Kennected Alternative: LinkedIn Automation tool Competitors 2024

Kennecte Alternative tools

Kennected is a cloud-based LinkedIn automation tool that helps users in LinkedIn outreach. Kennected offers a solution that helps users send messages according to a schedule while maintaining conversational authenticity.

One notable quality of Kennected is how simple it is to use. According to numerous reviews, you can set it up and begin using it in only a few minutes. Users will find the interface to be simple and well-designed, making it simple to grasp and utilize.

What is LinkedIn Automation?

LinkedIn automation is the practice of utilizing machines to carry out tasks that would otherwise be done manually. Sending out connection requests, messaging potential clients, sending follow-up messages, and many other things are among them.

Here are ways you can leverage LinkedIn Automation tool :

  • Save time by leveraging the automation tool for repetitive jobs.
  • Use the features of the tool to optimize your outreach efforts.
  • You can reach out to your prospect via LinkedIn outreach and email marketing.
  • For your prospect database to see, create fresh incentives and offers for prospects and promote them on social media.

What is the LinkedIn Automation platform?

LinkedIn Automation Platforms are designed to perform outreach activities that mimic human behavior. This platform automates your outreach to scale your outreach and close the deals by automating tasks like:

  • Time consuming repetitive tasks and help users to optimize their outreach efforts.
  • You can execute customized campaigns on these platforms.
  • Gathering information to aid in improving marketing iterations.

How can you generate revenue from the LinkedIn automation tool?

Using LinkedIn automation tools to find high quality leads that have high possibility lets you generate revenue. You can also optimize your LinkedIn profile and also help you boost the response rate from your leads. LinkedFusion offers a free LinkedIn profile checker tool that helps you optimize your LinkedIn profile. The profile checker helps you optimize every aspect of your LinkedIn profile like profile image, background image, LinkedIn summary and more.

How can integrate Sales Navigator to close more deals?

One of the main factors influencing people’s decisions to subscribe to the sales navigator is LinkedIn’s comprehensive and unlimited search feature. However, in addition to it, the characteristics listed below will also be helpful to you:

  • Locating your target market with the aid of sophisticated filters.
  • Observe changes, interact with specific people, and supply sales leads.
  • Use the thorough filters offered by the platform, which is unique.
  • Notifications of job changes, keyword mentions, and more.
  • Update the lead list in real-time while simultaneously saving leads.

Sales Navigator offers a lot of potential for intricacy, as you can see. Let’s discover more about LinkedIn Sales Navigator best practices and tried-and-true tactics to make the most of this sales tool. Using InMail to reach out to the prospect with an open profile will enable you to avoid the part of sending an invitation first.

Top 7 Kennected Alternative

Below is the list of best tools for LinkedIn b2b lead generation. The LinkedIn automation platform that allows users to set time focused outreach campaigns to connect with prospects.

1) LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is also a b2b cloud-based software for lead generation. With a user-friendly dashboard and easy onboarding Linke Fusion helps users find leads and expand their LinkedIn connection. This lead generation software offers you CRM integration, personalized template, automated prospect follow-up and analytics for the data driven decision making.

Useful Features provided by LinkedFusion 

The goal of LinkedFusion’s LinkedIn automation solution is to provide its users with a constant flow of new connections, sales appointments, and networks. The numerous features guarantee a personalized and automatic networking experience by taking the guesswork out of it.

The feature that LinkedFusion offers:

1) Effectively Manage Your Team

The software enables the user to manage a team as well as work independently. By avoiding contacting prospects who are already in the team’s sales funnel, you may successfully manage a team and their sales pipeline by using blacklist leads.

  • Follow the results of the campaigns.
  • Use the blacklist functionality to prevent duplication.
  • Using graphical statistics, gain understanding of prospect engagement.
  • Effective management and centralized billing

2) Maintain The Safe Commercial Limit

By controlling the target audience and keeping your LinkedIn account inside their safety commercial limit, LinkedFusion maintains the security of your account.

  • Gain complete control over your automation calendar.
  • Reach out to your connection with a tailored strategy.
  • Receive alerts on the LinkedIn safety notice.
    LinkedFusion guarantees the security of your LinkedIn account and keeps it from being blocked.

3) Ensures Smooth Integration

You may quicken your LinkedIn outreach initiatives by integrating with the CRM of your choosing. You may concentrate on the task that involves serving customers with LinkedInFusion.

  • Streamlined integrations with your preferred CRMs.
  • Add profile information and sequences.
  • integrate your other tools’ accounts with LinkedFusion

4) Make data-driven decisions

By keeping track of your progress and obtaining graphical representations of the insights on the effectiveness of your campaigns.

  • Obtain a live dashboard.
  • Track your campaign carefully.
  • Keep abreast of usage reporting.
  • Your progress will be transported in the file format of your choice.

5) 24/7 assistance for the user

LinkedFusion has a very helpful support team to help you with the easy onboarding of the software. The LinkedFusion customer support staff is renowned for being extremely helpful.

  • 24/7 technical help is available.
  • Detailed instructions for quick onboarding
  • Quick answers to your questions
  • Access the videos from the LinkedFusion academy.

