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LinkedFusion : LinkedIn Automation For Your Business

LinkedFusion For Marketing Teams

It acts as a connecting bridge between customers and business people. Especially, for branding purposes, LinkedIn helps organizations to do it by expanding business networks and let engage with prospects with less effort.

Save Time

Using LinkedFusion, Marketing Teams can reach to targeted niche without manual efforts and saves precious time.

Less Efforts, More Output

LinkedIn automation marketing lets you invest saved time in other important business tasks, such as creating business plans for the upcoming fiscal year, etc.


LinkedFusion for Sales Executives

Sales Executive uses different selling automation software to accelerate social selling and to attract leads. They visit LinkedIn profiles automatically with the help of automation tools. It gives curiosity to users to check out a salespeople’s profile tool. By using marketing automation tools, salespeople can make marketing efforts much smart, easy, and automated.

Better market and user research

LinkedFusion makes market research a very easy task. Sales Executives having a perfect LinkedIn profile can close the deal very fast.

Automated data

With Automated data, Sales Executives can get better approach with a perfect data of targeted client.

LinkedFusion for Real Estate Agents

LinkedFusion can help real estate business, get better lead results by automating marketing campaigns. Additionally, it helps build genuine relationships with the prospects. Because automation software automates repetitive work for agents, more important tasks can be done i.e. creating better content to attract customers. It will provide more value to prospects and leads to conversion.

Creating Better Connection

Realtors can get better and faster leads with automation campaigns in a less time leaving a good connection with the prospect.

More Prospects

LinkedFusion can lead to better leads. Using LinkedFusion, Real estate agents could leading with many leads.

LinkedFusion for Insurance agents

Some agents are unwilling to ahead with cold outreach on LinkedIn. Eventually, as per LinkedIn rule, send only a connection to the user who you already know or familiar with. But, LinkedIn has become a great professional platform for outreach. Using it only to connect with known people would not be a good idea from a marketing perspective.

Better market and user research

LinkedFusion helps agents run their marketing campaigns with ease by automated and customized messages to their prospects. Insurance agents can build their network with users having similar interests or backgrounds. 

More Connections

Even if there is some commonality, increasing network with this method can lead to better and meaningful relationships and finally converts into a lead.

Getting Started With LinkedFusion,

A Modern Cloud Based LinkedIn Automation Tool

LinkedFusion – A LinkedIn Automation Tool which helps to generate LinkedIn leads and Upscale B2B sales.

Step 1 : Creating Sequence

Once you add your ideal prospects, create/ edit/ stop/ resume your multiple sequences on this screen. You can even use GoogleSheets, CSV files, incoming Webhooks, or URLs to add your prospects.

Now let LinkedFusion do your tedious work and grow your sales cycle easily and speedily.


Step 2 : Responses:

You can easily check responses from users, view profiles, and access current conversations under the Responses tab. Easily delete any user by clicking on delete or add them in a custom tag to filter them easily on a click. Save your time and energy for upcoming new deals.

LinkedFusion also supports “Schedule Send” on LinkedIn which allows sending your message for the time selected.

Step 3: Prospect List

LinkedFusion’s integration with FindThatLead,, Anymailfinder, and more, makes it easy to find emails right inside the Linkedin interface allowing you to update your Hubspot easily with valuable data. These advanced features make LinkedFusion a favorite tool for enterprise agencies looking for lead generation opportunities.

Detailed Analysis on your LinkedFusion Dashboard

LinkedFusion allows you to track and manage your outreach approach with a graphical insights dashboard. LinkedFusion helps to make better decisions on your campaigns. Even export your LinkedIn prospecting results into a CSV file.

Most Frequent Questions

You can send up to 120 new connection requests per day and up to 360 messages to your current connections every day.

No, we support Basic LinkedIn Version. 

We do support Sales Navigator and recruiter lite versions. 

No, as we support multiple merge tags to personalize your outreach. Unless you use generic messages there is no way your connection can know. 

LinkedFusion Automation tool is very simple to use and yet very powerful. It has easy and user-friendly UI to make your navigation easier. It will take only a couple of minutes to go through all features.

Yes, at LinkedFusion, we provide 24/7 live customer support to our customers to solve all the queries and difficulties regarding LinkedFusion tool usage.

Yes, you can cancel any Monthly or quarterly plans whenever you want to. We will not charge your card after cancellation unless you have special agreement for yearly reduced prices.  

LinkedFusion supports all languages. You can choose any language that you feel comfortable to communicate with your prospects.

Team behind the software has more than 6 years of domain knowledge just around LinkedIn. With huge dedicated team of developers you will get latest updates and market first features regularly. 

You will be able to access the LinkedFusion automation tool until the last day of the subscription period.

You can even book a Support call with LinkedFusion Expert for more queries

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