The Best Alternative to Expandi

LinkedFusion-The Best Expandi Alternative

How LinkedFusion is better compared to Expandi, and why one should upgrade?

LinkedFusion is the best alternative to Expandi for your LinkedIn outreach because of following reasons :

  1. It has a new and improved user interface that is easier to use for non-technical people.
  2. LinkedFusion is feature loaded and is staying relevant constantly. With Addition of features like
    • – LinkedIn Group targeting based on Engagement types.
    • – AI based Post creation and post scheduler to help you post engaging content which is already trending on Twitter.
    • Virtual Assistant Technology which allows you to scale your outreach infinitely without getting into LinkedIn Jail.
  3. It doesn’t have any issues and works as intended.
  4. It is affordable compared to Expandi. So, if you’re looking for a good LinkedIn automation tool, LinkedFusion is the way to go!
Features LinkedIn-brand-logo expandi-logo
Google Sheets Native Integration (without zapier native) Yes No
Agency-mode Yes (New Feature) No
Team Sync Yes No
Email Finder Services Yes No
Hubspot Integrations (Without Zapier-Native) Yes No
Multi-Channel Integrations (Without Zapier-Native) Yes No
Cloud-Based Yes Yes
Automated connection request Yes Yes
Customized automated connection message Yes Yes
Dedicated I.P’s Yes Yes
Manual Import Data Yes Yes
Compatible with LinkedIn Sales Navigator Yes Yes
Follow-up Messages Yes Yes
Unlimited Campaigns Yes Yes
Virtual Assistant Technology Yes No

Why is LinkedFusion better compared to Expandi
and why should one upgrade?

LinkedFusion is a modern sales engagement platform to generate leads from LinkedIn. It has amazing features and one of them is agency mode. With this feature, the agency can provide credentials to their clients so that they can access the account and see how the campaign progress is. They have the option to download the report too. Additionally, the agency also can log in to their client’s accounts remotely and have a look at workflow. Whereas, at Expandi, agency mode is not available.  Therefore, LinkedFusion is the best alternative to Expandi to offer powerful and automated LinkedIn marketing experience.

Moreover, Expandi lets you automate the LinkedIn outreach activities with some restrictions. Such as it offers only one pricing plan for its all customers. If someone has a requirement for his small business or startups, they can not afford a higher-priced plan. Even if they buy, they rarely take most out of it, and thus money will be wasted.

Whereas, with LinkedFusion users always have more freedom. Users can choose from 3 different pricing plans (Professional, Grow, and Ultimate) and can buy as per their business needs.

The Best Alternative to Expandi

linkedfusion vs expandi

LinkedFusion outperforms Expandi for some other features as well. With LinkedFusion you get a 7 days free trial without adding any payment details and start generating leads in a click.

LinkedFusion is Safe to use :

Go for the smarter, safest, and reliable LinkedIn outreach platform.

  1. LinkedFusion uses smart Intelligent algorithms that are moderated and staggered to ensure your activity stay away from being considered spam.
  2. Timezone and Browser fingerprinting are handled as default. You can Verify when you log in to your LinkedIn account.
  3. Dedicated exclusive IP for every LinkedIn account as per your current location.
  4. Automated withdrawals as part of sequence to avoid LinkedIn Jail.
  5. Don’t worry about data loss even if you change your computer system at any given point. 
  6. LinkedFusion allows more security. Your data will be safe and secured on cloud. 

Every other software claims the same thing so why should you believe us? We have the expert team of Developers who are experienced in the field of technology, not some marketing agency who hired someone and launched a tool to make some quick money. Get in touch with us to get familiar with LinkedFusion.

ui ux friendly interface

Easy and User-friendly Interface​

LinkedFusion has an easy interface for users to get started. You don’t need any training to operate LinkedFusion for LinkedIn lead generation campaigns. Assign credentials to any member of the team to access the system on the go.

Using Expandi becomes cumbersome and would need a lot of time to adopt the UI for your team. Thus, LinkedFusion – the best Expandi alternative will help you bring down the learning curve. The user-friendly UI on LinkedFusion will help you grow your LinkedIn, faster.

