LinkedIn Automation To Grow Your Business

What is LinkedIn automation and why is it useful to grow business?

How to Generate LinkedIn Leads With Automation?

Many people know that LinkedIn is an effective platform for generating leads. But despite this, not many marketers use LinkedIn to their advantage. One reason is the lack of time. To aid you with this problem, various LinkedIn automation tools on the market will help you optimize your LinkedIn outreach and save time.

Generate leads by automating tedious manual tasks like messaging, scheduling follow-up, et cetera, with the help of automation tools. Effortlessly browse hundreds of LinkedIn profiles, personalize your message, and build strong relationships with your prospects. Embrace the efficiency of the LinkedIn marketing software to witness the transformation in your lead generation.

Automation tools save plenty of hours by automating LinkedIn marketing tasks so that you can focus more on customer-facing activities. LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedFusion can send customized invitations automatically. It sends messages to hundreds of LinkedIn connections at a time.

You can also use automation tools to endorse your products and services to your connections on LinkedIn.
While most people are against automation, they believe it makes the sales process less effective. And it is true if you automate those activities that are customer-facing and require human attention. You must know the difference between a task that needs automation and a task that requires human attention. Tasks like replying to posts can be automated by using a chatbot. But they would not yield the same result as an in-person response would.

Automation of customer-facing tasks would reduce the effectiveness of your sales process. But some activities that comprise repetitive work like scheduling calls, exporting customer data into CRM, sending follow-up emails, and more can be automated. Automating these will save you time so that you have time for customer-facing activity. Read on for ways you can automate your LinkedIn outreach to optimize LinkedIn automation.

Role Of LinkedIn Automation In Your Business

Lead generation is the primary objective for all businesses. LinkedIn automation helps achieve this objective by offering organized work and automated methods.

For lead generation, visiting LinkedIn users’ profiles, sending invitations individually, and staying updated with their responses make the whole manual process monotonous. It is not a big deal managing a couple of leads. But when the number starts increasing, it is hard to organize big campaigns manually.

In this case, LinkedIn automation tools help you manage your marketing campaigns smartly, as a responsible employee does. LinkedFusion can help you manage your campaign with cadence. LinkedIn is a social media networking platform where marketers find B2B customers. They reach out to the business audience and grow professional networks for efficient lead generation.

LinkedFusion’s LinkedIn automation software automates marketing campaigns by visiting profiles and sending automated invitations. This way, the process from lead generation to lead conversion can be optimized.

LinkedFusion automation enables you to focus on interacting with your prospects. It has replaced tedious administrative work by creating a smart, automated sales funnel. When your LinkedIn invitation is accepted, the contact details of the leads are automatically exported to your CRM.

Marketing campaign with and without automation software

LinkedFusion Automation Features/Benefits​ With Tool Without Tool
Visits scheduled multiple LinkedIn user’s profiles Yes No
Sends automated multiple invitations Yes No
Sends automated multiple messages Yes No
Automatic multiple follow-ups Yes No
Saves Lots of time Yes No
Saves many efforts Yes No
Requires resources Yes No
Easy and organized work process Yes No
Can run multiple marketing campaigns Yes No

LinkedIn Automation Tool's Right Usage

LinkedIn automation software is to help you make the work process easy and without causing any trouble. Therefore, marketers need to be careful when automating marketing tasks. Visiting the users profile, invitations, and salutation messages. LinkedFusion allows this automation with a personalized way to avoid spamming activities.

Marketers should avoid automating conversation after an invitation becomes a connection. This part is crucial for customer relationship management. If a user finds that he/she is talking to AI, they are not likely to be your customer and your heard earned leads will be lost.

Now personalizing conversation with users is possible with LinkedFusion. So that it doesn’t feel like you are contacting them through cold emails. Also, LinkedFusion allows automated follow-up with the user as per your timeframe and increases the chances of lead generation. LinkedFusion has more important features that are worth stating i.e. response tracking, acceptance tracking, reply detection to check campaign progress.

Marketing automation software like LinkedFusion can lead your marketing strategy to the lead generation if managed rightly.

What Is The Best LinkedIn Automation Tool?

To automate LinkedIn outreach, there are a number of LinkedIn automation tools in the market. Automation tools are able to replace almost every manual LinkedIn automation task.

As per user experience, LinkedFusion is one of the best tools for LinkedIn marketing due to its advanced features. Marketers need to generate more leads, business proprietors want to market their brand and professionals who require their network to expand all need outreach and have conversations with the users. But, doing it manually can be tiresome and a time taking process.

LinkedFusion is an amazing LinkedIn outreach automation tool because it also makes messages customized while automating them. Cold emails have failed because one of the reasons is they make users feel disturbed and impersonal. Cold emails are often treated like advertising and spam. Receivers hardly open or read the email. Often time they unsubscribe to not receive emails.