LinkedFusion has a very simple pricing plan. You can book a demo to learn more about the tool.

2) LeadConnect 

LeadConnect is a LinkedIn Outreach Automation Platform that supports you with personalized multiple follow-ups and automated native integration to Hubspot, automating your lead generating activities.

LeadConnect’s feature list : 

1) Personalize Your Outreach

Use placeholders to make your message more specific and send up to 100 additional invitations. You can also programme up to 6 follow-up messages for prospects who have connected with you but have not yet replied. You can avoid sending inquiries to prospects who you have previously connected with by using the Blacklist functionality.

2) Target Your Audience

To identify your target market, use the basic LinkedIn search function, sales navigator, or CSV. Connect with your prospect by using an automatic follow-up that looks and feels manual. By using this automatic method rather than personally following up, you will receive 10 times more responses.

3) Integrate Your Software

For simple lead nurturing and management, connect your LinkedIn profile to Hubspot and email finding tools. The Hubspot Integration solution from LeadConnect can send information about your prospects and the dialogue to Hubspot. You can effortlessly import this data directly to Hubspot thanks to integration with the email finder feature, which allows you to locate email inside the LinkedIn interface.
Including this email finder in your system:

  • Skrapp,
  • Briteverify
  • Anymailfinder, and more. 

4) Improve Your Sales Engagement

By utilizing the information and data acquired from the sales process, improve your campaigns. Users can efficiently plan, deploy, and manage campaigns with the use of these data-driven insights. With the help of Auto Sequences, users can contact an unlimited number of prospects each day with personalized messages, producing a steady income.

5) Be Available to Customers

Reply detection alerts you to new LinkedIn message activity and instantly halts automated follow-up whenever the user receives a response from recipients or prospects.

6) Organize Your Outreach

Monitoring responses and acceptances produces useful information that enables you to make wise judgments. You can better comprehend the movement of your campaign and prospect activity thanks to this tool.

3) SendBuzz

SendBuzz is a powerful tool for cold email outreach campaigns. A platform that helps small business owners to get potential customers using LinkedIn and email marketing. Using a landing page to build a mailing list will ensure that you have a list of authentic leads who are interested in the solution that you have to offer. Once you have a verified email address then you can run personalized email campaigns at scale for better results. Additionally, you can natively integrate customer relationship management (CRM) that helps you import customer data into the software to run campaigns. Users can easily create campaigns with the easy import of the customer data without using Zapier.

SendBuzz’s feature list includes :

Multi-Channel Outreach Campaign

You are not limited to using this sales engagement software only for emails or LinkedIn. Without moving platforms, engage your target audience where they are. You can reach out to the prospect using the following channels :

  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail
  • WhatsApp
  • Social media channels

Inbox rotation

Inbox rotation enables you to use multiple inboxes to send email in one campaign. This speeds up your campaigns while also raising each campaign spending cap. Unified Inbox is a different feature that enables you to receive responses from all of your target consumers in a single inbox. This makes it simple for you to contact the prospect.

Smart Sequences

Automate your outreach efforts so you may more easily concentrate on customer-facing tasks. You can follow up with your prospect using a smart campaign and do so in a predictable manner.

To increase the level of engagement being consistent with the conversations with potential leads via email increases familiarity with the prospects. It’s also important to check on the review of the sites so that you know the gap in your sites interface. Improving these gaps help you get those leads that slip through the cracks due to these errors.

Custom domain tracking

Create custom domain tracking to track your prospect activity so that you can plan your next move strategically. 

Test Your Sequences

Using flow testing, you may test your sequences to determine the best combination of channels to use to contact prospects. Additionally, you may test each of your emails using A/B testing to see which one best connects with your subscribers.

Interface with Your CRM

SendBuzz offers to interface with the CRM of your choice to ensure a smooth transfer of prospect data. It doesn’t end there because you can connect improved deliverability with any deliverability tool to create successful campaigns.

Analyze Your Campaigns

The secret to every effective sales engagement endeavor is improvement. By keeping an eye on important metrics like open rate, click-through rate, bounce rate, and more, you may gain valuable insight into your sales process. By analyzing these data, you may identify where your sales engagement process is lacking and try to close it.

4)  LinkedHelper

An intelligent LinkedIn outreach automation application called LinkedInHelper promises to provide users with possibilities to make use of the platform’s B2B clientele. With the help of this automation technology, you can automate your sales funnel, draw clients, and convert them into devoted clients.

Benefits LinkedHelper Offers :

Increase Your Network

LinkedHelper automatically sends personalized invitations to the second and third-level contacts of your target audience. By doing this, you can reach out to your target audiences more quickly. Even after surpassing the weekly limit, use Linked Helper to send requests to your target audience in order to get around the restrictions.

  • LinkedIn
  • Gmail
  • WhatsApp
  • Social media channels

Build Smart Outreach

By automating your workflow, you can raise your acceptance rate by 15–25%. You may easily use automation to engage with your audience’s posts, follow your selected profile, and recommend their abilities.