Dedicated Support via Live Chat, Email, Knowledgebase – 24*7 :

Do not stop your LinkedIn marketing campaign due to insufficient information or help and support at LinkedFusion. With LinkedFusion, you don’t need to worry about support and technical assistance. We offer support via a dedicated account manager where our team provides important advice to grow your LinkedIn automation campaigns. No need to wait for a support agent to reply for a long time. We will get you up and running shortly.

Unlike other software, we offer free set up to our customers. We are confident our system is easy and hassle-free to set up and therefore, we provide countless hours of support whenever you are in need.

support knowledge base
intelligent inbox crm

Designed for organizations running multiple accounts- Team sync with automated Blacklisting :

It is quite possible to overlap the targeted audience when you and your team are using LinkedIn for lead generation. It does not make sense of sending similar campaign messages to the same person from different accounts. On the contrary, it looks spammy and a time-wasting process as the same lead is contacted by another member of the group.

LinkedFusion has a solution for that-inbuilt Team Sync (Blacklist) feature-so you don’t have to worry about this scenario. If anyone from your team is already reaching out to the X user, LinkedFusion will take care and ensure that no one from your team targets the same person again as part of any sequence.

If you want to blacklist the whole company it is possible with LinkedFusion, it will ensure that your LinkedIn account doesn’t target any employee currently working at a blacklisted company.

Native Integrations and Webhooks for omnichannel approach & reporting :

Hubspot Native Integration : LinkedFusin lets you sync your activities on LinkedIn to Hubspot on Autopilot saving you and your team from daily repetitive tasks. As this is a HubSpot native integration you don’t have to spend anything extra on tools like Zapier for this to work.

SalesForce Native Integration : It lets you sync your activity on LinkedIn to SalesForce on Autopilot saving you and your team from daily huge and tiresome work. Because this is a SalesForce native integration you don’t have to pay extra on tools like Zapier for this to work.

PipeDrive Native Integration : PipeDrive native integration allows you to sync your activity on LinkedIn to PipeDrive on Autopilot saving you and your team from lots of daily cumbersome tasks. Because this is a native integration you will not be spending anything extra on tools like Zapier for this to work.

Google Sheets : Google Sheet Integration is one of the most useful features of LinkedFusion. With Native Google sheets integrations, you can bring the data from other sources and run your LinkedIn marketing campaigns on autopilot.

Incoming Webhooks : With this, you can send the targeted audience profile from any source and we will take care of the rest.

Zapier : Zapier is an amazing tool. With Zapier you can integrate with thousands of other apps. Our Zapier Integration can be triggered at any predefined stage which gives you numerous opportunities to create any complex systems.

webhooks reporting
intelligent inbox crm

Intelligent Inbox with built-in CRM capabilities :

LinkedIn Inbox is very uncomfortable for the user to use and outdated when you are getting hundreds of hot leads weekly (Yes our users hit those numbers easily) so we developed an intuitive Inbox where you can:

Reply to your prospect directly with relevant information available just beside the chat.

Faster Response with Saved Templates (Pre-written message template) so you don’t have to copy-paste the same message every time.

Tags: You can tag each prospect as per your process and keep everything organized.

Notes: You can have internal team notes for the future.

Agency Mode :

If you are running a lead generation agency we got you covered. Rely on us as we are your technology partner. We offer Partnerships and Whitelabel so that you can focus on what you do best without worrying about software.

At LinkedFusion, we have many agency friendly features for you like white-labeled reporting, Client Dashboards, LinkedIn CRM, and many more.

To learn some very successful and proven growth hacks, get in touch with us.

agency mode

Generate more leads easily with LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is built to grow and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue.

Make lead generation and sales funnel easy with LinkedFusion.

LinkedFusion is the best and safest Expandi alternative available in the market. LinkedFusion gets all the features that Expandi gets and the security; to help you collaborate better with your prospects on LinkedIn.

LinkedFusion provides the safest way to automate your LinkedIn out reach and lead generation process. LinkedFusion try to make sure your account will not get blocked on the platform.

LinkedFusion pricing plan starts at costs $46.95* per month.

  • LinkedFusion provides native integrations with your favorite CRMs including HubSpot, Zoho CRM, Salesforce CRM, Pipedrive CRM, Close CRM, Insightly CRM & more.
  • LinkedFusion also has an option to do native integrations with the email finder services including, FindThatLead, Skrapp Email Finder and more.
  • You can also send more than 500 invites per week and target LinkedIn posts, groups and events to grow your lead list bigger.