LinkedIn Premium Membership Level: Plan Comparisons

LinkedIn Membership Level comparision

If you are using the basic LinkedIn version and want to upgrade your LinkedIn, then have landed at the right page. LinkedIn is the largest networking platform for working professionals.

Using a regular LinkedIn plan at the initial stage for getting used to the platform is right. But for LinkedIn lead generation it’s best to subscribe for premium plans that LinkedIn provides. 44% of LinkedIn user take home more than $75,000 per year, which is above the national median in the US. We can conclude from this that although LinkedIn premium plan may seem expensive but if used strategically then you will cover the cost in no time. Continue reading to know how you can do that.

What Is the Difference Between a Free LinkedIn Account and LinkedIn Premium Plans?

If you use the premium version of LinkedIn accounts, then you will get access to the additional feature for premium members. As opposed to basic LinkedIn accounts, LinkedIn’s premium members get more results from their outreach efforts. LinkedIn also offers learning resources to its premium members. A basic membership on LinkedIn is free, but your options are restricted. Only those in your network can send messages to you, and only the last five individuals to see your profile will have access to restricted information about them. There is a 100-result maximum for searches, and more specific searches are not available.

However, one advantage of a free LinkedIn membership is that it places you in the company of other professionals. You may make a portfolio, expand your professional network, join groups, start blogs, and more with a free LinkedIn account.

A free LinkedIn account is a great method for newcomers to connect with more established professionals. Before subscribing for the premium LinkedIn plans its essential that you have exhausted all the features of the free version and completely optimized your LinkedIn profile.

Here is how you can optimize your LinkedIn profile :

  • First know what are the sections that you need to optimize. Use LinkedIn Profile Checker Tool to get the analysis of your profile for free.
  • After you know the section, you need to improve. Know how you can optimize your profile.
  • LinkedIn also gives you an SSI score that helps you analyze your LinkedIn profile. 
  • If you are someone looking to get a job, then ask your colleagues for endorsement of the skill that you have mentioned on your profile. 

Once you have optimized your profile and explored the basic version, now the next step is to compare different types of premium LinkedIn plans.

What Are the Different LinkedIn Membership Plans?

There are different LinkedIn account types to facilitate the need of different professionals. Paid LinkedIn subscription is priced according to the feature that they offer. There are 9 types of LinkedIn premium subscription. To make it easy for you we have done a LinkedIn premium plan comparison.

Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium if you want more advanced features. You can view more search results than the usual 100 and save more searches than the three that a free account lets you. Businesses who want to manage numerous profiles from a centralized dashboard should use premium accounts.

You can view all of the people who have visited your profile in the last 90 days if you have a Premium account. Additionally, sending and receiving messages from any other user is free for Premium LinkedIn members.

There are four levels of LinkedIn Premium, including Recruiter Lite, Premium Business, Sales Navigator Professional, and Premium Career. All provide resources to assist enterprises with their needs, however each has various charges and restrictions.

  • Premium Career : 5 InMail’s (messages sent to individuals outside of your firm) per month, access to on-demand learning films, and application insights are all included with Premium Career’s $29.99 monthly fee.
  • Premium Business : For $59.99 a month, premium business accounts provide more details about companies. Additional benefits include unlimited people searches and 15 InMail’s each month.
  • Sales Navigator : Core, Advanced, and Advanced Plus are the 3 account tiers available for Sales Navigator. With the Core level ($79.99 per month, invoiced annually at $959.88, or $99.99 per user, per month), you may create custom lists, get alerts on your leads and accounts, and perform extensive lead and company searches. Advanced adds the ability to publish material, track interaction, and provide “warm” introductions from coworkers ($129 per month payable annually at $1,500, or $159 per user per month). For pricing on Advanced Plus, which includes advanced integrations, contact LinkedIn.
  • Recruiter Lite: The most expensive tier, Recruiter Lite, costs $139.99 a month (or $119 monthly invoiced annually) and gives users access to a wide range of projects and tools for recruitment and searching. You receive 30 InMail’s each month as well.

LinkedIn Plans Pricing Table:

Premium subscription planPrice
Basic (Free) Plan$0
LinkedIn Premium Career$39.99 / month
LinkedIn Premium Business$59.99 / month
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Professional$99.99/month
LinkedIn Sales Navigator Team$149.99/month
LinkedIn Sales Navigator EnterpriseCustom Pricing
LinkedIn Recruiter Lite$2,399/year
LinkedIn Recruiter$8,999+/year
LinkedIn Learning$29.99 / month

Is the LinkedIn Premium Worth It?