Serves Both Linkedin Basic & Premium

This LinkedIn automation tool has numerous capabilities for everyone, regardless of whether you operate as a sales navigator, recruiter, career, or business professional. It provides features for both free and paid plans.

Manages Your relationships

This automated solution has streamlined your lead creation and sales outreach on LinkedIn for managing your relationships. You can export and scrape all of your connections’ data, including:

  • Phone and email
  • History of messages on LinkedIn
  • Engagement with your sales navigator
  • Customer pile export through CSV or third-party services

Integrate with Your Prospects

Connect your CRM and LinkedIn accounts. Even if you deal with the prospect manually, Linked Helper is useful. You may access the notes and tags for the current profile on the left panel of the Linked Helper window whenever you browse any profile on LinkedIn or through Sales Navigator. You may also check the history of the automated interaction by going to the profile card within LinkedHelper CRM. This enables you to stay informed about client involvement for subsequent campaigns.

5) Lusha

Lusha is a software that helps to provide market intelligence for sales, marketing, and hiring departments. Fresh, dynamic, high-quality data and insights from Lusha help messages stand out from the crowd and find the right recipients at the right moment.

Features offered by Lusha : 

Without the bother of protracted onboarding procedures, Lusha offers a simple setup. Users of Lusha may keep a current database and assure continuing, automated CRM enrichment with the help of our straightforward Salesforce and API interfaces.

Lusha is the only sales intelligence solution to have received ISO accreditation, and it completely complies with GDPR and CCPA privacy and security standards.

27701, the most stringent privacy regulation in the world.

6) Waalaxy

Waalaxy is a recruiting and sales prospecting automation channel on LinkedIn. Create your prospecting campaigns from scratch in a few clicks without any specialized knowledge by importing prospects directly from LinkedIn.

Feature that Waalaxy offers :

1) Improve Your Prospecting

Waalaxy is designed for sales representatives, marketers, freelancers, owners, and recruiters who want to efficiently grow their businesses. Create high-quality leads via email and LinkedIn. Users may launch their campaigns more quickly thanks to the pre-built templates. You can conduct your ads around-the-clock with this app’s cloud edition.

2) Make a Connection

In only a few clicks, obtain and export useful information about your prospects. Utilize the tools provided by Waalaxy to integrate the data with the CRM of your choice and complete the loop on your lead generation process.

3) Manage Your Interactions 

The Waalaxy’s native inbox makes it simple and easy for you to manage your interactions on LinkedIn. This automation tool’s user-friendly interface makes it simple to build message templates, schedule messages, and do other things that help you stay on top of your game.

4) Get Customer Support

They claim to offer the user the greatest customer support. Their professionals are always available to help users with any inquiries or problems they may have.


Using its AI-driven DIAL (Data-Intelligence-Action-Leads) technical package, is an automated outbound sales platform that increases lead generation and connects more customers with sales teams. It enables salespeople to better manage their client connections and follow up with prospects.

With automatic outreach and an inbound lead generating strategy, Kennected is a more complete lead generation platform. To make sure that only pertinent leads are generated, it makes use of artificial intelligence, real-time email tracking, and pre-written email sequences.

Kennected is more focused on B2B sales and customer relationship management, while is more skilled at outreach and prospecting. The main goal of is to use AI to personalize messages, follow up on leads, and build unique pipelines. To become a more comprehensive solution, Kennected’s overall objective is to maximize inbound lead conversion.

Expandi Feature list :

1) Automated Connection System offers a quick, dependable, and efficient automated connection system that can establish thousands of connections in a matter of hours.

2) Cost-effective

Thanks to’s automated, scalable pricing structures, you may save time and money as compared to Kennected.
It’s simple to customize message templates and search criteria with, making it simple to identify the people who will be most interested in what you have to offer.

3) No Sales Pitch Needed

Prospective customers do not need to listen to sales pitches when using You can communicate with prospects and pique their interest in your goods and services via an automated conversation.

4) Comprehensive Lead Management offers robust lead management features that give you complete control over who and when you contact. You can stay organized and concentrated using this function so that you can communicate effectively with the appropriate audience.

LinkedFusion vs Kennected?

Many individuals are looking for user-friendly, time-saving software solutions with identification, export/import, and reporting because lead capture software is a commonly utilized technology. Researching alternatives to Kennected should also take time management and automation into account. We have created a list of products that reviewers deemed to be the best Kennected alternatives and rivals overall, including LinkedFusion, Lusha, LeadConnect, SendBuzz and more.

How can LinkedFusion help you integrate CRM and message personalization?

If you’re looking for a better alternative to Kennected then LinkedFusion is the software tool for you. When compared to Kennected, LinkedFusion allows you to create outbound LinkedIn outreach campaigns in autopilot mode. You can export your lead data to your CRM, eliminating all the manual data entry.


These marketing automation software help users automate your sales outreach so that your sales team can get time to focus on closing deals. Lead generation platforms with personalization feature allow you to automate sending personalized messages and follow-up messages to potential leads to generate more leads.

Now that you know why LinkedFusion is a better alternative, book a demo now!