Enhancing Customer Engagement through Gamification

enhancing customer engagement through gamification

What is gamification?

One of the best ways to increase customer engagement is, adding sports elements(gamification) to non-sports activities. While gamification is a moderately new term, the idea of driving its prosperity isn’t. Making a task more enjoyable is a great way to encourage participation. Likewise, when customers find that interacting with a brand is delightful, they are more likely to do so and recommend others to engage with them.

Integrating a simplification strategy into your marketing yields a profitable return on investment. It involves taking a product or service that already exists and using gaming technologies to inspire customers into long-term engagement.

What is the meaning of gamification

How gamification helps in increasing Customer engagement and usage

Gamification is traditionally the application of game mechanics to non-game activities and can be used to drive both the use and effectiveness of a self-care app. Gamification intends to induce specific behavior by providing a specific experience that encourages desirable actions to be taken by the player. With this in mind, it seems obvious that one possible solution to the challenge of an app engagement would be to add or embed some casual games. This is relatively straightforward to do, so the question is whether the gamut will have the desired effect.

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1. Generate user data

With every information posted or shared in your community, you get customer data that can be highly valuable to your brand. Although there are many procedures for collecting customer information, simplification produces more accurate and desirable results. Analytics on this collected data can drive your marketing campaigns to perform better. This can be done by analyzing their community involvement such as starting multiple discussions, posting answers, sharing content, and more.

2. Gamified Product Research

There is a lot of information available for today’s customers to shop. This information and the number of options available are enormous, though. Modifying the product exploration phase can greatly enrich your customer engagement and experience. You can do this by including a quiz or adding an interactional game. This will not only help you get to know your customers and potential customers but will also enable you to make recommendations.

3. Interactive troubleshooting

Customer support or troubleshooting pages are the most important and highly visited pages on company websites. Customers accessing this information are already experiencing some issues and are already on edge. Access to the support process or information complex can be annoying to your customers. Poor or deferred customer service by certain organizations has cost them, clients.

The troubleshooting process or modifying your FAQ page can help reduce their stress. Use it to highlight their problem and present a solution accordingly.

4. Gamified Marketing

Marketing campaigns and promotions affect how customers see you, and also whether they will visit your store or website to make a purchase. These promotional initiatives help generate a positive brand experience for your potential customers. Run-of-the-mill campaigns are near and give hardly any results.

In return, you can do amazing marketing for yourself. Promote your product(s) or services through exciting and interactive games, offering fun and engaging prizes. Customers will find these attractive and they like a much more lucrative marketing campaign, and Leadconnect can help you attain all this effectively.

5. Engaging Touchpoints

Brands can get creative and customers can use touchpoints to make them more engaging and fun. It can be any touchpoint as long as it serves a purpose, and customers have to gain something from it. They have to improve their experience, making it fun and helpful. This can help brands overcome aspects that are contributing to a negative customer experience.

Let us consider the example of Samsung. They encourage and drive consumer interaction with excellent simplification approaches. Website visitors can engage in discussion with other visitors and watch videos. The most active viewers are given a badge that is funny and informative at the same time.

Trends in gamification

  • There are a few areas that integrate almost all facilitation cases in marketing: competition, ability to go viral, customer support, mobile-friendly experience, and post-campaign nurturing. Following every one of these means is an incredible method for expanding commitment with your gamified content.
  • Slightly healthy competition: The desire to compete is inherent in human nature, and the gamut can allow your users to get into a competitive spirit. A reward is also a great encouragement.
  • Can it go viral? A social sharing alternative should be accessible at each phase of the client’s advancement. Make leaderboards, badges, or any other type of scandalous statement about the game.
  • Mobile-friendly experience: Hardened messages or tweets that you receive during your Gamification campaign are likely to come from angry users who were very willing to participate in your campaign, but not because of using the device can do. Think about it from the beginning – if you want success, go to mobile.

