Top 22 LinkedIn Automation Tools for Lead Generation in 2023

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Many people underestimate the effect that automation can have on their LinkedIn outreach. Integrating a LinkedIn automation software into your LinkedIn outreach will single your outreach efforts and double your results.

You may increase your visibility and influence on LinkedIn by using automated technologies. However, not every automation tool is created equal. They’re not all secure for your LinkedIn account, either. Understanding how to utilize LinkedIn automation securely without jeopardizing your account is crucial. You may choose a trustworthy, feature-rich automation tool for LinkedIn with the aid of our guidance.

What is LinkedIn Outreach?

LinkedIn outreach is the method of finding and contacting potential clients and business partners through LinkedIn. Using this method, you can prospect your potential clients and network with other people in your business to offer your goods or services. Ways in which you can connect with the LinkedIn community using your LinkedIn account are :

  • LinkedIn Connection
  • LinkedIn message
  • LinkedIn Post

What Is LinkedIn Outreach Automation?

When it comes to interacting and connecting with professionals on LinkedIn, outreach tools are really beneficial. They are intended to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your sales outreach initiatives. When you automate your LinkedIn lead generation process it will save your time and make your outreach more organized.

What Are the Types of LinkedIn Automation Tools?

There are many automation tools in the market but choosing one that is best for you is important. First let’s know two types of LinkedIn automation tools for lead generation.


You must launch the tool in the form of an extension and open LinkedIn in your preferred browser in order to use this type. The results are :

  • The gadget cannot be used nonstop.
  • Since they rely on browser caching, it is simpler to identify them.
  • When logging in, use new IP addresses each time. This is suspicious.
  • In addition to the previously noted security concerns, browser-based LinkedIn automation applications are deficient in more complex functions.


The use of LinkedIn automation tools that are cloud-based and integrate with your LinkedIn account is safer. From your automation tool, you may sign into your LinkedIn account and configure filters and settings for the tasks you wish to automate.

The following are some of the key benefits of employing a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool :

  • Exclusive IP address.
  • Since it doesn’t operate on the front end like browser-based technologies, it is more difficult to detect.
  • Access to cutting-edge technologies that increase your conversion rates, such as personalization.

LinkedIn automation tools that are hosted in the cloud have an edge over those that are browser-based thanks to the benefits of convenience and increased security. The catch is that they are typically more expensive than their browser-based equivalents.

Therefore, keep these things in mind while you search for a tool to assist you in automating your LinkedIn activity.

How Can You Integrate LinkedIn Sales Navigator, Automation Tool and CRM?

Use of technology and automation solutions is crucial for creating a lead generation funnel. Automation solutions let you automate repetitive tasks, as was previously stated. Your LinkedIn outreach will become more organized if you integrate them with LinkedIn premium Sales Navigator and CRM.

You can find leads that are most similar to your target markets by using Sales Navigator’s sophisticated search filter. Using LinkedIn automation capabilities, you can contact leads after locating them. You can launch campaigns with the aid of these technologies and generate leads that are sales-qualified.

Transfer your lead list to your CRM once you have a list of people who are interested in your goods and services. Import the lead list to your CRM using the native integration functionality provided by the LinkedIn Automation tool. Utilize your CRM to manage your customers throughout your sales pipeline.

6 Reasons to Generate Leads Using Automation Software

The use of LinkedIn automation tools gives you the ability to automate publication, improve your targeting to find the best audience at the right moment, and maximize your reach with messages on LinkedIn which can open up opportunities for more clients.

  • They carry out a great deal of sophisticated background work and automate boring tasks.
  • In order to communicate with potential leads more effectively and gain access to new clients, they personalize outreach emails.
  • The administration of incoming responses is made easier by LinkedIn automation tools.
  • They adopt an email-specific method for better user engagement.
  • You can test various components of your outreach messaging using A/B testing.
  • Integration with social media marketing tools for effective lead generation, engagement, and content development that promotes business growth.

22 Best Linkedin Automation Tools for 2023

We examined the majority of the best LinkedIn automation solutions on the market to compile a list of the top five for you. There is a tool on this list for you whether you want to scrape LinkedIn data, automate LinkedIn messages, or start personalized outreach.

