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Best Alternative To Cleverly For LinkedIn Lead Generation:
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Cleverly lets users automate their LinkedIn outreach and sales efforts with an active SalesNavigator account or LinkedIn premium which leads to additional cost for business whereas LinkedFusion strives for more output with just a LinkedIn basic account.


Cleverly is mainly used by different agencies to automate their lead generation. It can also be used by startups or even recruiters to find potential candidates.


LinkedFusion offers a 7 days trial period before you actually subscribe to the product.

Get enlarged value out of your sales and marketing automation platform with LinkedFusion.


Why one should choose LinkedFusion over Cleverly?

No need to have an active LinkedIn premium or Sales navigator account. LinkedFusion does it all.


Simple billing cycle without any hassle.


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Cleverly Prices vs LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is the world’s safest and powerful alternative  for LinkedIn marketing activities. Cleverly is a LinkedIn automation software that helps you to send messages to targeted prospects. But when you take into consideration the costs versus the functionality it provides, you might have to consider other tools instead.


Cleverly has Silver, Gold, and Platinum plans ranging from $197, $397, and $597 per month respectively.


Cleverly has the cheapest plan as the Silver plan which is for $197/month giving you only 250 prospect invitations each month.


Gold Plan for $397/month giving you 500 invitations per month.


Platinum plan for $597/ month giving you 500 invitations per month.


Whereas, LinkedFusion has a professional, Grow, and an Ultimate plan.


Professional Plan is great for startups just for $65.95/month. With this plan, send up to 40 connection requests and 120 message credits per day for a month.


Grow Plan is perfect for businesses that are for $ 95.95/month. With this plan, send up to 70 connection requests and 210 message credits per day for a month.


Ultimate Plan is perfect for projects with a high load which is for $ 135.95/month. With this plan, send up to 120 connection requests and 360 message credits per day for a month.

Pricing Table











Monthly Price




Monthly Price




Invitations Per Day




Invitations Per Month




Cleverly can slow down your Lead Flow

Cleverly’s silver and gold plans provide users with only one active campaign, whereas Platinum plans give two campaigns. Each plan gives 4 messages per campaign.


These limits could slow down your lead generation’s progress and growth resulting in lesser revenue.


With Cleverly, you must have a LinkedIn premium or a sales navigator account which costs you in addition to Cleverley’s sky-high pricing.


LinkedFusion makes it possible to have an unlimited active sequence.

LinkedFusion, the best alternative to Cleverly

With LinkedFusion, you can automate your outreach, use normal LinkedIn search data to find your ideal targets, and send personalized invites and follow-up messages.


LinkedFusion is also easier to use. It takes only three simple steps: 

  1. Finding your audience using LinkedIn’s data-rich filters
  2. Adding your messaging with LinkedFusion’s 30+ provided templates (which could also be edited as per prospect needs)
  3. Launching your campaign. Hit Start and wait for the responses and connections to come rolling in.

LinkedFusion brings you a steady stream of connections, appointments, and sales via LinkedIn. Stop worrying about where your next sale is going to come from.


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Other features include

  1. Data-rich search feature: Create filters to find ideal target customers.
  2. Send automated and personalized messages: Ensure a higher acceptance rate.
  3. Response tab: Check responses from users, view profiles, and access current conversations.
  4. Team Management: Manage a team and their pipeline for more efficient results and not duplicating the connection request by blacklisting leads to avoid sending a connection request to the person your teammates are already reaching out.
  5. Safety Usage Limits: Manage the targeted audience to ensure your LinkedIn account is within their commercial limits.
  6. Integrations: Integrate your workflow with your preferred CRM tools to make the most out of it, allowing you to focus on more important tasks.
  7. In-Depth Analytics & Dashboard: Monitor your progress, get graphical insights on campaign performance to make savvy decisions.
  8. Customer Service: We believe in making users the hero of our story. So we provide 24/7 technical support.

LinkedFusion vs Cleverly


LinkedIn account

Any LinkedIn plan

Only Linkedin premium/sales navigator

Team Features






Messages per campaign



Live support



Active campaigns


Limited (Max. 2)

Dedicated I.P’s



LinkedIn safety limits



Cancel account anytime



Your LinkedIn data

Safe on your machine

On Cloud

Pricing (Max subscription)



LinkedFusion vs other alternatives

Generate more leads easily with LinkedFusion

LinkedFusion is built to grow and improve engagements, spark real conversations, and drive more revenue. Make lead generation and sales funnel easy with LinkedFusion.