Introducing Your LinkedIn Virtual Assistants for Best Results

virtual assistant linkedin outreach

LinkedIn is notoriously known for banning any kind of third party automation tool on the platform. If you are someone who is running a marketing or sales agency, chances are, you are also facing some sort of difficulties providing results to your clients. Most probably, this is happening as LinkedIn is restricting your LinkedIn accounts attached to LinkedIn automation or you are not able to grow your LinkedIn outreach effectively to land more leads for your end users.

Well, at LinkedFusion, we have developed a new technology known as “Virtual Assistant for LinkedIn”. The goal is simple and clear – to generate as much ROI possible from LinkedIn via your LinkedIn outreach.

Why Virtual Assistant for LinkedIn Outreach?

If you are aware about using automated LinkedIn outreach or using any LinkedIn automation tools , you would be aware that getting your account restricted is the biggest challenge people face. And let’s face it, no software is perfect and if you miss one step, there are chances your LinkedIn account would get restricted or banned at the trickiest time.

So, to avoid this situation and feeling embarrassed in front of your LinkedIn prospects, you can use LinkedIn virtual assistants to represent your organization. The virtual assistants will do the hard work and take the beating from the platform and then once done, they will do a warm handover of your prospects to you in LinkedIn messaging.

How does LinkedIn Virtual Assistants work?

LinkedFusion helps you set up your LinkedIn assistants in one click. You can start using them for your personalized LinkedIn outreach campaigns and they will do the prospecting for you.
You can submit your prospecting list to the virtual assistant and they will add new connections and start taking follow ups on the platform. Once a prospect is added to their connections’ list on LinkedIn, they will be able to use the same outreach list provided by your primary LinkedIn account. So, there will be no hassle to get a LinkedIn Premium for all your accounts getting used in the sequence.

Once a prospect shows his or her interest in your services or products, the virtual assistant will automatically start handing over the prospect to your account. The warm prospect handover will take place in a LinkedIn group. Your LinkedIn virtual assistant will create a group on LinkedIn chat and add you and your prospect on that list. Plus, add a personalized message in the group to introduce you both in the group.

Voila, its work is done! You can now initiate communicating with the prospect directly on LinkedIn. That means, even if your virtual assistant gets restricted on LinkedIn, you would be able to keep the communication open with your prospect.

Key highlights:

  • You do not have to purchase a LinkedIn premium for every virtual assistant. You can use your premium search to run prospecting campaigns and all the virtual assistants will follow the same.
  • Team blacklist will help your virtual assistants to put efforts in the most effective way possible.
  • A warm hand-over will help your prospects keep the personalized and exclusive approach alive on the platform.
  • Using minimal automation efforts on your account will reduce your chances of getting restricted on LinkedIn.

If you want to get your own LinkedIn assistant, schedule a demo with our technical team and begin getting the maximum output today!