Remember that the majority of these instruments can be of any quality, regardless of their price. In fact, you may locate a top-notch LinkedIn automation solution for a fair price that might work far better than a costly but subpar service. Before you make a decision, you won’t regret later, it is a good idea to examine the top LinkedIn outreach automation solutions.

  • 1) LinkedFusion :

    An innovative cloud-based technology called LinkedFusion is designed to automate LinkedIn outreach and provide leads. It enables you to design outreach initiatives that are unique to your particular market niche’s needs.

    The possibility to use dedicated IP addresses and multiple time zones when utilizing LinkedFusion is one of the main advantages. You can do this to measure metrics from various campaigns and acquire insightful data about your LinkedIn prospects.

    Additionally, LinkedFusion allows easy connectivity with several well-known products, including Hubspot, Salesforce, Google Sheet, Zapier, and the majority of CRMs. This enables you to handle all of your outreach initiatives in a single, handy spot and optimize your process.

    You can use LinkedFusion from any device, anywhere in the globe, thanks to its cloud-based accessibility over a secure cloud connection. This ensures that you never miss an opportunity to engage with potential customers because your campaigns can continue to run even when you’re not online.

    Price ranges :

    • Professional: $69.95 each month for each user
    • Increase: $95.95 for each user, every month
    • Maximum: $135.95 per month per user
  • 2) LeadConnect :

    An old-school Chrome Store tool called Lead Connect automates the process of generating leads on LinkedIn. It assists companies in identifying potential clients who they may develop into paying customers. This implies that you can utilize Lead Connect to boost your chance of closing offers and fast expanding your sales funnel.

    By automatically interacting with prospects who meet the user’s preferences, the application is made to produce high-quality leads from LinkedIn. Prospective customers’ LinkedIn profiles are viewed by Lead Connect, who then sends them personalized connection requests and a series of communications over time.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Expert: $22.95 per month
    • Become: $40.95 per month
    • Maximum: $77.95 per month
  • 3) LinkedIn Sales Navigator :

    One of the most well-liked LinkedIn automation tools is LinkedIn Sales Navigator. In order to locate and connect with your ideal prospects, it includes advanced search filters, lead recommendations, and personalized insights. It is specifically created for B2B lead generation.

    You may quickly create and save lead lists based on your target market with this application. This can aid in keeping you organized and concentrated on your best leads. You may track leads’ updates and activities on LinkedIn by saving them as accounts.

    You can send personalized messages to prospects using the InMail messaging system even if you are not connected to them on LinkedIn. LinkedIn InMail messages are a useful tool for contacting potential leads because they have a better response rate than standard messages.

    Plans for LinkedIn Sales Navigator start at $99 per month, making it more expensive than other LinkedIn automation products.

  • 4) Linked Helper 2 :

    You can easily obtain worthwhile leads using this Chrome-based tool, which can help you save time, money, and effort. You may automate your job on LinkedIn, Sales Navigator, or even LinkedIn Recruiter by using LinkedHelper. Linked Helper has a few crucial features that let you grow your network.

    By selecting an outreach campaign for you, setting up its templates, and running the autoresponder to contact your second- and third-degree contacts, this program functions as a LinkedIn autoresponder.

    Let’s say you belong to a LinkedIn group. Then, whether the group members are your first, second, or third-degree connections, you can utilize LinkedHelper to automate delivering messages to them. Last but not least, you may use it to manage and export your LinkedIn contacts. For even more precise targeting, you can even import your own unique CSV data into the LinkedIn tool.

    This product is available for free during a trial period, or you may pay between $8.25 and $15 per month for a license to use it on a regular basis.

  • 5) We-Connect :

    We-Connect is a well-liked LinkedIn automation solution that enables you to personalize outreach, send automated messages on LinkedIn, and automate connection requests.

    Using this tool, you can precisely target your ideal prospects by selecting groups of LinkedIn members based on several factors, such as job title, company size, and region.

    WeConnect’s thorough analytics let you keep track of the success of your outreach activities, enabling you to make wise choices and modify your plan as necessary.

