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benefits of account based marketing for lead generation

The Benefits of Account-Based Marketing for B2B Lead Generation

Businesses always look to create and have a strong customer base. They are their loyal partners that help them engage, purchase and help in the growth of a business. If a business does not have a lead base it can miss out on some opportunities and fail to aware people of businesses.

A lead is someone interested in a company’s product or services in some way or shape. Whereas, lead generation is a process that is followed by businesses to increase the interest of customers towards their business. Some of the methods followed by businesses are digital marketing, live events, webinars and more.

If a business asks an expert on how to generate leads cannot be about creating content, instead say there is a process to follow and to create strategies. Lead generation is the primary point in turning a stranger into a loyal customer. Typically, lead generation falls into inbound marketing and is carried out through a process.

In the wake of promoting and generating leads, a type of marketing could be followed.  It is predominantly known as Account-based marketing.

What Is Account-Based Marketing

ABM Marketing – by definition is a type of B2B marketing strategy used in B2B that combines sales and marketing to deliver and achieve the desired results. At times the decision of customers in ABM is influenced by a group of individuals within the company. Also, in ABM businesses target accounts rather than a single lead. In this matter, you need to use a more personalized approach in marketing and sales.

This type of marketing also relies on data analysis and extracting pinpoints to target accounts.

It is important to know that a poll is taken by the action mentions that only 43% of the people are familiar with the concept of ABM. Imagine if you are one of them. Whereas, 90% of the companies say that ABM is the new goal of their marketing strategy. 

These stats are the potential to show the importance of account-based marketing. So, let’s move on to the process of learning account-based marketing and how to create its strategies.

Lead Generation Strategies to Follow for Better Outcomes

By using account-based marketing A B2B company can get closer to getting customers and increase the value of the sales cycle. Here are some of the strategies that could be followed by some B2B platforms. Some B2B platforms like eWorldTrade and Amazon are potential examples that use ABM.

But before you move on, ask and answer these questions.

  • Who are the customers you want to target? 
  • How much do you expect to have in return? 
  • What are the characteristics of the decision-makers?

How Does Account-Based Marketing Help in Generating B2B Leads

Moving on, ABM has such benefits that add value to generating B2B leads. So, there is a compiled list of benefits for account-based marketing. Imagine having an aligned marketing and sales, a streamlined sales cycle and a consistent customer experience.

  1. An Efficient and A Better Customer Experience

    One of the distinct qualities that ABM is it helps to streamline the buying process and helps customers to take action. It is because customers are inclined towards a personalized experience. It is seen that most people are likely to connect with a business that caters for a personalized experience.

     So, when you target them with a personalized experience, they will engage more with your B2B business.

  2. Your Way to Increase ROI

    A good ROI is what businesses look for and it is also important for anyone. In the case of account-based marketing B2B businesses saw an increase in their contract values. Also, according to statistics, 75% of businesses that used ABM saw a 10% increase in their ROI.

  3. Get Competitive Advantages

    As the business world has become more competitive it is important to look at many factors. One of them is having a prodigious knowledge about what you do. It is necessary because customers look for a complete service and expect a more personalized and modified approach.

    In B2B Lead Generation, customers need to be approached in a better way to drive efficient results. In ABM you choose to reach and deliver the way customers want and the approaches they prefer. Case in point, you are building an intimate relationship not possible with traditional marketing.

  4. Better Conversion Rate

    The conversion rate looks at how many times an action was taken. It includes seeing how many people have signed up or have opted for the free trial. Also, you need to see how many converted and how many did not. To see the number of conversions, have a look at the database. This allows to have a look at conversion rates.

  5. A Great Tool for Customer Retention

    In the course to attain B2B Sales Leads customer retention is also important. As most companies believe that account-based marketing is a significant share in reattaining and expanding client relationships. Therefore, it is better to invest in ABM to strengthen retention and expand the customer base for sales. Moreover, keep investing in clients to churn a significant customer base.

  6. A Shorter and Happier Client Cycle

    When you follow the method of collaborating with teams to complete the sales funnel it makes the customer lifecycle shorter and easier. In the case of B2B buyers are not a single person and the owners. One of the best aspects of ABM is that it targets the whole account. This system keeps the lead in the loop and therefore everyone is ready to make a decision.

The End Note on Implementing Account-Based Marketing

Account-based marketing is one of the essentials to consider for B2B sales lead generation. It delivers a high-rated ROI, streamlines clients’ experience and shortens the sales cycle. This process also allows businesses to build a better business network in the B2B domain.

There are endless benefits to account-based marketing for B2B sales. But since it’s a changing world, for a smooth ride invest more than little in strategies to win its benefits.