What Is LinkedIn Message Automation and How Can You Do It?

LinkedIn messages automation

In this guide, you’ll discover a method for sending up to automate your LinkedIn messages each day (and send approximately to 1,050 messages weekly) to your specific LinkedIn audience in a secure manner. Utilizing automation to run LinkedIn campaigns is a dependable approach to accomplish this, so comprehending its functioning is crucial.

Additionally, we will introduce a tool that allows for deep personalization in messages – including custom variables, data from the target audience’s profiles, images, and links with custom previews.

Are you ready to increase conversions on your LinkedIn activities?

What Is LinkedIn Message Automation?

LinkedIn message automation are tools that allows you to efficiently send automated messages on LinkedIn to your connections or prospective clients without the need for manual input. These LinkedIn tools can be a valuable time-saver, boost interaction, and generate additional leads for you.

You will quickly discover that it all boils down to a repeating “connect-type-send” cycle if your goal is to reach out to 2,000 SEO specialists to spread the news about your recently developed software or a training course you’ve created. You won’t send many different messages; instead, you’ll generally send the same text to many recipients. Spam can be found anywhere there is a recognizable pattern. Or maybe there isn’t, is there?

On that, let’s be clear.

The purpose of LinkedIn automation tools is not spamming. They were developed to assist marketers, salespeople, and anyone else that conducts LinkedIn prospecting in removing manual effort and enabling them to work more quickly and effectively. People are not spammed by the tools themselves.

If you completely misjudge your messaging strategy, you might spam individuals.

Automation devices can be viewed as simple will executors. You are in charge of deciding who, when, and how frequently to invite or message, as well as the content of your messages. Once that plan is in place, you may securely use the appropriate automation technology to handle the tedious tasks.

What Can You Automate in LinkedIn Message Automation?

Let’s look at the kinds of messages that you can trust automation technologies to handle with enough capability.

Invitation messages: You are permitted to include a first messages of up to 300 characters with each new invitation (connection request) that you issue. Like the invitations themselves, the message content of these can be generated automatically using automation tool. The frequency of invitation acceptance may be impacted by such messages if they are not personalized.

These emails are delivered to people that are not connected to your network. By connecting your paid package to an automation program, you can send credits automatically. You can send mass messages to everyone whose profile is open outside of your network, even without credits and using a basic account.

Mass communications can be sent to all of the people already in your network.

Messages for event attendees: You can get in touch with event attendees even if you weren’t there. In this scenario, requests will see your message even though the General chats won’t.

Messages for the group: You have access to everyone in your group, just like at events.

Is It Safe to Use LinkedIn Automation Tools? 

A common rookie error is to send identical, impersonal bulk messages on LinkedIn to a large number of users. Typically, this behavior will be marked as spam. This may lead to a failed outreach on LinkedIn.

If the computer determines that generic messages are irrelevant, LinkedIn may classify them as “Other” in the inbox. There is less of a probability that the message will be seen even though it is not yet regarded as spam. Your messages may end up in the spam bin if LinkedIn flags you as spam. Additionally, users of LinkedIn have the ability to “Report this conversation” in order to flag messages as spam.

Having your account flagged as spam on LinkedIn might have negative effects. These reports are taken seriously by LinkedIn, and each situation is looked into. What might occur if you are reported? Therefore, it’s important that you use right automation on LinkedIn to fully utilize the power on LinkedIn.

Below are the cases that can happen on LinkedIn:

  • Review by LinkedIn: LinkedIn will examine the reported content or behavior to see whether it is in violation of their policies.
  • Account warnings or limitations: Depending on the seriousness, LinkedIn may issue warnings or temporarily limit specific features like sending messages or invitations.
  • Account suspension or termination: If you have committed major offences repeatedly, LinkedIn may suspend or terminate your account, denying you access to your connections and profile. The likelihood that a text will appear in the spam folder relies on how spammy it is and whether it is sent to several recipients.

Tips to Use LinkedIn Message Automation Ethically

See below for strategies to lessen your chances of being flagged as spam.

1. Sincere and Kind Greeting 

Never begin a sentence with a general, impersonal phrase; instead, address someone by name. Receiving a bald “Interested in receivin 5X unique visitors per month?” is not what anyone wants to experience. Being courteous is required. Use mutual connections to make introductions. To emphasize any potential connections, you could have with each person, Sales Navigator gives Team Link Intro. However, even a basic LinkedIn account provides information on relationships that you share.

“Good day, Mike. It’s encouraging to discover that’ mutual contact’ is a part of your network as well.

This demonstrates that you have done your homework and have a thorough understanding of their professional network.

2. Examine Deep Personalization

The main idea behind this strategy is to learn as much as you can about the recipient before starting any outreach. This information can come from a news story, a blog post, or simply a salient point in their summary.

You can see how a customized string that is based on the recipient’s bio information was implemented in the invite message in the example provided in the image.

You can create a list of warm-up conversation starters before contacting each lead on your target list, such as what you recently learnt from the news or what they recently posted. You can conduct further research on your audience than the Alerts provided by Sales Navigator.