    Although the program has a free trial option, membership options start at $49 per month, which may be out of certain users’ price ranges. Customers have also voiced complaints about sporadic software errors and poor loading times.

  • 6) Phantombuster :

    Phantombuster is a code-free data extraction LinkedIn bot that enables lead generation, audience targeting, and growth automation. With the help of this application, you may automate a variety of LinkedIn tasks, from task scheduling to chain automation.

    This technology is based on phantoms that can carry out automated tasks and extract data, as the name would imply. With the help of a LinkedIn network booster like Phantombuster, connecting with relevant LinkedIn individuals is now quite simple.

    Phantombuster is also excellent for scraping profiles. It gathers pertinent information from a variety of profiles, including the person’s name, employment, title, position, and more. Additionally, it automatically engages your connections by like and commenting on content and sending them personalized messages.

    Phantombuster, which offers a variety of features and automation advice, performs best when used in conjunction with a different LinkedIn automation tool of your choosing. You can expedite the procedure and outperform your rivals with the aid of Phantombuster.

  • 7) Linked Radar :

    By automatically sending connection requests and messages, this LinkedIn automation tool assists you in finding and connecting with potential clients. This implies that you can tailor your LinkedIn outreach to create better relationships and produce leads.

    You can track the effectiveness of your outreach activities with the aid of LinkedIn Radar’s thorough analytics, which enables you to improve your plan and concentrate on the most promising prospects.

    There are three pricing options for this LinkedIn automation tool:

    • Starting Plan: $14.9/month
    • $24.9/month for the Biz Plan
    • $69.9 per month for the Unlimited Plan
  • 8) Zopto :

    Another LinkedIn automation solution created specifically to help startups and their sales teams with lead generation is called Zopto. You can start the search using LinkedIn Premium and select and filter your ideal clients. For companies aiming to enhance their outreach and lead generation campaigns, Zopto is specially designed. Users must comprehend LinkedIn automation and the sales process in order to fully utilize the product.

    Businesses may utilize Zopto’s many helpful features to locate prospective clients on LinkedIn, boost conversion rates, and boost sales.

    You can filter customers using a variety of criteria, including industry, company size, title, location, seniority level, and more.

    After choosing the appropriate target audience for your business, the engagement level function allows you to activate the necessary features and match the desired engagement level. You can arrange message sequences, ask people to connect, and more.

    Manage Leads: The live dashboard that offers comprehensive data and information about your campaign allows you to keep track of your leads. In order for users to answer as soon as feasible, its responsive detecting system also warns users when a response is received from a prospect.

    In addition to some additional special capabilities like InMail messages, Twitter interaction, advanced reporting, etc., Zopto provides you with all the necessary automation features.

    You can automatically backup your data to its servers thanks to data security. Nevertheless, you don’t need to be concerned about its security since the GDPR standards are followed when collecting the data.

    Reporting: Includes a thorough analytics dashboard that lets you monitor your performance in real time and the success of your campaigns. To increase the effectiveness of your marketing, you can do A/B tests and select better campaigns.

  • 9) Octopus CRM :

    Octopus CRM is your safest and best bet if you’re looking for a product that’s cheap yet effective and packed with features. You may handle LinkedIn networking with ease and in a secure setting by using this excellent LinkedIn automation software.

    An all-in-one LinkedIn automation application called Octopus CRM makes outreach and prospecting chores easier for LinkedIn users. It may be used by online marketers to build LinkedIn marketing funnels for any type of company. It facilitates automatic connections with your target market.

    Utilize Octopus CRM to automatically view profiles, send personalized messages, endorse skills, send out mass connection requests, and more. In actuality, it is the ideal LinkedIn mass messaging program. You may create your own LinkedIn marketing funnel and customize interactions with connections using Octopus CRM.

    The best aspect is that this tool works with all types of LinkedIn accounts. Because it gives you the pertinent facts and broad patterns, it is great for outreach campaign monitoring. Additionally, you can manage your LinkedIn activity and even combine it with Hubspot and Zapier.

