Linkedin Automation to Drive More Sales

With LinkedFusion you do beyond just automating tedious Linkedin tasks. You begin conversations with your probable customers and bring them closer to the sale.


Sales Enablement Beyond Email

At LinkedFusion, create more Linkedin engagements, converting responses to a prospect’s conversations with you and make every action look natural and reliable.

linkedin lead generation

Advanced Sequences

linkedin lead generation

Intelligent Tracking

linkedin lead generation

Tailored Messaging

linkedin lead generation

Custom Schedules

linkedin lead generation

Reply Detection

linkedin lead generation

Interval Randomization


Automate profile visits

linkedin lead generation

Schedule and automate countless profile views

linkedin lead generation

Warm-up your outreach with easy and pre-messaging touches

linkedin lead generation

Strengthen brand awareness via profile visits

Sequence profile visits and be observed by prospects earlier rather than later.

Find and pull prospects and customers to interact with your brand as soon as they are ready.

Minimize your sales cycle with warmer communications via soft pre-message touches. 

Qualify leads effectively and have better conversations with greater conversion rates.


Invite prospects for connection and establish warmer relationships

linkedin lead generation

Connect reply detection with triggered follow-up actions

linkedin lead generation

Withdraw pending connections as a part of Sequence

linkedin lead generation

Customize invitations with first and last name

linkedin lead generation

Create and develop your brand presence and reach

Automate connection requests and begin creating a network effect on Linkedin.

Trigger outbound emails, follow-up messages, and profile visits upon connecting. 

Set off the first follow-up message instantly when a prospect is connected. 

Spark more conversations with a connect acceptance rate of above 37% throughout the board.


Schedule personalized follow-up messages

linkedin lead generation

Schedule up to ten follow-up messages

linkedin lead generation

Manual engagements stop follow-up messages

linkedin lead generation

Personalize messages with first and last name

linkedin lead generation

Reply detection stops follow-up activities in sequence

Send automatic follow-up messages after users accept your invitation.

Achieve 54% more opens and replies via messages as compared to cold emails.

Send customized messages using user’s first and last name.

Smart detection ends sequences automatically as soon as a prospect is manually engaged.

LinkedFusion is built to grow and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue. Make lead generation and sales funnel easy with LinkedFusion.