Find out how to add a variable line that makes reference to this data so that it can be customized for each user using an automation tool.

You can benefit from this automation tool user’s positive experience and implement their strategy to lessen the probability of being flagged as spam. You can enhance conversion rates by demonstrating understanding of the person’s interests by including news into your communication.

3. Use Content Personalization as Number Three

To mass messages, you can add attachments like images, videos, or preview links. These could include details from the recipient’s profile, including name, work title, or other particulars. The usual means of facilitating this interaction with automation tools is through third-party services.

4.  Screen Audiences Before Communicating

When messaging someone who is not on your network, it’s crucial to choose your contacts wisely. Remove users who are unrelated to your message before initiating your auto-campaign. Your message is more likely to be flagged as spam if it is seen by a large number of unrelated users. Your outreach may suffer even if the remaining recipients are pertinent. There are two stages in the filtration procedure for LinkedIn automation tools.

Applying filters based on the options provided by LinkedIn’s search pages, Sales Navigator, and Recruiter Talent constitutes the first stage of filtering, sometimes referred to as prefiltration. It’s crucial to remember that these filters could not completely catch all of your desired criteria.

In the filtration process, the second stage, known as post-filtration, is essential. This capability is not available in all automation programmers, but it enables further filtering after contacts have been taken from the search results. This process makes sure that your target market is chosen more carefully and in accordance with your detailed criteria.

Please refer to the section titled “Define the audience that you’d love to engage with” for a thorough explanation of both filtration processes.

Fortunately, there are technologies that may automate the personalization process that are easily accessible, lowering the likelihood of being marked as spam. But always keep in mind to employ LinkedIn message automation sensibly and morally.

How Can You Integrate Sales Navigator, Advance Features, and Integrations to Boost Your Outreach Campaign? 

If you want to advance your search for the target audiences on LinkedIn, then a LinkedIn premium subscription is a must. For sales professionals LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Sales Navigator. LinkedIn Sales Navigator helps you to search for the LinkedIn profile of the target audiences on LinkedIn. The benefits of integrating automation tools with the sales navigator to automate your LinkedIn lead generation are many.

Here are the benefits of integrating your LinkedIn lead generation :

1) You can personalize your outreach messages : With the features that are offered by the sales navigator that allows you to segment your leads. Once your leads are segmented you can them messages according to their segment.

2) Integrate your CRM with sales navigator : Using the advance search of the sales navigator you can get the lead to run your campaign. Then with the help of the LinkedIn automation tool you can run campaigns. This will help you filter the valuable leads for your sales pipeline. The feature to integrate your CRM with your LinkedIn account you can export the leads to your CRM for further nurturing of the clients.

3) Automate your advance search : Both sales navigator and LinkedIn automation tool helps you to automate your lead generation process. Form finds your leads to reach out to them; all you activate can be automated.

Now, that you know benefits of interacting sales navigator and LinkedIn automation tool can do. Let’s know the advantages of automating messages.

What Advantages of Automating LinkedIn Messages?

It’s important to familiarize yourself with the guidelines presented in the section above before diving into automation. Nevertheless, this offers a singular chance to quickly reach thousands of relevant leads without the use of manual clicks or a staff of helpers.

1) Reducing Time

For instance, 50–80 messages can be sent per day using automation solutions like Linked Helper, with a recommended cap of 150 activities. A total of 1,050 messages each week and 54,750 messages per year are produced by sending 150 messages per day.

The option to raise the limit in the software settings is visible in the screenshot.

Just consider how long it would take to manually send all of those texts! Each person would need to copy and paste for around a minute, which would take 17.5 hours every week. It only takes 20 to 30 minutes to build up the campaign with software and custom variables.

2) Establishing Timely Connections with Future Customers

Numerous advantages of LinkedIn messaging automation help you improve your outreach efforts and improve your results. For instance:

  • Targeted strategy for every market segment : Automation systems let you approach potential customers subtly and develop a rapport over time. You can personalize your approach by adjusting your communications based on the profiles, industries, locations, hobbies, or behaviors of your prospects.
  • Warming up prospects through funnel setup: Using automation, you may set up a pipeline to establish a relationship with your prospects before delivering them messages. This can involve taking steps like as commenting on their posts, connecting them to your network, sending them personalized auto-invitations, and creating welcome notes.

Additionally, campaigns that use automation have the following benefits :

  • A/B testing through the deployment of campaigns : Automation software makes A/B testing easier by enabling you to conduct various campaigns. It becomes easier to test different messaging strategies, and tracking the outcomes becomes automatic. This offers useful information for improving your outreach tactics.
  • Increased response rates : You can dramatically raise the probability of hearing back from your outreach communications by carrying out warm-up actions beforehand, such loving and recommending customers or staff. Higher response rates are ultimately produced by engaging with their content earlier.

3) Expanding Your Network of Business Contacts

Any business strategy must include growing your professional network and producing new leads and sales, and automation may make these tasks much easier.