LinkedIn, also referred to as “the professional social network,” is an effective tool for generating leads. And while the free membership plan enables you to partake in fundamental networking activities, many entrepreneurs and marketers eventually ponder the same query: Is upgrading to premium LinkedIn plans worth the cost?

For business purposes, LinkedIn users require more than simply the free services, even though this is not necessary for casual users. You must spend money on LinkedIn Premium if you want your lead generation efforts to produce noticeable results and. So long as you use LinkedIn wisely, your new leads will more than offset the Premium expenses.

How to Choose the Right LinkedIn Account?

You shouldn’t switch your account to a Premium plan just yet if you don’t use LinkedIn frequently.

You should continue to utilize the free account until you have fully utilized all of its functions. Here are some reasons for possibly upgrading to the best LinkedIn premium:

  • Make use of the Advanced Search function
  • View more than the previous 5 viewers of your profile
  • More than 3 saved searches can be made.
  • More than 3 InMail messages per month

Don’t merely pick the cheapest plan available if you decide to upgrade in order to save money. You might not notice substantial results from a less expensive LinkedIn membership level that isn’t a suitable fit for you and your organization because each plan has distinct features designed for different needs.

On the other hand, if you won’t be able to fully utilize all the features, hold off on purchasing the more expensive plans. For instance, even if Business Premium has more complex lead creation features than Sales Navigator, the latter is still adequate if you aren’t yet prepared to invest a lot of time and money in lead production

Prior to upgrading, it’s crucial to optimize your account and develop a plan for utilizing the new LinkedIn Premium capabilities. For that you should do a detailed comparison of the features of each LinkedIn premium plan’s cost and feature.

When Should You Subscribe for a LinkedIn Premium Career?

The Premium Career plan includes all the same LinkedIn Premium perks as the standard plan. It allows 15 InMail messages rather than the standard plan’s 3. With a few extra features, Premium Career Account is the cheapest LinkedIn premium plan. Below are the features of the LinkedIn career plan: 

  • View all of the past 90 days’ views of your profile, not just the last 5 visitors.
  • Put your profile at the top of the applicant lists for the recruiter.
  • Check out how other job seekers’ profiles compare to yours.
  • When searching for jobs, look at salary insights. (This is a brand-new function that emerged following the 2016 launch of LinkedIn Salary. Job Seekers can get a sense of salary, bonuses, and equity information for particular job titles as well as the factors that affect them by using LinkedIn Salary.)
  • You may send three InMail messages each month.
  • Gain access to LinkedIn Learning video courses so you can improve your job skills and LinkedIn profile.

When Should You Subscribe for LinkedIn Premium Business?

For business owners who want to advertise their company, connect with more prospects, and find possible business partners, LinkedIn Premium Business subscription is the best option.

It’s perfect for those who want to build their personal brand, increase their visibility, and send messages to anybody they wish without being restricted by the conditions of a free LinkedIn account. Here are some benefits of the LinkedIn Business Premium Plan for businesses :

  • Further details on the company, including the breakdown of staff by function and even notable graduates.
  • Unlimited (3rd-degree) searches inside your extended network.

You will get access to LinkedIn’s Advanced Search as of this Premium subscription. You can use Advanced Search to add additional qualifiers while looking for individuals, businesses, groups, and other entities, making it possible to locate the most qualified leads in your industry.

The powerful filters and limitless searches in Premium Business make it ideal for starting your lead generation campaigns. Although Sales Navigator is more sophisticated, this strategy is excellent for marketers and business owners who want to start using LinkedIn for lead generation.

When Should You Subscribe for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Accounts?

Consider Enterprise Sales Navigator LinkedIn if you’re serious about maximizing the benefits of LinkedIn for sales then you would want to use sales navigator. For well-established businesses with sizable sales teams, it is perfect.

The price is based on the size of your business and the integrations you require, and many features are customizable. According to what I’ve heard, the annual starting price for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise is $1,600 per seat.

