8 Best Sales Automation Tools for Small Business to Use in 2021

8 Best Sales Automation Tools for Small Business to Use in 2021

New businesses are normally buried under loads of works. Your staff checks the email, arrange a meeting, have a look at google analytics of your website and before he/she knows it, the working time is over!


As someone who owns a small business, you must know what a key factor the time is! You should be spending your time on expanding your business instead of manual jobs.


Well, the good news is that you no longer need to work like a machine! You can have the machines work for you!


In this article, you read about the 8 best sales automation tools for small businesses.


LinkedIn Automation Tools

It is necessary to be active on LinkedIn. Why? Because LinkedIn is doubly important:

  1. It validates your business, especially if it is small and no one knows it yet.
  2. Many of your potential customers are there, particularly, if it is a B2B.

LinkedIn, like other social media platforms, is time-consuming. However, a good LinkedIn automation tool can save you so much time. Without beating around the bush, let’s see which ones are the best.


LinkedFusion is a platform that mainly generates leads via targeting customers for your business using LinkedIn.


You can integrate it with Zapier, Google Sheet, and HubSpot.


The pricing of LinkedFusion is as given below;


Lead Connect

LeadConnect is a LinkedIn platform that optimizes your sales funnel by improving the quality of leads. It enables you to target potential customers and lead them to the bottom of your sales funnel.


Being a Chrome Extension, it is the best choice for marketing agencies. The plans and prices are as given below.


Social Media Automation Tools

Not everyone knows your business, so you want to expand your social presence to get more market share.


First of all, know that social media automation tools are not annoying comment bots that ruin your reputation. Consider them as a social media organizer. Now, what are the top ones?


AiGrow is an Instagram all-in-one anything an Instagrammer needs. AiGrow lets you increase your followers up to 5000.


Since these followers are real and targeted, your engagement rate will increase.


AiGrow also has every tool you need to manage your Instagram account including;

  • Scheduler
  • Reposter
  • Hashtag finder
  • DM manager
  • MyURLs allows you to add as many Instagram accounts as you want
  • Listening tool
  • Viral finder

The price of AiGrow is given below;



Hootsuite is a social media automation tool that schedules the contents of several platforms including Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, Pinterest, etc.


Hootsuite detects the times where your followers are most active so that you publish your content in those times to get a higher engagement rate.




Sales and CRM Automation Tools

A study showed that your sales guys spend two-thirds of their time not selling!!! Because they are so caught up doing manual tasks.

Credit: Original, Made by Zahra

Well, with these two sales automation tools, you can save this time.

HubSpot Sales Hub

Hubspot is a well-known sales automation tool that lets you collect leads_which is the most important part of the sales process_ in less time.


Depending upon the plan you choose, you are provided with its CRM and email marketing tools. HubSpot automates the data entry and sending out emails. Moreover, you are provided with email templates.




Lead Feeder

98% of your visitors are gone for good if you do not lead them.


But it doesn’t happen with Lead Feeder. Lead feeder, as its name shows, is a sales automation tool that tracks your lead to feed them! With Lead Feeder, you hardly ever lose your leads.




Email Management Tools

Email marketing has become the top strategy to convert customers. That’s why I picked these two email management tools with fuss.

Be generous when it comes to email marketing. Because its ROI is 51 times.



Sendinblue is both an email automation and a CRM tool. It has over 70 designed templates so that you create a nice-looking landing page.


Sendinblue allows you to segment your audience with its smart segmentation.


The price of Sendinblue is as follows;



I bet you’ve heard of Mailchimp before. It is because Mailchimp is the pioneer of email marketing.


With Mailchimp, you can design and automate your emails you send out. It also provides you with audience insight.





As the owner of a small business, there are things you either can not do manually or you can but it kills your time.


There are 8 sales automation tools that save you time and energy. You can see them here in summary.

Sales Automation




● Native integration with Close, PipeDrive, Zapier, Google Sheet, SalesForce, & HubSpot.

Analytical dashboard.

● $65.95

● $95.95

● $135.95


● Templates

● Automated daily Connections, Message & Follow-Ups

● Free

● $22.95

● $40.95

● $77.95


● Instagram booster in terms of following, likes, and views

● Instagram management tools like scheduler, reposter, hashtags finder, DM manager, bio link, etc.

● Instagram listening tools like mention finder, viral finder, etc.

● Free

● $99

● $110

● $125

● $150


● Comment monitors to detect offensive content

● CRM tools integration

● Analytics

● Listening tools

● €25/Mo.

● €109/Mo.

● €599/Mo.

Hub Spot Sales

● Email templates

● Automated data entry

● Lead tracking

● Scheduler

● €49

● €460

● €1,104

Lead Feeder

● Lead tracker

● CRM tools integrations

From €69/Mo.


● Over 70 designed templates to create a great-looking tool email

● A/B testing for smart segmentation and targeting audience

● Email automation

● €19

● €49


● Email automation

● Audience insight

● $9.99

● $14.99

● $299

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