LinkedIn Character Limit for Your Connection & InMail Messages

LinkedIn messaging character limits


Sending messages is one of LinkedIn’s most fundamental features. It is, however, the most significant function of the social networking platform for marketers and company owners trying to reach their ideal audience.

The key to growing your LinkedIn network is knowing how to use connection messages and InMail messages correctly.

The majority of people are unaware that outreach communications have character constraints. Many of them simply compose a note and hope that it is appropriate. However, understanding these limitations can aid in the optimization of your communications and the improvement of your outreach plan.

Connection and InMail Messages

First and foremost, what exactly are connection messages, and how do they differ from InMail messages? When you want to connect with someone on LinkedIn, you can leave a connecting message. Although this function is optional, marketers should always use it to boost their chances of striking a connection.

You cannot send messages to people who are not connected to you if you have a basic LinkedIn account (which is free). Only people in your network and members of the same LinkedIn Groups can send messages to each other.

You can use InMail to send messages to folks who aren’t on your network. You can obtain a certain amount of InMail based on your plan if you sign up for a paid LinkedIn account.

You get three InMail messages each month with the Career plan, and 15 with the Business plan. The Sales plan allows you to send up to 20 InMail messages per month, while the Hiring plan allows you to send up to 30. Select a strategy that will assist you in achieving your LinkedIn outreach objectives.

You can still join LinkedIn Groups and send messages to people outside of your network if you don’t want to pay for a premium membership.

LinkedIn Invite Message Box

Why should you utilize InMail to connect with fresh leads?

LinkedIn InMail is the company’s equivalent of email, created specifically for its platform. You can only send direct messages to persons you’re linked with (or in the same LinkedIn group) if you have a basic (free) LinkedIn account. If you don’t have a premium LinkedIn account, another option is to join a mutual LinkedIn group and send messages to the group’s members without interacting with them.

InMail campaigns, on the other hand, are an ad format similar to email that is delivered to a LinkedIn user’s personal message inbox. The InMails are sent on a pay-per-send basis, and depending on the target population, might cost anything from $0.30 to $1 each send.

Essentially, LinkedIn provides you a set number of credits based on your subscription level when you use InMail.

The subject line of a LinkedIn InMail message can be up to 200 characters long, and the body paragraph can be up to 2,000 characters long. If you want to attract your leads’ attention, you’ll need to make the most of detailed and quality content.

When compared to a typical cold email, InMail can create greater response rates if done correctly. They can also be used to start warm dialogues with your prospects. You can immediately attract their attention from the many other messages that get lost in their inbox by using a compelling subject line.

5 Things to Include in LinkedIn Connection Requests and Inmail Messages

There are a lot of LinkedIn connection requests and topic lines that are copied and pasted. Based on our efforts, we’ve already written about the best 10+ LinkedIn connection message templates.

But the truth is that you’ll need to do more than that if you want individuals to accept your invitation and start responding to your LinkedIn communications.

The following are the five things to add to your LinkedIn connection messages :

  • Personalization.
  • There is a definite goal.
  • Variables for A/B testing
  • The length is just right.
  • A reference point.
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LinkedIn Connection and InMail Message Character Limits

The quantity of characters you can use for each connection and InMail message on LinkedIn is limited. Remember that characters include all letters, numbers, emojis, symbols, and spaces. When sending a message on LinkedIn, keep it brief and to the point.

Connection messages have a maximum restriction of 300 characters. Your subject line for InMail messages can be up to 200 characters long. Your message’s body can be up to 2,000 characters long. As a result, make sure you go right to the point and grab your reader’s attention for writing quality content.

InMail has a high response rate because it is transmitted as a direct message. This is far superior to sending out cold emails. Use a 200-character subject line to get their attention right away, and then provide all of the information they require in the body of the InMail.

LinkedIn Connection and Character Limits

Before you know the limit of the personalized connection request that you can send, let’s know the difference between a personalized invitation and a normal connection request. LinkedIn offers its users the option to personalize their connection requests. You can personalize your invitation by attaching a note with your invitation message. The benefits of adding notes are:

  • It makes a good first impression.
  • It explains to the other person your goals or the reason behind your connection. 

So, when compared with just sending a connection request, sending personalized connection requests is always better. Even if you don’t need anything from that person right now, you might in the future.

Now that you know the difference between personalized and non-personalized methods, let’s see what the limits are for sending personalized connection requests.

Earlier, the limit on sending personalized messages was limited to 60–70 personalized connection requests per week for free accounts. But now LinkedIn has changed the rules. The limit on sending a personalized message has come down to just 10 personalized connections with a character limit of 200 a month. This has made it even harder for LinkedIn users to grow their network.

How to Automate Your Outreach with LinkedIn Fusion

When you’re using LinkedIn to target your ideal audience, it’s critical to personalize your messaging. As a result, you’ll require the appropriate automation tool for the work which will make your work easy.

LinkedFusion is a one-of-a-kind LinkedIn automation tool that allows you to automate your outreach while still sending customized messages and follow-ups. LinkedFusion will automatically send your messages, but not in bulk—as if you were sending them yourself. This saves you a lot of time, allowing you to focus on more vital activities like conversing with leads and creating relationships.

Imagine being able to send customized messages to tens of thousands of people who fit your target demographic. You may quickly connect with all of your leads by sending them an introduction note. You win whether they buy something right away or simply connect with you. You may view their phone number and email address in the LinkedFusion dashboard if they connect with you on LinkedIn.

LinkedFusion’s power is in this. We assist businesses in reaching thousands of consumers for a fraction of the expense of traditional mailers. We can also assist you with growing your email, SMS, and other mailing lists. It’s all about being present where your ideal clients are. LinkedFusion might assist you in expanding your business. To discover more, schedule a demo with LinkedIn Fusion today!