How to Create a High-Quality LinkedIn Video – An Ultimate Guide

How to create a high quality LinkedIn Video

Majority of the audience opt for LinkedIn to seek jobs. However, that isn’t the case anymore. It can be regarded as one of the most prominent social networks for people who want to make new connections, get to know about the pulse of the industry, and learn about new career options. To take advantage of this platform, it is necessary to be active and constantly share great content. Building brand awareness, promotion advertising, and engaging with followers should be the ultimate aim.

Video content is getting popular across the internet these days, and the same goes for LinkedIn as a professional social media platform. Going for a LinkedIn video can be one of the best strategies for gaining better reach and engagement. Do you know the algorithm of LinkedIn prioritizes video and shows it more often to users?

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Being able to create an engaging LinkedIn video is all about having a proper idea regarding what you are going to say and what you want out of the same. Videos should always come with a sense of story, even when you try to make them informative. Try to go for a narrative that can be followed along easily by the viewers. Not sure how to post a video on LinkedIn or how to create the best kind of video to stand out on LinkedIn? There is nothing to worry about, as you will get all your questions answered here.

Creating LinkedIn Video Ads

LinkedIn video ads are sponsored video advertisements that can be seen in the feeds. It is possible to sponsor already uploaded videos, or you can also upload new video ads. All you will require here is some planning and ideas on the kind of content you want to create. The targeted ads can be used to reach a specific audience. The video ads can be up to half an hour in length. ‘The Campaign Manager’ on LinkedIn can be used for setting up new video ad campaigns. Before that, you will have to create an ad account. Here are the steps for uploading your video ad on LinkedIn.

  • Create an ad account on LinkedIn.
  • You will have to select the objective of your campaign. It is necessary to focus on your marketing objectives and plan the ad content based on that, as it is what can make your campaign successful.
  • After you are done with the campaign objective, select the target audience. Make sure that you choose the correct geographic and demographic locations.
  • The next step is to select your ad format, along with the placement. 
  • Set your scheduling and budget, and you are good to go.

Things to Keep in Mind

There are certain things that you will have to keep in mind before you get started with creating LinkedIn video ads.

  • Defining Video Campaign Objective : Never try to rush while creating a video for your campaign. It is always suggested to start with defining the objective of the campaign. 
  • Focus on storytelling : Ads are not required to be disruptive or clichéd. When you opt for storytelling, you can show the human side that is present right behind the logo or name of your company. You will need high-quality content and also a character that can be identified by internet users within the first few seconds.
  • Take advantage of sales automation tools: There are plenty of tools (some of them made specifically for LinkedIn activities) that can help you track the performance of your campaigns. You can measure the amount of engagement, generate quality leads, and better calculate ROI.

Tips for Making Videos on LinkedIn

There are certain tips that can make things easier and better for you when you try to make videos for LinkedIn. Let’s have a look at them.
  • Optimizing setup: Right before you hit the record button, you will have to tick off a few things. Start with lighting. Always go for a properly lit spot. Natural light can work the best. However, you can also go for artificial lighting. The camera position needs to be perfect. So, try taking a test video and see if the positioning of the camera is okay. Stay away from using distracting backgrounds. In case you need to shoot in your office environment, keep other brand logos or confidential materials out of the frame.
  • Create an eye-catching headline : Tailor your headline to your specific audience: consider the pain points or desires of your target audience, and use language that will resonate with them. For example, if you’re targeting HR professionals, you might create a headline that speaks to their frustrations with recruiting, such as “Sick of sifting through resumes? Our tool takes the hassle out of hiring.” 
  • Including closed captions : Even in cases when your video does not involve much speech, opting for closed captioning can help in making the video more accessible. You can easily add subtitles to a video as LinkedIn now comes with a new feature. 
  • Placing important info upfront: Holding attention for the first few seconds of your video should be your ultimate aim. It has been found that attention tends to fade away after crossing the mark of ten seconds. So, it would be beneficial for you to place all kinds of essential information at the start. 
  • Varying shots: Opting for the usage of a single shot might turn out to be a bit boring for viewers. Using varied shots is one of the best ways of keeping your viewers focused. You can go for different camera angles or use B-rolls.
  • Right video length: Do you know what the best video size for LinkedIn is? Shorter videos have higher chances of being watched till the end. The best video ads on LinkedIn are between 15–30 seconds. The lengths might be different for native videos, but for video ads, try to keep your videos under 30 seconds. If you need to share the story of a brand, you can go for longer videos.

Wrap Up

LinkedIn videos can be a great way of sharing updates and news about companies. You can also use videos for the launch of new services or products.

Always remember that content is king. So, give your all to provide the best output. You can take viewers behind the scenes of campaigns or services to capture interest. LinkedIn videos can help you let customers know what your brand stands for. Focus on the above-mentioned tips and give your best shot.