.  LinkedIn recommendation does the same job, but the only difference is that it is more reliable than LinkedIn endorsement. The limitation that only your 1st-degree connections can endorse your skill makes it more recommended. Now that you know how you can ask you connects to endorse you on LinkedIn. Don’t shy away request people to endorse the skills you want to endorse. If you apply the suggestion given in the blog you can get more endorsement.

In summary, you can :

  • Begin recommending people on LinkedIn in the hopes that they would recommend you in return.
  • Begin producing material and requesting endorsements from each of your contacts individually.
  • Alternately, utilize LinkedIn automation to contact your connections automatically. Additionally, employ hyper-personalized GIFs to grab your prospect’s attention and compel a response.