A Detailed Guide To LinkedIn Marketing For Beginners

Guide on LinkedIn marketing for beginners

With over 660 million users, LinkedIn is undoubtedly one of the top social networking sites globally with an impeccable ability to help you expand your horizon.

It enables you to reach professionals across the globe, interact and share your thoughts and beliefs with those who might subsequently turn into your customers. So, LinkedIn expands your professional network that ultimately facilitates the growth of your business. Over the years professionals have believed and depended on the LinkedIn marketing tools as it created a visible impact on their process of growth and expansion.

What is LinkedIn Marketing?

LinkedIn marketing is the process of using LinkedIn as a tool to construct connections that are prospective leads. Marketing on LinkedIn is majorly about the right content and the right connections. When you have these you are actually engaging with a community of professionals to drive actions that are relevant to your business. It boosts the presence of your product or service across the globe.

Moreover,  apart from boosting the sales of your product, LinkedIn marketing focuses on enhancing engagement with your target audiences which widens your business’s digital presence. Not only customers and clients but you can also find employees and partners on LinkedIn. The success of LinkedIn marketing requires strategies that are on-point, smart, and audience-specific, only then it works to upscale your business game.

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How to use ace at LinkedIn marketing?

“LinkedIn Influencers” as we call them have repeatedly stated that if done right, it starts generating leads in minutes. LinkedIn ads are easy to create and are immensely effective in creating brand awareness. A digital presence of your brand is something that you shouldn’t miss on, especially in this digital age. So, here are a few guidelines to swear by and get your LinkedIn game right.

1. Create an attractive and exciting public profile and keep it up to date

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First things first, your profile is your identity on the platform. Your content can draw leads but only a well-managed LinkedIn profile can retain and convert leads. To make your profile look engaging and interesting, customize your public profile URL, describe your business well, talk about accomplishments, share client testimonials, etc. Keep adding new stuff that makes your network inquisitive and excited about your business and its products/services.

2. Add a background picture and a ProFinder Badge

To enhance your profile’s personality add a background picture and make sure that it looks professional and is related to your business. Your background picture should solve all doubts that a visitor has about the kind of product you sell or service you offer before they start reading your profile bio. The usual size of the backdrop is 1584×396 pixels so all essential texts and images should be within that periphery as the rest gets cut off. ProFinder badges are mostly used by freelancers. It displays your skills, expertise, and recommendation to prospective clients.

3. Optimize your page

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  • Add links to your website, other social media profiles to your portfolio, content, and business information as it boosts your search ranking. These links not only draw attention but also generate traffic. It helps you gain visibility among the crowd.
  • Define your audience. Then add keywords and phrases that your audience might use to search for your service or products. Incorporate these keywords in your content as well as your tab overview, headline, and summary. It creates a higher scope of being discovered to prospective clients and also effectively speaks of who you are.

4. Mold sections of your profile

LinkedIn provides you with tools to reorder sections of your page. Click, drag, and drop the sections the way you want, or rather the way your visitors would like viewing it. Make sure it looks clean, crisp, systematic and professional.

5. Post and share engaging content

Use LinkedIn’s comprehensive targeting to eyeball your audience. Once you know your target audience it’s easier for you to create and post content accordingly. Dig out fresh ideas on the table. Cater to your audience’s requirements through your writeups. You may also use “Direct Sponsored Content”: the solution with which you can personalize and test content on the newsfeed without posting the same on your company page. This helps immensely in understanding the kind of content that works for you.

6. Use media to boost engagement

  • Experiment with different styles of media that go hand in hand with your writeups.
  • Post Live videos relating to your business, products, clients, etc. as it generates more engagement than regular videos.
  • Choose a video that is appealing to the eyes and makes people stop the scrolling for a while.
  • Add PowerPoints, documents, and custom images to highlight your brand and its products.

7. Generate ads and create campaigns

  • LinkedIn marketing tool provides you with an “n” number of options and varieties for creating ads and campaigns. Dynamic ads, text ads, sponsored content, message ads, etc let you run a self-service ad campaign that reaches your network and has the potential to reach millions of others across the globe.
  • The campaign manager gives you a detailed insight into the performance of the campaign with regard to the budget, selected goals, progress, and your timeline.

8. Connect to people through LinkedIn groups and communities

Connect to people through LinkedIn groups and communities

LinkedIn has groups for professionals interested and associated with a particular product, service or a work domain in general. Being a part of these groups help connect to professionals relevant to your business through the platform. Though the platform only allows you to send messages to people with who you share a first-degree connection, there are other ways to connect with people through messages. Overall, it gives you access to a bunch of professionals to discuss and share your ideas with, who for sure are interested in your business in one way or other.

9. Dive into analytics

Dive into analytics

While posting engaging and informative content is primal, it is equally important to monitor the performance of your marketing effort on LinkedIn. It helps to sharpen your strategies by evaluating their effectiveness and highlighting the strengths and weaknesses. To evaluate if you are being able to reach relevant people there are following options:

  • Analytics Dashboard:
    • Visitors
    • Followers
    • Updates
  • Activity Dashboard:
    • Shares
    • Comments
    • Likes
    • Mentions
  • Post-Analytics: Shown on the bottom right corner of each post, LinkedIn post analytics provide information on impressions, clicks, engagement, comment and reaction of each post.
  • Profile Analytics: Found in Profile> Your Dashboard section, this feature provides how well an individual’s profile is performing with comprehensive information of profile visits, post views and search appearances.

10. Reach and build a dynamic LinkedIn workforce

Reach and build a dynamic LinkedIn workforce

Not just leads and sales, LinkedIn works wonders when you want to reach a dynamic and professionally vibrant workforce. It enables you to connect with professionals who might be interested in filling a vacant place in your organization and be a part of your team. Add open positions on the LinkedIn Jobs page, that way you’ll be able to recruit new talent in your team. Also, over time you will build a LinkedIn workforce that in turn validate and establish your brand amongst your peers and prospective clients.

LinkedIn marketing is the easiest game when you have the right strategy, regular engagement and constant monitoring. The place has all the people, with all the intent required for your to brand grow and shine. You just have to use the tools to reach the right people with the right product/service and let your profile and posts convince them for the next course of action.