LinkedIn for Real Estate Agents: How to Generate Leads and Referrals?

Use LinkedIn for Real Estate for Lead Generation

Can LinkedIn be used to generate real estate leads? The answer is definitely Yes!

But actually how effective is LinkedIn for Real estate lead generation? Some stats are proof of this :

  1. LinkedIn has the highest visitor-to-lead conversion rate, almost three times as that of Twitter and Facebook!
  2. 80% of LinkedIn members drive business decisions at their companies.
  3. Demographics on LinkedIn are ideal for real estate lead generation – age 30+, 90% make household decisions, and their annual incomes are relatively high.
LinkedIn social media for lead generation

Numerous real estate agents have made over a million dollars through LinkedIn leads. So, if you’re a real estate agent and not using LinkedIn for lead generation, then you’re missing out on a lot!

In this article, you’ll learn a few easy and actionable tips on how you can effectively generate leads from LinkedIn and grow your real estate sales even more.

Create a Stunning Profile

A LinkedIn profile is like a real estate agent’s resume. Your prospects are going to get a first impression of you from your LinkedIn profile.

Hence, it’s crucial to optimize your real estate agent’s LinkedIn profile the right way.

  1. Add a professional profile photo and cover image.
  2. Add a creative headline and include your LinkedIn keywords in it.
  3. Add a summary that add credibility and authority to your brand.
  4. Customize your URL.
  5. Add your landing page links and CTAs to the featured section.
  6. Reach out to your colleagues and clients for LinkedIn recommendations and endorsements.
  7. Fill out all other details such as education, experience, and contact info.
LinkedIn user profile

Create your Real Estate Landing Page with a Lead Magnet

A landing page is a page on your website where you should redirect your leads from LinkedIn. You can have a lead magnet on your real estate landing page like a free real estate course, guide, or a checklist.

You can ask for your prospects’ email ids in exchange for this free resource. This way, you get a list of prospects along with their email addresses. You must also add your contact information on your landing page to get in touch with you easily.

Build your Network

Building your network is the most essential part of real estate lead generation on LinkedIn. You cannot simply add random people and expect to generate inbound leads. Your approach towards building your LinkedIn network must be very strategic and well-thought-about.

1. Send personalized connection requests to relevant people

LinkedIn allows you to send free connection requests along with a note to your 2nd-degree connections (connections of connections). This means if you have your colleague as your connection, you can reach out to their connections with a personalized note.

Use this to your advantage by adding construction companies, home builders, HR professionals looking for housing for their employees, and your colleagues’ clients – anyone who is likely to show interest in your real estate services.

You should also add people who may know someone else who might again become your real estate prospect. This way, you can grow your network and visibility on LinkedIn using relevant connections. But if you simply send a connection request without any note, your chances of getting added are going to be very low. So always add a personalized message while sending a connection request. You should address the person by their first name, then state something you two might have in common or give them a genuine compliment. Then say that you would like to add them to your network. This way, your chances of getting accepted grow way more! Here’s an example of a personalized LinkedIn connection request you can use :

“Hi {first_name},

I just came across your profile, and I must say that I love the kind of content that you put out! We also seem to share {XYZ} in common!

I’d love to follow and connect with you on LinkedIn.



2. Join LinkedIn Real Estate Groups

LinkedIn groups are another great way to network with relevant people, get noticed, and, ultimately, generate leads.

Start by searching for real estate groups on LinkedIn and then send requests to join such groups.

Searching real estate in LinkedIn groups
LinkedIn real-estate group search

You should also search for some local real estate groups. This will help you build more local connections and referrals.

Using LinkedIn search

Once you get accepted into these groups, interact with the people in these groups. You can do this commenting on others posts or putting out posts yourself. Actively engage with people in these groups.

Another great feature of LinkedIn is that you can send free messages to all your LinkedIn group members. So if someone seems to be interested in real estate properties in your locality, you can directly message them and build a genuine relationship.

3. Ask for referrals

Referrals are another great way to land real estate leads. When you perform a LinkedIn search, you’ll get a list of your shared connections below.

Prospects on LinkedIn groups

If you’re really looking to connect with this person, you can contact your shared connection through a message and ask them to refer you to XYZ by explaining how you might be of help to them. This way, you are getting a virtual introduction to your leads, and you’re growing your network even bigger.

Another great way to get referrals is through LinkedIn groups. Real estate agents moving out of their area might be looking to refer some other good real estate agents. By joining such LinkedIn groups, you’ll get a chance to get referred to new clients this way.

Real Estate Professionals Referral group on LinkedIn

Create Relevant Content

LinkedIn loves people engaging with LinkedIn posts and articles. This is why the best way to get noticed and increase your leads on LinkedIn is to post content regularly.

You should try to put out relevant content and add value to your real estate leads somehow. By creating content based on real estate, you mark yourself as an authoritative figure, and you also engage people more.

Here are a few more tips for creating real estate content on LinkedIn:

  1. Add 3 to 5 relevant hashtags to get more engagement.
  2. Publish LinkedIn articles or share your blog posts on LinkedIn to grow your brand and emerge as a thought leader in the real estate industry.
  3. Actively engage with people in the comments section. Share your opinions and thoughts in your posts as well other’s post comments. If someone shows interest in real estate listings, then follow up with them through LinkedIn messages engage them in a valuable conversation.
  4. It is good to share real estate listings on your profile as many people on LinkedIn are actively looking to buy houses or know someone who might be interested.
  5. However, not all your posts should be about real estate listings. If you do this, people will tag you as annoying and scroll right past your post. You should also put up non-promotional posts that have the sole purpose of adding value to your leads.
  6. Stories tend to get more engagement on LinkedIn. So make your posts more creative through storytelling.
  7. Structure your content well. Break it down into bullets and paragraphs. Avoid walls of text.
  8. Create more fun types of content such as LinkedIn polls for driving more engagement.

Automate your Real Estate Lead Generation Process

Lead generation on LinkedIn is a numbers game. The more you spend time on sending connecting requests, personalized messages, and follow-ups to prospects, the more leads you are likely to generate.

But, this process can be really tiresome and unproductive especially because a lot of time and work goes into such a personalized approach. This is why a LinkedIn automation tool is your best option as it can put your entire LinkedIn marketing campaign on auto-pilot mode while you are able to focus on more important tasks at hand.

using LinkedFusion for LinkedIn automation

Using a LinkedIn automation tool, all the connection requests, messages, and follow-ups can be automated just within a few minutes of initial set up. These interactions with your prospects will be personalized as well so that your lead conversion rates see a rapid growth.

Using automation, you will be able to generate tons of highly qualified real estate leads while you focus on growth strategies for your real estate business.


To conclude, LinkedIn is one of the best ways to build your professional network, grow your brand, and generate more real estate leads. You can simply scale your LinkedIn outreach with the help of safe LinkedIn automation tools.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, people on LinkedIn are genuinely looking to connect with people and learn more. So, hop onto LinkedIn now, connect with people, add value to them, and then start generating high-ticket inbound and outbound real estate leads.