    You may quickly combine, delete, and add features with the Octopus CRM, and you can save prospects on your dashboard. To generate leads, you may set up a lead generation funnel, and you can use the automation capabilities for follow-up to boost conversions.

    Popular automation tool Octopus CRM provides four different pricing tiers. The pro package costs $9.99 per month, the advanced package $14.99 per month, and the beginner pack is $6.99 per month. Or you might like to choose the unlimited package, which costs $24.9 per month when paid annually.

  • 10) Lempod :

    By enabling likes and comments from other users, Lempod is an online platform that enables producers to increase their interaction on LinkedIn. It serves as a marketplace that links content creators with pertinent engagement pods so they may find communities of people interested in promoting their material.

    Lempod’s user-customizable criteria allow users to focus their search and find pods that are particular to their industry or location, which is one of the service’s key benefits.

    Individuals that have mutually decided to connect and engage with each other’s material on the LinkedIn network make up engagement pods, also known as LinkedIn pods. Users can successfully expand their involvement and contacts on the platform by joining a pod, which will improve their professional chances.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • The going rate is $9.99 per pod.
    • Pod for private business: $3.99 per user.
  • 11) ProspectIn :

    Another trustworthy automated tool to increase networking and engagement on LinkedIn is ProspectIn. It chooses your prospecting order and automates the process of contacting prospects on LinkedIn, to start. This might assist you in managing your qualified leads more successfully. It creates a fully automated sales machine by using themes to target your prospects and automatically exporting them into your CRM.

    Additionally, it multiplies channels by obtaining from LinkedIn the emails and contact details of your prospects, which you can use to get in touch with them or add them to your CRM.

    By establishing connections with decision-makers in your industry, ProspectIn also broadens your LinkedIn network. Your profile and areas of expertise are highlighted in the connection invite letter. Utilize ProspectIn to tailor your lists and target your precise audience. Using data from the platform’s 700 million+ professionals, this tool generates extremely targeted lists. Last but not least,
    you may use ProspectIn to modify and improve your messages’ conversion rates.

    With ProspectIn, you can create four times as many leads while cutting your prospecting time in half and increasing your conversion rates by 20.

  • 12) Waalaxy :

    Waalaxy has a straightforward, user-friendly interface, making it a wonderful tool for beginners seeking for the best LinkedIn automation software or email marketing automation solutions. Simply add Waalaxy from the web store, utilize the templates that are currently provided, or customize the tool as you see fit. The Chrome extension operates without any issues.

    Waalaxy can assist you with producing personalized messaging for LinkedIn, email, and other channels while efficiently automating multi-channel prospecting. Despite the weekly limitations, the extension automatically retrieves the prospect’s email and is still able to submit a LinkedIn connection request. You can get in touch with 500–700 new prospects per week using this method.

    Waalaxy helps people who want to work with a more user-friendly LinkedIn automation solution even if it is built for sales teams. Make sure to frequently read the updated guidelines and watch their YouTube videos to stay up to date with this tool.

    Here are the primary characteristics :

    This feature enables you to segment your list of possible clients based on a variety of factors, such as title, region, company, language, and business type. By segmenting your audience, you can target the ideal customers and boost conversion rates.

    By linking your CRM to Waalaxy, you may quickly and easily export data to your favorite tools. Your LinkedIn marketing will have easier chores thanks to CRM integration.

    Saves your valuable time and work by automatically sending follow-up communications to your prospects until they answer. Additionally, the solution imports fresh leads and automates your LinkedIn advertising. It is one of the top sales automation solutions on the market because of these capabilities.

    Waalaxy provides three price tiers :

    • €25 monthly for the Pro package
    • A premium bundle for €50 a month
    • €80 monthly for a business bundle.
  • 13) Crystal :

    This LinkedIn automation application employs artificial intelligence to aid with message writing, personality analysis, and relationship building.

    Based on behavior patterns, text analysis, assessment results, and other pertinent data, Crystal will use personality AI to create a thorough profile of your target audience. Any LinkedIn profile you come across can have a personality evaluation viewed using this application. You’ll learn useful information that you can use to improve the copy you write and personalize it for each prospect.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Free: $0.01 per month (with some functionality).
    • Monthly premium: $49
    • Business: tailored price based on volume of profiles.
  • 14) Uplead :

    A platform for generating B2B leads called Uplead gives users access to millions of verified contacts and company information. Users can utilize the advanced search and filtering features to identify the appropriate possibilities.

