Automate Your Recruitment On LinkedIn by Using LinkedFusion

LinkedIn Recruitment Automation Tools for LinkedIn

Hiring a new candidate can snatch your happiness in no time. The pain is well known to HRs as they have to spend almost 14 hours to complete this process. Starting from sending cold messages to passive candidates to interviews, a heck of tasks.

However, social media can alleviate the pain of a recruiter. Through social media, recruiters can find their eligible candidates in just a few clicks. LinkedIn is the best place for that. HubSpot shows that around 40 million people use LinkedIn for job search. 84% of organizations currently recruit through this platform.

The features of LinkedIn help to eliminate redundant candidates at the initial stages by narrowing down the huge crowd. All those tasks can be done through recruitment automation tools.

In this article, I will talk about LinkedIn automation tools for recruiters. If you want to know about the best LinkedIn Automation tool, scroll through this article.

Why Do You Choose Linkedin Automation Tool for recruitment?

Just like any other social media platform, LinkedIn also craves your constant presence. Your activity rate generates reach that helps you to find your eligible clients. So, where is the issue?

Every professional finds it challenging to get enough time to post or make connections on LinkedIn. Here comes the importance of the LinkedIn Automation tool. Through these tools, you optimize your business profile and generate more leads.

  1. Iterates your customized cold-pitched texts.
  2. Dig out data to get more leads
  3. Save time and effort in listing candidates

8 Best Linkedin Automation Software

Here is the list of eight awesome LinkedIn automation tools that will help you automate recruitment on LinkedIn :

  1. LinkedIn Sales Navigator
    LinkedIn Sales Navigator is a product of LinkedIn, so this automation tool will better understand the LinkedIn algorithm. This sales navigator has some cool features that help to reach the target audience, and its advanced features can be used with other LinkedIn automation tools like LinkedFusion.
    • Satisfactory navigation features
    • Specially designed to generate leads
    • Pricing starts from $69.44 per month
  2. LinkedFusion
    Another Cloud-based automation tool is LinkedFusion. You can save 56 hours a week, which is great. LinkedFusion shares features that allow you to create outreach campaigns per your niche requirements. Check out their features-
    • Customized IP address
    • Parallel sequence support for all time zones
    • CRM integration support from a single platform
  3. Expandi
    Expandi is a brand new product in the market you can try. This cloud-based automation tool is embedded with many features that help you host LinkedIn campaigns easily. As the name suggests, this tool delivers you information from other social media platforms expanding its network. Check out the features-
    • It gives access to operate multiple accounts from a single dashboard.
    • Can share personalized Gif and emoji
    • Charges $99 per month
    The LinkedIn algorithm promotes only those regularly updated profiles, so posting regularly is essential. LEMPOD can help you to do that. This automation tool can promote your profile and bring your target audience or job seekers. This tool helps you to join a pod in the same niche, and after posting something, you will find engagements from all the pod members.
    • Affordable LinkedIn Automation tool, $5 per month
    • User- friendly
    • Quick access to view your content
  5. PhantomBuster
    The next recommendation is PanthomBuster which is also a great tool for your business. The best part about this automation tool is its unique design which discards the coding method and relies on the clouds. This becomes easy for a newbie user. Check out the unique features of this tool.
    • Can engage people while you are sleeping
    • Ready-made automation designs over 100
    • The affordable price range starts with free trials.
  6. TexAu
    6th recommendation for the best LinkedIn automation tools is TexAu. This tool is just like any other LinkedIn automation tool with unique features. Through this tool, you can create personalized messages and make connections among people. Check out some of its features-
    • Can connect to other platforms quickly
    • Available on Desktop and cloud
    • The desktop range starts from $29/per month
  7. Dux-Soup
    Dux-Soup is another popular LinkedIn automation tool that helps optimize your profile. It is easy to use. You can easily use this tool kit without knowing advanced technology. This tool helps you to outreach and automate profile visits in just a few clicks. Check out some of the features-
    • 24/7 customer support
    • Automated management of prospects
    • Pricing starts from $11.25 per month
  8. Zopto
    The last recommendation is Zopto, one of the best LinkedIn automation tools. In this tool automation package, you will get all those general features present in other automation tools, but Zopto is special for its several features. Check them out-
    • User-friendly customized option
    • Frequent upgradation in the tool package
    • The price starts at $215 per month


So, these were the best automation tools that would help you get the most out of your LinkedIn profile to recruit better talent at your organization.

For the best results, you can book a demo of LinkedFusion and see how you can fulfill your hiring target with the safest LinkedIn automation tool. LinkedIn is a great place to find the right candidates and screen them as it also has an option to post updates on the feed page, post certifications and achievements; so the recruiters can filter the best talent with ease on LinkedIn.

Frequently Asked Question

LinkedIn automation tools mimic human behavior and work accordingly, so sometimes it might feel illegal, which is not true. Let us explain the reason behind it. Firstly, these automation tools come with proper website and extension options which discard the idea of being illegal. Also, that automation software does not involve their codes directly to the LinkedIn profile to scrape their data. LinkedFusion is the safest way to use LinkedIn automation without getting your profile banned.

LinkedIn is a place that checks out the real connection. It does not matter how much connection you have but how authentic they are. So having an authentic connection is important. Through these automation tools, you can add up to 100 daily connections.

Getting an authentic connection is not a difficult job, but it can take a lot of time. With the help of automation tools, you can easily reach your goals to get authentic connections in some days. Make sure you have warmed up your profile with a proper automation tool otherwise your profile will get banned.

If you use any LinkedIn automation tool like LinkedFusion, you will get an option of chrome extension. This is much like any other chrome extension where you need to add to it with chrome and log in from the software.