LinkedIn SEO? How to optimize your profile and boost sales?

LinkedIn SEO

As a digital marketer or sales representative, you would surely know the worth of organic reach of your brand and organic lead generation. Just like your website’s SEO, you can also optimize your brand and personal profiles on LinkedIn. This will help you both gain engagements and boost your sales.

TL:DR : If you put some effort into completing your profiles, your LinkedIn SSI (Social Selling Index) will improve, your profile’s searchability will also improve and you will get better opportunities.

Let’s understand what LinkedIn SEO is, how it works and how you will be able to improve it.

What Is LinkedIn Search? How does it work?

LinkedIn Search is an easy way to find the right people or brands on LinkedIn to target. With this option, you will be able to filter multiple things including the right location, companies they are working with and so on.

To be found on LinkedIn’s search, you would need to put various keywords on your profile and become an all-star member to gain the benefits.

So, optimizing your LinkedIn’s profile will help you to be found on the platform. Getting found on the platforms ultimately means getting more opportunities for business, collaborations and networking.

What is LinkedIn SEO?

LinkedIn is a flexible platform that helps companies hire great team members, compete in the digital space, build personal brands or even help build sales pipelines.

LinkedIn SEO is all about making your profile relevant and filled with the best practices that will help your prospects to find you. Doing LinkedIn SEO is all about making your profile optimized so that your prospects and peers will be able to find your profile on LinkedIn search.

Benefits of doing LinkedIn SEO for your business

Here are some reasons why you should invest your time in doing SEO for your business on LinkedIn :

Better traffic

Just like a website’s SEO, better optimization of your LinkedIn company profile will help you generate more traffic on your pages. Getting more members on your profile might help you gain more followers, more leads and brand awareness.

Giving better user experience to your traffic

When you optimize your profiles with keywords and content that is relevant to your business and user’s intent, you will be able to give the best experience to whoever clicks and comes to your page.

How Do You Do SEO on LinkedIn?

When you are looking for something online, you would search keywords online to get the best suited results and make your buying decisions. When we talk about LinkedIn, there are tons of business and job opportunities available around the platform. Thus, finding the right contacts or getting found by the right people on LinkedIn is necessary.

Find out some easy ways to do LinkedIn SEO :

Add relevant keywords to your profile

Keywords and phrases are the most important part of any search happening on the internet. When it comes to finding the right keywords, you should check your competitors and peers for the same.

You can find these keywords from Google or other search engines as well. Try searching relevant business keywords on SEMrush or Ahrefs SEO tool. This way, you would be able to get relevant keywords and generate more impressions for your business profiles.

Write a strong about section

Making your about section relevant will help you to serve important information to your visitors as well as search features on LinkedIn. Add your vision and mission statements, values you follow and the products & services you offer.

Link your website

We are living in a digital economy. There are chances that your website and product pages will have a ton of information and answers about your products and services. Make sure to put your website’s link on your profile section so that prospective customers, peers and vendors can make their way on your website.

Put valuable insights for your business

Add information like your business’ niche, market size, company size and relevant employees so that they can reach the right people without going through a lot of layers on the platform.

How Do You Track LinkedIn Analytics?

Tracking LinkedIn analytics is an easy affair. You will be able to check your profile’s analytics, visitors, engagement and even post impressions via your account’s analytics dashboard section.

Improvements over last month will indicate your efforts in LinkedIn SEO is giving any fruitful results or not.

LinkedIn SEO Worst Practices

LinkedIn is a professional platform. And, when you leave your authenticity in your content and profile, your audience is more likely to avoid engaging with you.

So, here are the worst LinkedIn SEO practices :

Using inappropriate taglines

Consider you visiting a store that had a different sign board outside and now you are not able to find the right products in the store. Similar incidents happen when someone visits your LinkedIn profiles and company pages – they might end up getting content that is not relevant to what you were trying to display with your tagline.

If you are hiring, finding business collaborations, or looking for an opportunity, you should have a clear tagline that shows the right information on your profiles.

Overstuffing keywords

You should avoid stuffing keywords on your content. Rather, you should put keywords where they are relevant to the products and services you are offering.

Publishing posts that does not make sense

While someone visits your profile on LinkedIn, they will also see and engage with the content you have posted on your timeline. Make sure you put relevant posts on your profile so that the visitor gets a clear vision of what you do.

LinkedIn Company Page Examples

Here are two awesome LinkedIn page examples that will help you to understand how LinkedIn SEO would help your business.

The Coca-Cola company has its LinkedIn page setup in a way that a visitor would clearly see what business they do, how many employees they have currently in the company and their awesome marketing campaigns in the post section.

coca cola company linkedin profile

coca cola company linkedin profile

Similarly, Procter & Gamble also has a great brand presence on LinkedIn. You can clearly see that they have highlighted their work life, jobs, people and even trading price on their page.

So, make sure you put ample information on your company page as well.

procter and gamble linkedin profile

Wrap Up

As mentioned above, stronger profile pages will make your business stronger on LinkedIn. So, if you are trying to achieve the right results on the platform and improve your selling, make sure to invest your time in LinkedIn SEO.

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No, LinkedIn provides many valuable services apart from showing your resume to the companies. It helps you build relationships and networks to sell and connect with the thought leaders.

No. If you keep your profile relevant and follow the best LinkedIn SEO practices, your profile will still appeal to LinkedIn users.

Filling all the important information on the profile is recommended by LinkedIn as a platform. So, making your profile all-star on LinkedIn will help you build better connections.

The LinkedIn summary section will give you an opportunity to fill content including your specific Keyword. So, make sure to fill the summary section with fresh and relevant content.