  • Targeting and personalization: You can effectively develop relationships by using personalized messages to your LinkedIn connection. This advance LinkedIn automation LinkedIn automation and individualized strategy increases the likelihood of creating new business prospects.
  • Organic reach expansion: You can automate your interactions with other LinkedIn users by using social media bots. This includes interactions with their content, such as like, commenting, and endorsing it. Automating these interactions expands your reach and possible relationships by improving your exposure and reputation on the site.

    The automation of LinkedIn connection requests, for instance, can be a useful tool for contacting a big number of users. Automating your connection requests can increase your outreach efforts and enable you to connect with more potential customers as you can only send private messages to your connections or common group members.

    You can see an automatic action that simplifies invitations and an invite note in the example in the image. Anyone who is not yet in your contacts can view this message.

What Are the LinkedIn Automation Technologies to Automate LinkedIn Outreach?

The best LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedFusion, Zopto, Expandi are generally cloud based. As cloud-based tools are the safest LinkedIn automation tool but again there no such rule. Below are the types of the LinkedIn Automation tools that are there. Continue and decide for yourself the tool that fits your needs.

Chrome extensions

Small programmers called Chrome extensions provide your browser an upgrade by adding new functions. The process is simple and quick because you can buy and download these extensions from your browser’s store.

Because they make use of the browser’s own programmable API to enable multiple functionalities, extensions are created expressly for a given browser. Chrome, however, does not offer the APIs necessary for carrying out natural clicks and other comparable activities. As a result, these tools might not be as dependable and safe.

The fact that Chrome mandates that extensions have their code open and accessible is a serious security problem. Accordingly, LinkedIn, for instance, can examine the source code, spot weaknesses, and recognize automation.

Cloud-based remedies

Internet-based services that may be accessed online and are hosted on distant servers are known as “cloud-based solutions.”

They may, however, provide greater functionality than browser extensions, but they cannot ensure that LinkedIn won’t find evidence of automation activity. The platform can differentiate between queries made through a browser and API calls made by these programmed, potentially leading to warnings or blocks. These programmed commonly submit API requests to retrieve page content.

Desktop tools

Desktop tools are software programmed that you install and use on your personal laptop or computer.

These tools, in contrast to web-based software, operate either on rented VPS/dedicated servers or on their own computing capacity (on a home or office PC). You are then free to select whatever is most practical or inexpensive for you.

Additionally, because desktop software typically has fewer server costs than cloud-based alternatives, it is typically more affordable. Additionally, desktop tools can give you better protection and privacy as well as more control and flexibility over your automation and data scraping operations.

Not all desktop applications are completely secure. Pick the ones that blatantly show that they faithfully reproduce human behavior, such as pressing buttons, inputting text, scrolling pages, and so forth.

How Do I Create an Automated Message in LinkedIn? 

The use of automation technologies is detected by LinkedIn using a variety of techniques. These techniques entail looking at user behavior patterns and locating the technical traces that automation technologies have left behind.

Although cloud API-based solutions like Chrome or other browser extensions are frequently employed, they are not infallible due to intrinsic technical constraints and their sensitivity to detection. Browser-based or cloud-based solutions are currently regarded as the most secure options available to assure the highest level of protection.

It’s crucial to put safety first and adhere to the following rules while utilizing automation tools on LinkedIn:

  • Maintain daily activity restrictions: Follow the suggested guidelines while sending messages, connection requests, and other actions to avoid arousing suspicion. What sort of constraints should I apply?
  • Reject any invitations that have not yet been accepted: Review all pending connection requests on a regular basis (at least once every three weeks) and withdraw any that have not been approved in a fair amount of time.
  • Track the pace of invitation conversion: Keep an eye on the frequency with which your connection requests are answered and accepted. If you observe poor conversion rates, change your strategy. Keep an eye on the response and acceptance rates for your connection requests as you track the invite conversion rate. If you observe poor conversion rates, change your strategy.
  • Be aware of your IP address and location: LinkedIn examines elements like your computer’s IP address and location. Accessing your account from various locations could make you more likely to be blocked.
  • Make sure the country from which your account usually runs is the same: Make sure they access your account from the same nation as you do if you use a cloud-based service or an assistant to handle your LinkedIn account.

You can reduce your risk of being caught utilizing LinkedIn’s automation capabilities by adhering to these safety precautions.


It’s crucial to have a well-designed LinkedIn page, use personalized message templates, and engage in social selling by offering value to your contacts if you want to maximize the usefulness of LinkedIn automation tools. A/B testing can be used to improve LinkedIn marketing, as can tracking response and conversion rates.

In addition to other well-liked choices like Expandi, Dux-Soup, MeetAlfred, OctopusCRM, and Zopto, LinkedFusion is regarded as one of the best LinkedIn automation solutions. You can get free trials of these tools to choose the best tool. Users should always use the safest LinkedIn automation solution available and adhere to LinkedIn’s standards because LinkedIn has rigorous rules regarding automation software.