    For simple LinkedIn and other social media network integration, Uplead also offers a chrome extension. By assisting you in connecting with top-notch leads, this application can help you save time and increase your sales conversion rates.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Basics: $74 per month
    • Added: $149 per month
    • Expert: $299 per month
  • 15) Skylead :

    Another cloud-based LinkedIn engagement software called Skylead is made for salespeople to reach out to prospects and develop relationships with them. It works well for people, businesses, and agencies who prefer to generate leads via email and LinkedIn.

    It enables you to establish a solid rapport with your prospects and raise conversion rates. Additionally, you can design messages and sequences specifically for your campaigns. Online marketers can create a campaign using Skylead in a matter of minutes, and the remaining steps are carried out automatically.

    Here are a few characteristics of Skylead :

    With hundreds of messages, the LinkedIn inbox is a complete mess. When you have to maintain several accounts, the issue gets worse. You can view and respond to messages from Skylead’s inbox without opening LinkedIn.

    To employ more automation, you may quickly interface Skylead with CRMs and other third-party software. You can save time and effort by automating chores.

    Sends emails and automated messages on LinkedIn for your company using conditional logic. You may send messages and emails automatically and save time and effort by using smart sequencing.

    You don’t have to worry about using the product for your LinkedIn marketing because of customer support. When using the Skylead, they provide devoted customer support to address problems.

    Marketing experts may run multi-channel marketing campaigns thanks to Multi Campaigns. You can target various markets based on your needs and it makes lead generation straightforward.

  • 16) Wiza :

    Wiza is a LinkedIn automation application that facilitates lead generation through the automated discovery and validation of email addresses. It provides a quick and simple way to locate, and export verified contact information from LinkedIn Recruiter, LinkedIn, and LinkedIn Sales Navigator.

    Advanced automation is used by this programme to swiftly harvest data and generate focused lists. Wiza can help you streamline your outreach procedures and cut down on lead generation time.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Mini: $30 per user per month
    • Pro: $50 per user each month
    • Growth: $100 per user each month
  • 17) Dux-Soup :

    One of the most well-liked LinkedIn automation tools is Dux-Soup, which makes networking and interacting with potential connections and leads easier and more natural. The tool’s main goals are outreach and lead creation. By adding tags and comments to the user profiles of those you want to contact, its integrated automatic lead tools let you manage your prospects. For novice users, this automatic process greatly simplifies things.

    To facilitate lead management, you can download the information from a LinkedIn profile using Dux-Soup and upload it to your CRM. Additionally, you may use it to automate the procedures of finding, interacting with, and personalizing messages for LinkedIn profiles.

    You must always have a browser tab open with your LinkedIn open in order to use Dux-Soup. Dux-Soup is a straightforward application that is very beneficial for new LinkedIn users, despite this minor shortcoming. Additionally, Dux-Soup is available as a Chrome extension.

    Despite the fact that this product is intended for sales teams, it also benefits people who want to use a more approachable LinkedIn automation tool. Make sure to periodically study the new instructions on automation administration that this service releases in order to stay up to date with this technology.

    Consider that you want sophisticated features for your outreach effort. Dux-Soup might not be the greatest option in that situation. But if you’re a rookie, Dux-Soup has your back.

  • 18) AeroLeads :

    By automating the process of gathering and validating email addresses, AeroLeads enables you to produce leads. The only context-based lead creation tool on the internet, this technology offers lightning-fast data retrieval in only a few seconds.

    You may quickly customize the platform to meet your unique demands thanks to its highly adjustable options for data input and export. Additionally, you may do customized searches for your outreach initiatives thanks to the rich filters. Additionally, it provides a Chrome extension for rapid LinkedIn lead and prospect discovery.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Launch: 449/month
    • Gain: $149 per month
    • $499/month for a cruise
  • 19) Meet Alfred :

    Meet Alfred is a LinkedIn, Twitter, and email-specific sales enablement platform. On LinkedIn and Sales Navigator, you may use it to automate profile visits, connections requests, follow-up messages, and other multi-messaging sequences. MeetAlfred’s user-friendly design and step-by-step instructions make things simple for everyone, even beginners.