As compared to cold email, LinkedIn is a helpful option and it offers a more professional way of connecting with people. Therefore, if LinkedIn messages are sent properly and personalized with the help of LinkedFusion, it helps to reach a great number of audiences and that is without the risk of spam.

LinkedFusion allows users to define their audience more accurately by uploading CSV. It uses the same search method for the automation process. A user can set up an initial invitation message to send to the prospects. Users will have a personalization option to customize conversation in the form of a placeholder.

There are limited automation tools that allow personalizing messages; therefore, LinkedFusion has a great benefit from that perspective. A user can even automate follow-up messages. They can also set up a customized follow-up rhythm. It is an important feature when prospects have accepted your invitation but have not responded yet.

LinkedFusion also allows users to sync prospects data right to Hubspot as soon as the user accepts your invitation. Users can make lead nurturing and management easy by synchronizing LinkedIn profiles to Hubspot. All messages sent on LinkedIn can also be kept logged as an activity.

Additionally, LinkedFusion is completely cloud-based software, therefore; no matter where you are it automates your LinkedIn marketing campaigns even if your computer is powered off. It also filters your prospects and takes care that no user gets repeated requests. Moreover, it has a number of features that are worth utilizing for lead generation and growing your business.

How many Messages Can Be Sent A Day On LinkedIn?

LinkedIn does not restrict to send messages to 1st-degree connection a day, but when it is for social selling purpose, sending enormous and constant messages can create a negative impact on the users mind. Or they can disconnect or report spam which is the reverse effect for the marketers.

Additionally, for even worse cases, spamming messages can cause trouble for your LinkedIn account and it can be temporarily locked as well. Many LinkedIn users feel this very annoying as it hinders from getting connections and doesn’t let expand the network.

Lead generation from LinkedIn looks less obtrusive than email marketing, but excessive usage of LinkedIn messages can lead to spamming. To no getting into spam activities, a user needs to know the exact meaning of spam. It is sending unsolicited or irrelevant messages, particularly to a large number of users for advertising, self-promotion, sending sales-pitches to the user just after invitation acceptance. Also sending repetition follow-ups considered spam.

Dealing with LinkedIn connections carefully will make sense to LinkedIn users and the chances will be increased for relationship building. They will feel like a normal connection with you and you are not contacting them for selling purposes only. Also, only send a connection request to the prospects that might be interested in your product or services.

Try to build a relationship with them like in real life to make them feel valued customers.

How LinkedFusion Automates LinkedIn Messages?

LinkedFusion software is your favorite automation tool to automate LinkedIn messages and makes the lead generation process easier. It has a readily available predefined message template, just select it when composing a message to the user and let them feel conversation more personalized. It will increase the chances of your messages being read.

You will also have the option to upload CSV files for better target audience searches. After users finding is done, begin to send up-to 200 new invites and up-to 500 messages to the existing connections.

LinkedFusions smart feature lets you schedule an automated follow-up. With this feature, sending automated follow-ups to the users who accepted the invitation but not replied yet will make the lead generation process more effective.

If some user forgets to reply, this follow-up will catch their attention and help to convert from prospect to a customer.

How Many LinkedIn Invitations Can Be Sent?

As we are aware that LinkedIn is a professional social networking site to connect with users for professional purposes. Therefore, it generally allows users to connect up to 3000 connections. However, there is no specific daily limit to send invitations provided by LinkedIn, but it should not be sent excessively. A captcha needs to be solved for each invites over 100 If a user sends a request within a day.

To maximize the chances of acceptance of your sent connections, avoid sending requests those are out of your business audience. Also not sending those who you feel might reject a request, is a good idea of staying out of spamming activities.

If it has been sent too many connections by you and still not accepted, withdrawing invitations pending for a long time will be a good option. Simply go to sent invitations and withdraw them. The user will not get noticed about the withdrawal of the connection.

It is worth noting that connections withdrawn by you will not be added back to your account. It will continue to the 3000 connection limit. If an account reaches the given limit, contact Customer Service and request for more invitations to be sent. As long as you have not been tagged as a spammer by getting many disapprovals, they typically provide you another up-to 1000 invites per month to be sent out.

How Many InMails Can You Send?

To use InMail service by LinkedIn you must upgrade your LinkedIn basic account to a premium account. LinkedIn InMail allows you to send a message to another LinkedIn member that is not your connection.

LinkedIn allows a specific number of InMail credit to its premium users as per their subscription type. A premium user will find InMail credit from their premium subscription page. In order to purchase InMail credit, A user needs to visit the LinkedIn website. This InMail credit can only be used from personal accounts, Recruiter lite accounts cannot use them.

InMail can contain up to 200 characters for the subject line and up to 1900 characters in the body. It is worth noting that the email signature is included in the total character numbers.

