The rise of Audio Social Networking

Rise of audio social networking platforms

What is Breakout - Premier Audio Social Media Application?

The way to perceive social media platforms has changed. Goodbye to the old boring days of connecting with people via texting. Breakout is the new way to Link up with influencers, industry leaders, and meet people globally to share your interests, stories and opportunities.

When you open the Breakout application you can see “Live Rooms” full of people talking so you can hop in and out, exploring different conversations, but if you want to talk you just Speak Up, or the speakers can choose to invite you up.

You can create a room of your own. Breakout is built for people who want to provide value to the community, or for those that want to observe and learn- Breakout’s for them too.

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Link Up

Link up with Influencers, Thought leaders, Business people, Entrepreneurs, and others with proven success stories and loads of advice to share. Gain mentorship from others who have already built successful businesses.

Breakout also offers the ability to connect and engage with professionals outside of your industry or niche.

Share & Collaborate

Breakout rooms allow you to break in additional speakers from the audience (Breakout room) and allow others to hear what that person has to say.

Drop-in on audio conversations to gain perspectives and get the opportunity to share your experiences.

Since Breakout offers private rooms it is a great place to have private conversations and collaborations. The conversations aren’t recorded and private rooms can only be accessed by people you invite. This is perfect for companies who don’t want to do a traditional conference call.

Rooms can be scheduled for planning a collaboration meeting in advance and reminders for any upcoming events can be set up.


Breakout is a great new place to bring your community and open up a new way to engage and connect with them. Additionally, as you network and meet other Breakout members, you’ll find they will naturally follow you over to your other channels and communities.

Breakout believes that by sharing knowledge, value, and experiences we can all lift each other up.

Create Opportunities

Breakout is THE PLACE to bring your community together and explore new ways to engage and connect with them.

Breakout is the premier audio social networking platform. Host your own conversations, learn and collaborate with others, become part of a community, and let your voice be heard.

Breakout is available on Android and iOS platforms.

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