    Numerous campaign sequencing options, a potent analytics dashboard, built-in safety usage limitations, and a tonne of integrations are just a few of the features that Meet Alfred has to offer. However, since you can only use the app by linking it to your Gmail or Microsoft account, it can be somewhat restrictive. Additionally, you have to manually launch the software. During the entire time you use the automation tool, your laptop or computer must be on.

    The fact that you can only automate one week’s worth of tasks at once is another restriction of Meet Alfred. However, because it is cloud-based, you can configure it to operate only during specific hours or at predetermined intervals.

    Three pricing tiers are provided by MeetAlfred :

    • The fundamental bundle costs $29 a month.
    • The premium plan is $59 per month.
    • The $119 monthly professional bundle
  • 20) :

    A sales interaction tool called streamlines and automates outbound contact. It has a number of functions, including CRM connection, task scheduling, and email sequencing.

    This platform optimizes email deliverability and response rates using AI and machine learning.’s goal is to grow outreach for sales teams while preserving a personalized approach.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Initial: $60 per user per month
    • Expert: $90 per user each month
    • Pricing that is tailored to your needs.
  • 21) TexAu :

    A data automation platform called TexAu enables companies to automate procedures and collect data from websites. It is a cloud-based solution with a variety of functions, including data enrichment, web scraping, and LinkedIn scraping.

    Pricing Schemes :

    • Cloud Launcher: $290 annually
    • Cloud Development: $790/year
    • Cloud Agency: $1990 /year
  • 22) Expandi :

    One of the safest automation solutions is called Expandi, a cloud-based platform. It is made to assist company owners in generating leads on LinkedIn. Expandi is regarded as secure since it enables automated LinkedIn outreach without drawing attention from or being blocked by LinkedIn.

    With a starting price of $99 per month and a number of intriguing features, Expandi is fairly inexpensive. Additionally, it provides an infinite number of campaigns and automatic steps. You can use campaign metrics to get important insights while viewing the analytics on the dashboard.

    Create campaigns, select a target audience, send personalized messages, and send follow-up communications using Expandi. Additionally, it provides important insights through campaign data that let you evaluate the effectiveness of your ads.

    Expandi also provides a number of strong features, like an app, LinkedIn chat, which enables you to communicate with your LinkedIn acquaintances, a blacklist tool, and many others. With a few clicks, use the tool to quickly identify readers of particular topics and send them personalized greetings.

    The Smart Inbox feature is intriguing. You might easily get lost in the messages in the messy inbox that comes with LinkedIn. The problem gets worse when you oversee several accounts. With Expand, you can organize your communications and make sure you never miss a discussion thanks to a dedicated smart inbox.

    Expandi costs more than other LinkedIn solutions, but the security and functionality it provides make up for that cost.

Factors to Consider When Selecting the Correct Outreach Automation Tool

When using LinkedIn automation tool for your LinkedIn outreach it’s essential that you look for these features:

1) Features and functionalities : When you are selecting any technology it’s essential to choose a tool that is a right fit for your tool.

2) Your needs and goals : If you want to automate any of your sales outreach, think about which components. Do you want a full-featured LinkedIn CRM to handle every part of relationship building, or do you prefer to send mass messages?

3) Ease of use : Can your salespeople use the tool quickly and effectively? A learning curve must first be overcome before integrating it into your sales process, or?

4) Customer support : Does the software offer enough support resources and documentation in case you run into trouble?

5) Pricing : Is the programme you intend to purchase within your price range? More importantly, will you get enough value for your money if you buy it?

Conclusion :

Now that you have all the information to choose the LinkedIn automation tool that best fits your needs. It’s always best to choose the tool that helps you streamline your sales process and lets you grow your leads. LinkedIn automation is the practice that will let you focus more on the lead conversion as your outreach will be fully automated.