For Sales Navigator, additional credits outside the monthly allotment can’t be purchased by the LinkedIn members. New allotment of InMail credits will be received on the first day of every month of the billing cycle. You can accumulate InMail credits from month to month, if not used they will expire after three months (90 days). These InMail messages have a greater response rate than regular emails. Users will be more likely to open and read messages as they are from trusted sources.

A user (sender) will get credits back to their account if the receiver does not reply within 7 days, so it is reasonably a refund.

Can I Get Banned From Using LinkedIn?

It is important to know LinkedIns rules before sending connection requests to the user and getting prospects from LinkedIn. Sending an invitation to the LinkedIn users over and again you do not know can make you noticed in LinkedIns eye. It restricts you from using LinkedIn or simply bans you. Most of the people do not know it.

LinkedIn will remove your ability to send connections if your connection request is rejected by the user often enough. There can be two most common phase by LinkedIn, it restricts to send an invitation and completely bans your LinkedIn account.

The declination of your connections will lead to considering your account as spamming.

Generally, most people start advertising or sales related conversations with LinkedIn users just after accepting the request. It sounds that the connection is made only for selling purposes. The best to increase chances of their acceptance and reply is, meet them off of LinkedIn first and then connect on LinkedIn.

Also, use LinkedFusion software to make your conversation personalized to avoid declined by the users. Additionally, it has intelligent algorithms to moderate and stagger to make sure your LinkedIn activity simulates natural human behavior so that LinkedIn does not label it as spam.

What Is LinkedIn Jail?

There are lots of reasons LinkedIn can put your accounts in jail. If your account is in u201cLinkedIn Jailu201d it affects your profile and contents visibility. Your posts will be down-ranked by the LinkedIn algorithm. Also, suspicious behaviors can lead accounts to be restricted. It means activities done on your LinkedIn account do not meet LinkedIn rules and policies.

If there are high numbers of connections and less or zero engagement rate you have, meaning your contents are not having quality. LinkedIn may track all these activities.

Restriction on your LinkedIn account is an important matter for your LinkedIn marketing. As a marketer, it directly impacts your social selling efforts and you will not get the results you want for your business. Restriction of your account can be limited, but it is advisable not to do in the first place.

Review your network, the users in your LinkedIn account are relevant? In order to avoid LinkedIn Jail, professional conduct, and behavior is a must. Be careful with all activities done with LinkedIn users. Depending on the violation of the LinkedIn policies, a user may appeal to get out of restriction.

Why LinkedIn Invitations Fail?

LinkedIn may temporarily restrict your account to send invitations. There may be the reason that you have sent the request and it is in pending mode or not accepted recipients or too many invitations have been sent in recent times by you.

Restrictions are temporary but it is always a good idea to remember only send invites to the people you are familiar with or within your network. LinkedIn suggests to do so, but it is not always feasible when it comes to social selling and lead generation.

If your account is restricted the first time, LinkedIn will make it able to send invitations again shortly within a few hours. But if it for the subsequent restriction, it can take a few days to make your account free from restriction.

LinkedFusion software conversation style minimizes the probability of your accounts restriction. Its personalized message in invitation request let the users understand why this connection is useful to them. It looks not spam and the acceptance rate will be higher.

What is A LinkedIn Bot?

LinkedIn is a prominent social networking platform where employees and business people have the opportunity to expand their network. To increase the reach of prospecting marketers can take the help of LinkedIn automation software that helps reduce workloads. LinkedIn automation software is often called as LinkedIn bots because they perform automated marketing tasks.

Generating B2B leads via LinkedIn is one of the most effective and easy methods for outreaching LinkedIn prospecting. But marketers need to keep patient to grow their network to grow and target prospects. LinkedIn bots made possible increasing LinkedIn connections gradually with smart efforts.

How Does A LinkedIn Bot Work?

LinkedIn automation or a bot performs a great range of tasks depending on the type of it. They serve simple functions such as comment, like, unlike, auto-follow, unfollow, sharing, adding friends, and sending automated messages.

LinkedFusion processes automated messages in order to send customized and follow-ups by not being considered spam. It is the safest as well as productive automated sequencing software to automate LinkedIn lead campaigns. LinkedFusion users can also monitor the important tasks like establishing and developing relationships with the prospects for lead generation.

Can I Get Banned Using A LinkedIn Bot?

LinkedFusion is the reliable and safest method for automating LinkedIn. LinkedIn can easily ban or restrict your account if untrustworthy programs are used for automating LinkedIn marketing. Because, sending too many invitations in a short time by automation software can make a users account in trouble such as restriction of account, etc.

Additionally, LinkedIn can ban those users from sending out connections aggressively. A members data is safe as per the LinkedIn policy; therefore, restrictions are developed to help users stay protected from fraud and spammers.

Because LinkedFusion uses smart automation and intelligent algorithms, it is one of the safest automation platforms. It sends customized messages one by one as if you are sending it to increase the chances of your invitations being accepted. This way the risk of getting the account banned is reduced.

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