8 Useful Holiday Gifts for Sales Development Representative | Holiday Gifting Guide 2023

holiday gifting guide for sales team

It’s definitely the hardest task to select the right gifts for the sales development you care about and are closest to your heart. And, when you think about gifting something special to the salesperson in your team or your office, you should help them to improve their efficiency for sure.

This year at LinkedFusion, we have created a list of top software gifts that will make the lives of the sales person easy at their workplace and help them generate more revenue, manage client relationships and upsell their products.

Here are the best gifts you can select for this holiday season

CRM Solution

Customer relationship management (CRM) solutions will help sales development manage their leads, follow ups, relationships, tickets, and more important stuff to manage their sales pipelines and prospects at scale.

You can purchase great CRM deals on Black Friday/Cyber Monday deal days to help them grow their sales prospecting and manage leads. HubSpot, Zoho, Monday, Pipedrive, and Salesforce are some of the popular CRM solutions teams across the world use to manage their sales and marketing campaigns.

Useful LinkedIn Tools

We know that Linkedin is one of the most important social media platforms for sales and marketing sales development to grow their audience and nurture connections to sell products and services. For instance, LinkedIn automation tools like Linekdfusion, SalesNavigator, LeadConnect, LeadCRM, and others. These paid tools will help then generate leads on LinkedIn, sync data with their CRM tool, and run drip messaging campaigns.

Subscription to workflow automation tools

Automated workflows are the need of the hour. By automating simple time-taking tasks, sales development can save their precious time and do rewarding things in that timeframe. Tools like Pabbly and Zapier can help them negotiate these integrations and automate the workflow to save time for them.

Calendar booking tools

Sending and receiving messages from your client to book a meeting might become a tennis game for the sales team. And, that is the reason why awesome sales development choose to use a calendar scheduling tool to manage their meetings.

Winning sales is all about following processes that help you scale.

Presentation softwares

Sales teams and sales professionals are always working with numbers, features, and attractive ROI calculations for their clients. For that, they often use powerful presentations software and pitch deckcreating software as well.

Sales analytics tools

Sales analytics tools help sales and operations managers to measure their performance and ROI calculations. Starting by defining sales goals for the sales reps to measuring performance and managing invoicing from one screen, a sales analytics and management tool will help them improve their efficiency.

While scaling up with the sales automation tools, integrating with CRM, and invoicing solutions – a sales analytics tool will help scaling up the process.

Access to sales engagement tools

Sales engagement platforms have an option to run outbound sales engagement campaigns. These tools help sales development representative run email campaigns, text campaigns, social media lead-generation campaigns, calling campaigns, and integration of data with CRM solutions.

Tools like SendBuzz, Klenty, Salesloft, Lemlist, Mixmax, etc to help them grow their outreach sequence.

Desk plants

Well, all know that sales might induce a lot of stress for the sales reps. To grow the revenue, sales development must stay positive, stress-free, and productive. Desk plants are a great office accessory that will help them achieve all of these by calming their minds.


If you are in the market to find the right software to give your sales team and sales representatives, this holiday gifting guide should help you for sure. Good luck giving the best gift to your sales team and increase their morale.

Frequently Asked Question

Getting subscriptions for the sales enablement software and stress relieving desk items will help the sales team improve their productivity and revenue growth.

A good sales engagement software will help your sales team generate their first sales. As they will make sure to engage leads, nurture leads, manage data with the CRM tools, and much more with the single platform.
Depending on your holiday spending budget you can always spend on great holiday gifts.