  • The same services as Premium Business, but with 20 InMail messages as opposed to 15.
  • Lead recommendations are features that are based on leads you’ve previously saved, including suggested leads and suggested accounts.
  • Lead Lists: Keep track of the business contacts you are making so you never miss a chance to connect.
  • Real-Time Analysis of Current Leads and Accounts: Find out if people have changed employment, if a startup has gotten more money, and much more — ideal for striking up a conversation with a dream lead!

Teams can use the Sales Navigator Team, which also lets you save 3,500 more leads and combine your lead generation activities with a CRM.

How Does Opting for the LinkedIn Recruiter Plan Benefit Recruiting Professionals?

HR professionals and business owners who hire on a moderate scale and don’t want pricey hiring tools should use a LinkedIn Recruiter Lite account. You may connect with and keep track of the best job seekers using its advanced search and browsing options.

Pricing for LinkedIn Recruiter Lite in 2023 will be $2,399 per year, which is significantly less expensive than a standard LinkedIn Recruiter account.

There are certain restrictions, though. If you have a sizable hiring team that is made up of numerous recruiters, Recruiter Lite LinkedIn is not the best choice. A typical LinkedIn recruiter is a far better choice in such a situation for collaboration and coordination.

The primary distinction between Recruiter Lite and Recruiter Standard is that, although data in the former is owned by a single subscriber, it is owned by your business and can be shared with others in the latter.

Because it encourages teamwork and expedites the hiring process, this subscription is perfect for large recruiting and hiring teams. Therefore, LinkedIn recruiters offer many features to make your LinkedIn recruitment more efficient.

How Can You Use LinkedIn for Hiring?

One of the leading websites for job hunters is LinkedIn. LinkedIn has updated its hiring tools to create a more efficient pipeline for candidates and leads in recognition of the crucial role it plays in connecting potential employers and employees. In order to help recruiting managers find the top people, it has merged a sizable number of already-existing technologies into a comprehensive collection.

LinkedIn Skill Assessments is beneficial for job seekers and recruiters. Let’s see how why this feature is useful :

  •  Users may gain favor with hiring managers and recruiters by taking part in skill assessments. According to company representatives, the function enables users to “build a stronger profile” that makes them stand out from the competition.
  • More searches will include job seekers. According to LinkedIn, candidates who have passed a skill assessment will be more likely to turn up in searches.
  • Job recommendations will be given to job seekers. Anyone who successfully completes an assessment for a talent that is in demand will get timely employment recommendations as soon as they become available.
  • For recruiters, it simplifies the candidate search. Recruiters and hiring managers can expedite the applicant search by using skill assessments. Employers won’t need to put up special tests to demonstrate a candidate’s skills. As an alternative, they will be able to quickly see who passed a LinkedIn Skill Assessment and move forward from there.
  • Candidates may receive evaluations from recruiters. Assessments can also be given to candidates by recruiters. Although it won’t be required, it will make candidates stand out. The recruiter won’t know if a candidate takes an evaluation but fails it.


Know that you know what to look for while subscribing for the LinkedIn Premium plan choose the plan that fits yours needs. Once you have built your lead list, getting them farther into your sales pipeline and closing the deal is essential. As all your hard work will go to waste if your leads are not converting.Integrating LinkedIn automation tools for your LinkedIn outreach will help you convert them to clients and generate revenue for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

With a premium membership, you may talk with recruiters directly and check who has seen your profile in the previous 90 days. This might assist you in connecting with and developing relationships with potential employers. By gathering application data and learning about salaries, you can also assess your competitiveness with other applicants.

A strong tool for accomplishing your sales objectives is the LinkedIn premium for sales. You can use it to enhance your lead creation and LinkedIn prospecting efforts. You may scan profiles, identify leads, and cultivate a strategic relationship with the use of the InMail credits and the numerous search options.

To expand your small business, you may network with corporate leaders, create professional partnerships, and generate leads with a premium LinkedIn account. This is made feasible through the enhanced search function, InMail credits, and greater visibility. Here is a ranking of the top prospecting tools you can use to save more time for your business’ needs.

Students can be put off from upgrading due to the hefty cost of a LinkedIn premium membership. But did you know that it can help you network more after graduation, increasing your likelihood of getting hired? Additionally, you can expand your knowledge by using the online courses included with a Premium subscription. Additionally, recent graduates might attract attention by applying for jobs through a premium LinkedIn account.