LinkedFusion suggests you to provide people with a reward and a call to action: create a post that explains all the steps a user needs to get to the finish line; Create a map that excludes step-by-step analysis of the game; Record a video, this will allow you to satisfy the user’s curiosity and as a cherry on top, it will allow you to show your product once.

How Gamification works for different sectors:

• Health care reform

healthcare gamification

Gamification technology has changed every aspect of the health industry. Now we do not go to the doctor every time we fall ill. We can stay fit or be a home consultation with a healthcare app still available. Such mechanics are helping healthcare providers to involve more patients in healthy lifestyles.

• Retail

The hospitality industry was the initial part of simplification in its marketing strategy. They used game mechanics to promote loyalty programs and increased engagement by rewarding their customers with reward points on their journey per customer.

Gamification has become an essential key performance indicator (KPI) in the hospitality industry. As it emphasizes fun experiences, hospitality providers are exploring and surveying new sets of data. Gamification is the new vision of a hotelier who wins over his rivals and surprises his guests every time they arrive.

• Banking

Digital technology is stepping into the world of banking when we know it and are changing people’s interactions with banks. Presently with the launch of versatile banking, individuals can take their bank with them any place they proceed to get to their bank profits by anyplace. Research says that mobile transactions will grow five-fold in 2022.

Banks have incorporated simplification into their processes which they have introduced to drive greater loyalty and revenue for customers. Mobile-banking apps allow users to check the status of their accounts, pay bills, transfer money, instant transfer, and more. With a great innovation idea, Banco Bilbao Vizcaya Argentina (BBVA) is a multinational Spanish bank that adds points to a user’s account each time it completes a transaction. The user will be given some challenges and missions, which must be clear for them to receive their rewards. The awards can be in the form of medals or badges that can be shared on their social networking site.

Organizations are integrating Gamification techniques into their business processes to become more customer-centric. It’s not just about gameplay, gamification includes more game-like features such as playing rules, thinking, and increasing customer engagement and retention with brands.

What Does LinkedIn Hold for Gamification?

LinkedIn Gamification Image

This is where you will begin to see how many products use the gamut to encourage increased usage. The business networking site takes the power of LinkedIn profiles with a badge from ‘Beginner to Link All-Star’ and gives users a progress bar to see how ‘complete’ and how optimal their profile is.

This is particularly effective when introducing new users, encouraging them to spend more time on the site, during which the benefits of LinkedIn’s premium features are signed. Here LinkedIn taps into the fear of disappearing, showing how an incomplete profile can reduce the effectiveness of your profile to encourage the conversion of your paid services.

Future Gamut?

  • People will be able to use simplification to shape their skills and behaviors that they want to be.
  • Innovation will open up new open doors for gamification experts. Augmented reality, virtual reality, head-mounted displays, machine learning, biologically integrated systems, and the game world all hold great potential.
  • Gamification is still in its infancy. As it enters maturity, further research is needed to support it. Gamification practitioners require to work closely with researchers to expand the body of research literature related to gamification.
  • At present, simplification is seen as a solution to deal with dissolution. In the future, it will be used as a tool to meet the most important social, environmental, and economic challenges. ‘

Gamification is already playing a beneficial role in many industries, and its future is also brighter than the present time. With advances in smartphone applications, cloud-based computing (SaaS), and its penetration into the general public, is emerging as the best solution to engage, motivate and drive users to desired tasks in various industries.

Conclusion / Bottom Line

Knowing what to serve your customers is the best thing to do. The good news is, with the help of LinkedFusion you can grow with them.

The bottom line is, a simplified, interactive loyalty program is just the beginning that will be expected from organizations as we progress in this technological age.

Get ahead of the competition and create a truly unique and value-added customer experience.

Gamification’s popularity growth can be taken to re-establish the customer engagement potential of loyalty programs. A coordinated and strategic approach to gamification will enable companies to take advantage of the form of customer commitment and business impact.